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Ph.D. in Marketing in the USA

Updated on 16 April, 2024

Bulbul Sharma

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

The United States of America is a hub of MNCs, research, innovation, and various job opportunities. 

Marketing is a vital aspect of businesses and plays a key role in creating, spreading, capturing, and maintaining the value of an enterprise. Therefore, gaining a formal and advanced education in the field leads to many opportunities and industries.


A Ph.D. in Marketing in the USA trains students to conduct original academic research in marketing. Given the huge scope, many students from all around the globe compete for the best marketing Ph.D. programs in the USA. 

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Course Brief

The majority of Ph.D. programs for marketing in the USA are full-time where students are expected to finish their degrees in five years. 

It involves the development of skills required for original research in the field of marketing. Students learn modules related to Economics, Computer Science, Behavioral Science, and the psychological methods needed to tackle marketing issues at firms.

Top Universities Offering Ph.D. in Marketing in the USA

If you wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Marketing in the USA, these are the top-ranked universities for your reference: 

  • Harvard Business School
  • Columbia Business School
  • Stanford Business School
  • University of Arizona
  • Duke University
  • Cornell University
  • City University of New York
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Boston University

Specializations in Ph.D. in Marketing in the USA

Ph.D. in marketing can be pursued with different specializations. While some choose to focus on Mathematical Modeling, others can use Behavioral Science to figure out customer choices. 

Since these specializations will largely depend on the school, we suggest you check out the course catalog on the university’s website. For instance, Stanford Business School offers two tracks for its’ Ph.D. in Marketing program: Behavioral and the Quantitative track.

Level of Education: Ph.D. 

A Ph.D. in Marketing involves close relationships between the students and faculty, both socially and professionally.

The first two years involve a lot of coursework and thereafter, students are asked to take a field exam. So, the next three years revolve around completing a dissertation that includes extensive research and formal writing after taking the field exam.

You might also need to be part of summer research projects and apprenticeships. 

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Average Fee Required for the Program

The fees to be paid for a Ph.D. will largely depend on the university you are studying at. A Ph.D. in Marketing in the USA with a scholarship can help manage the cost better. Some top universities, such as Harvard Business School or Stanford Business School, offer fully-funded doctoral programs for the entirety of the course period. Students are provided a fellowship which includes tuition, health fees as well as a living stipend.

Here’s a list of top universities offering the program along with their tuition fee:

University nameFees per year
Yale UniversityUSD 98,200 (INR 75,09,700)
University of TennesseeUSD 31,500 (INR 24,09,000)
University of ArizonaUSD 33,200 (INR 25,39,000)
University of PennsylvaniaUSD 39,000 (INR 29,82,500)

Job Prospects of Ph.D. in Marketing in the USA

Many students move on to build a stellar career in academia after completing the best marketing Ph.D. programs in the USA. Many take up non-academic positions depending on their interests.

The typical role is that of an Assistant Professor for Marketing at top-ranked universities globally. These universities include the likes of Stanford University, Rice University, University of Utah, University of Montana, Yale School of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management, and many more.

Others pursue senior-level/managerial positions in Marketing, such as Marketing Director or Chief Marketing Officer in the industry. Common non-academic recruiters include ZS Associates, BCG, Mckinsey & Company, etc.

Expected Salary for Ph.D. in Marketing in the USA

A Ph.D. in Marketing in the USA graduate can expect the salaries below in the respective roles:

RoleAverage Salary
Associate ProfessorUSD 76,000 (INR 58,12,000)
Marketing DirectorUSD 177,900 (INR 1,36,04,700)
Senior Product ManagerUSD 133,700 (INR 1,02,24,600)
Marketing ExecutiveUSD 65,500 (INR 50,09,000)

 Disclaimer! All course fees/salaries/expenses are indicative.

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Top Universities in the USA

Arizona State UniversityBrown University

University of California Los Angeles

Northeastern University Massachusetts

University of MarylandUniversity of Florida
Northwestern UniversityCarnegie Mellon University

University of Southern California

University of Southern California

University of New HavenUniversity of Pennsylvania
Stonny Brook UniversitySoutheast Missouri State University

Arlington University

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Ph.D. in the USA worth it?

Yes, a Ph.D. in the USA is worth every effort. One of the top benefits of pursuing a doctoral program is that it opens doors to high-paying careers. 

You can easily land leadership positions in the government and private sectors. A Ph.D. indeed gives an extra edge over other candidates for powerful positions. 

Is GRE compulsory for a Ph.D. in the USA?

No, a GRE score is not compulsory for pursuing a Ph.D. in the USA. 

While some top universities might need a high score (320+), others will not require it. We recommend you check the course webpage to gain deeper insights. 

Which country is good for a Ph.D. in Marketing?

Australia, Canada, the USA, and France are good for pursuing a Ph.D. in Marketing.

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

Bulbul is a self-driven professional and an expert writer & editor. She has been a part of the ed-tech industry for the past 2 years now and is motivated to provide study abroad aspirants with factually correct and relevant information. Her knack for impactful writing makes her blogs worth a read!

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