MIT Fees for Indian Students – A Brief Guide

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was incorporated in 1861 with the motto ā€˜Mans at manusā€™ or Mind and hand. The MIT is missioned to provide knowledge and educate students in the field of science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that best serve the nation and the world. In this article, we will cover all the financial aspects of studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Indian students.Ā 

When it comes to MIT fees for Indian students, you can take a closer look at the information given below for your perusal. There is no separate MIT fees structure for Indian students and you can go by the general framework outlined by the institution. Hereā€™s taking a closer look at the applicable tuition fees.Ā 

Tuition fees at MIT are the following:Ā 

1. Undergraduate students- Regular tuition costs- $27,755 (Fall & Spring) or INR 20.82 lakh.Ā 

2. Undergraduate students- Per-unit costs- $600 per unit (Summer 2021) or INR 45,000.Ā 

3. Graduate students- Regular tuition costs- $27,755 (Fall & Spring) or INR 20.82 lakh.Ā 

4. Full regular tuition for graduate students- $19,175 (Summer 2021) or INR 14.38 lakh.Ā 

In all, the university keeps its fees at $55,510 (INR 41.63 lakh) for undergraduate students. It also offers coverage for health insurance which is a big plus point for most students, helping them save on costs greatly.Ā 

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Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance at MIT, as estimated by the university, stands at $77,020 (INR 57.77 lakh) for a year (as per the 2021-22 academic year estimates). It includes costs billed at the institution including dining, housing, tuition and other costs including supplies, books and also personal expenditure.Ā 

However, financial aid is readily available for a majority of students. The average annual cost for a student with financial aid is usually $17,986 as per the universityā€™s estimates. This works out to approximately INR 13.49 lakh.Ā 

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Living Costs

Here is an estimate of the living costs:Ā 

1. Student Fees- $368 (INR 27,600) in costs like organisations, clubs, fitness and sports centres, gymnasiums, trips and other expenses.Ā 

2. Accommodation Costs- $11,550 (on-campus) and this works out to roughly INR 8.66 lakh.Ā 

3. Meal Costs- $6,550 (INR 4.91 lakh) based on an approximate dining or meal plan.Ā 

4. Supplies and Books- $840 (INR 63,000) can be budgeted for annual expenditure on books, study materials and other supplies.Ā 

5. Personal Costs- $2,202 (INR 1.66 lakh) is something you can factor for various personal costs including entertainment, clothing, laundry and other miscellaneous expenses.Ā 

These are the approximate living costs that you should account for while applying to study at MIT.Ā 

Disclaimer! All course fees/salaries/expenses are indicative.”

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