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student accommodation in berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany welcomes a huge number of students from all over the world every year. International students must search in advance to get affordable and safe accommodation in Berlin. Student accommodation in Berlin is affordable compared to other German cities making it a popular destination for Indian students. Let us take a look at the accommodation options and the cost of living in Berlin for students.

Types of accommodation in Berlin

One amazing thing about the city is that it has a wide range of accommodation options at both affordable and expensive ranges – from premium apartments to student hostels in Berlin. The most prominent accommodation options are student halls of residence, shared rooms, private rooms, premium studio flats, and student dorms in Berlin. Let us take a look at all the accommodation options and facilities available with features and costs, to make a wise decision. 

Student hall of residence or student dorms in Berlin:

Dormitories or student halls of residences are the most affordable and cheap student accommodation in Berlin, Germany. The cost is around €218-250 (INR 18,686 – INR 21,429) per month. A single room here accommodates 2 to 6 students. Basic furniture like cupboards, beds, mirrors, washroom facilities, and desks are offered to students. Washrooms are common for all in the room. Students need to do laundry, cleaning, and cooking all by themselves. They are mostly located near the college or university. Unlike private accommodation, students here have good social interaction. There is usually an administrative body in student halls of residence or student dorms in Berlin, that lays down rules and guidelines. There are strict rules regarding entry-exit timings and safety. 

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Studio rooms:

The studio rooms are private high-rise apartments. They are large rooms with an attached kitchen, dining space, and a bathroom. Studio rooms have all the modern furniture and amenities with modular kitchens and interiors. The rent of studio rooms is approximately between €800-900 (INR 68,573-77,144) on average. A good number of international students accommodate themselves in studio rooms, with privacy and modern facilities. There are no rules and regulations since it is a private accommodation option. 

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Shared and private room flats:

A large proportion of international students go for private rooms or shared rooms in flats. There are apartments in Berlin located near educational institutions that offer accommodation to international students. In shared rooms, one flat will have more than 2 students, sharing a common kitchen and bathroom. On the other hand, a private room is owned by a single student, with maximum privacy. Sometimes, in a private room, the bathroom is shared. There are no rules and regulations. Laundry, cooking, and cleaning need to be done by the students themselves. Security is good. However, restrictions are minimal. 

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How to find the best student accommodation facilities in berlin? 

It is important to search for the right accommodation in Berlin from your home country before you arrive. The sooner you search, the better it will be. The best accommodation options in Berlin for international students run out quickly. 

The main ways to look for accommodation in Berlin include real estate search platforms, websites, and real estate agents. When you use a real estate search platform all the available options will be compared and you get properties in proximity to your educational institution. It helps in quick comparison after selecting the right options. It becomes very easy for international students to choose the right option among apartments, shared rooms, hostels, and dormitories in Berlin. 

The second option will be looking for websites that offer necessary information about accommodation in Berlin. The websites will have pictures, cost, amenities, and location details about various properties. This helps in getting easy access. The websites have a diversified range of options like private flats, privately rented shared rooms, youth hostels, dormitories, and high-rise studio rooms. International students will get all the information related to accommodation cost, area, and amenities, based on which they can select the appropriate accommodation for themselves. 

Thirdly, hiring a real estate agent will get the work done. It is an effective and quick option as students don’t need to look for properties themselves. The agent will show all the properties available around, based on the preferred location, accommodation type, and budget. The real estate agent will not charge anything from the students as they get their share from the landlord. 

International students need to prioritize a few things, before deciding on accommodation in Berlin. Few factors like location, security, budget, and space should be kept in mind. International students must prefer to get accommodation that is near the educational institution to reduce the traveling cost and time. Security is an important factor. Find out all the localities surrounding the educational institution, as those areas are always the safest. Budget is important too. There are areas where the rent is high and other areas with affordable rent. Getting a comfortable and spacious room is important, as you will have to spend a few years there. 

Truth to be told, considering the right factors and choosing the right mode to find accommodation, will help you get the right property in Berlin. 

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Compare the cost of all types of accommodation in Berlin

Berlin is affordable compared to all the European cities. The cost of accommodation will depend upon factors like location, type of accommodation, safety, and amenities. 

The cost of accommodation depends on the type of options one opts for. International students living in a student’s hall of residence usually spend around €218-250 (INR 18,686-21,429) per month. The student halls or dormitories are the most pocket-friendly accommodation facilities available in Berlin. The only challenge is that it is very difficult to get one. 

However, if students choose private accommodation, the expected rent is always higher. Private or shared accommodation like a rented apartment in Berlin would cost around €300-790 (INR 25,715-67,716) per month. The fully furnished private studios cost around €450-14,000 (INR 38,572-12,42,886). 

It is important to compare all the costs of accommodation, and then make the right selection. It is wise for students to choose an affordable accommodation facility till they start earning the cost of living. 

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Living expenses in Germany for Indian students

Although with the free public education system international students can save a lot, yet, there remain living expenses. The living cost in Berlin is just above the average of European countries. However, the vibrant city of Berlin is one of the most affordable cities in Germany. It is important to understand the cost of living and if it is manageable for an international student. 

As of 2021, the average cost of living in Berlin is around INR 74,229 to INR 1,50,000 per month. Except for accommodation, everything else like utilities, food, and traveling is affordable. 

The average cost of accommodation in Berlin is around INR 129,319. The rent has to be paid every month. Utility, food, television, and broadband are not included in the rent. 

The monthly utility bills cost around INR 2,586 – INR 3,448. It depends upon the lifestyle and habits of the students. This cost includes television, broadband and electricity charges. 

Transportation cost in Berlin is quite pocket-friendly. The transportation cost ranges between INR 5,172 – INR 7,759 per month. The one-way ticket cost is between INR 232 – INR 344 based on the zones covered. There are public buses, metro rail, and cabs in Berlin that are well connected throughout the city. 

International students must get health insurance coverage during their course duration. The basic insurance for international students in Berlin starts at around INR 6,897. It depends upon the insurance company, age, and coverage availed. 

The cost of food and groceries is affordable. International students need to spend an average of INR 3,448 – INR 4,310 per week. 

A decent meal in Berlin costs between INR 2,586 – INR 3,448. However, it depends upon the chain of restaurants or food joints one opts for. Berlin has all categories of restaurants. 

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It is not difficult to find accommodation in Berlin. However, the sooner you find it, the better. The only challenge is, Berlin has a lot of International students coming over every year. It becomes a challenge to get the best affordable properties, as they are quickly sold out. There are economical as well as expensive accommodation options for international students. The cost of living is affordable compared to all the West European countries. An international student can easily find the right accommodation with pocket-friendly living costs during their stay in Berlin. For more information about accommodation in Berlin for international students, German student visas, or anything related to studying abroad, get in touch with the experts of upGrad Abroad today.

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