Master’s in Digital Marketing in the USA: Top Universities & Job Prospects

masters in digital marketing in usa

Your master’s in digital marketing in the USA will be a one-two year course, and specializations include MBA, MSc, and even MA. The approximate tuition fees for an MS in digital marketing in the USA range between $23,000-76,000 or roughly INR 17-56 lakhs. Digital marketing is one of the top global careers today, and the USA is no exception. The internet and technology boom has created multiple opportunities for trained graduates. Average salaries stand at $135,900 or INR 1.1 crore per year, making digital marketing an ideal career for those with the knack and ability. 

Reasons for studying for a master’s in digital marketing in the USA

Doing an MBA in digital marketing in the USA is beneficial for several reasons: 

  • The USA is the epicenter of the technology and internet boom, home to some of the biggest technology companies like Google (Alphabet), Facebook, and Amazon, to name a few. 
  • Students here have access to thriving job networks while getting an opportunity to study at the leading global universities for digital marketing. 
  • Employment percentage is high in the USA, especially for digital marketing and other related functions. 
  • As per reports, the digital marketing sector is forecasted to grow exponentially over the next decade in the USA, outstripping the national average. 
  • Along with digital marketing specialists, market research analysts may also find higher employment possibilities in the country. 
  • Digital marketing spends are consistently growing for almost every company and in every business sector. It is creating more opportunities for graduates in the field. 

MS in Digital Marketing in the USA- Leading Universities 

While learning about digital marketing jobs in the USA for Indian students is a smart move early on, getting into a good university is also important. Here is a list: 

Institution Name

Name of the Course

Course Costs

University of Southern California Annenberg

MS in Digital Social Media

$48,840 or INR 36.21 lakhs

NYU Stern School of Business

MBA Digital Marketing

$78,700 or INR 58.33 lakhs

Bellarmine University

MS in Digital Media

$43,173 or INR 32 lakhs

Sacred Heart University

MS Digital Marketing

$ 985/credit or INR 73 thousand

University of Connecticut

MBA Digital Marketing Strategy (elective)

$39,444 or INR 29.24 lakhs

Georgia Tech

MSDM (MS Digital Media)

$40,752 or INR 30.21 lakhs

Pace University

MS in Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing

$45,642 per year or INR 33.83 lakhs

Digital platforms are witnessing rapid growth, while smartphone usage is increasing by leaps and bounds too. Almost all brands are looking to promote themselves via digital channels, and this is where digital marketing professionals are fast becoming indispensable in today’s corporate sector.

Here are some of the top choices for doing an online course in digital marketing in the USA:

Name of the Institution

Name of the Course

Southern New Hampshire University

Master’s in Digital Marketing

St Edward’s University

MSc Digital Marketing

Fairleigh Dickinson University

MSc Digital Marketing

Fort Hays State University

MBA Digital Marketing

UC Berkeley (Global)

PG-diploma in Digital Marketing Management

Northern Illinois University

MSc Digital Marketing

Lindenwood University

Master’s in Social Media and Digital Content Strategy

Rutgers University

Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing

Many USA universities offer on-campus and online digital marketing programs. To access the best courses and institutions at an affordable cost, you should check out upGrad Abroad

Cost of Studying MS in Digital Marketing in the USA

Here is a list of expenses you should budget for while planning to study digital marketing in the USA. 

  • Visa Cost- $160 or INR 11,862
  • Health Insurance- $2,000 or INR 1.49 lakh onwards (per year) 
  • Flight Fare- $675 or INR 50,299
  • IELTS Cost- INR 14,700
  • TOEFL Cost- $185 or INR 13,780
  • GRE Cost- $213 or INR 15,800
  • Tuition Fees- $23,000-76,000 or INR 17 lakh to INR 56 lakh
  • Accommodation Costs- $9,600-14,000 or INR 7.15 lakh to INR 10.43 lakh annually 
  • Food & Groceries- $3,000 or INR 2.23 lakh per year 
  • Travel Expenses- $1,440-3,000 or INR 1.07 lakh to INR 2.23 lakh annually 

Admission Requirements for MS in Digital Marketing in the USA

Some documents and formalities are necessary to get into a master’s in digital marketing in universities across the USA. Students should apply as soon as they can, without waiting for the deadlines to arrive. 

Digital marketing courses are in demand, as far as both domestic and international students are concerned. It means that the earlier you apply, the higher your chances of getting accepted into a good digital marketing program. Here’s taking a closer look at the deadlines for applying at leading universities in the USA:

Institution Name

Application Deadline

USC Marshall

February 15, 2022 (Round 2)

Northern Illinois University (Spring intake)

December 10

Sacred Heart University (Spring 2022)

Information to be released on December 14

NYU Stern School of Business (Third deadline)

January 15, 2022

University of Connecticut (Spring 2022)

December 15

Georgia Tech (Fall 2022)

January 5, 2022 (Round 2)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students should have completed their four-year undergraduate course in a relevant discipline. Three-year degrees are not preferred in the USA. 
  • Students must furnish proof of proficiency in the English language. They should successfully clear TOEFL or IELTS. 
  • Students should score a GPA of 3.0 out of a 4-point scale in their undergraduate courses. It is equivalent to a B Grade or 83-86% marks. On a 10-point CGPA scale, it is equal to 7.5-8.5. 

GMAT or GRE Criteria at Top Universities

Some of the USA’s leading universities for digital marketing have their criteria for GRE or GMAT scores. Here’s taking a closer look at the same: 

Institution Name

Criteria for GMAT or GRE

Northern Illinois University

GMAT is necessary

NYU Stern School of Business

GMAT is necessary

Sacred Heart University

GMAT/GRE is not required

Georgia Tech

GRE waived off currently


GRE (154-verbal, writing-4.0)

Pace University

GMAT is necessary

University of Connecticut

GMAT-600 to 680 or GRE-307-315 is necessary

Yeshiva University

GMAT/GRE is not required

Bellarmine University

GMAT/GRE is not required

Criteria for Proficiency in the English Language

There are varying criteria for measuring English language proficiency throughout universities in the USA. International students must furnish proof of the same for obtaining admission into leading institutions. Here’s taking a closer look:

Institution Name

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Georgia Tech


NYU Stern

IELTS- 7.0,


Sacred heart



Northern Illinois University

IELTS- 6.5,


University of Connecticut

IELTS- 6.5, TOEFL- 79

Pace University

IELTS- 6.5,


Bellarmine University

IELTS- 6.5, TOEFL- 80

Yeshiva University

It is not needed for students completing bachelor’s degrees in English-speaking institutions. 




Documents for Applying

  • Official academic transcripts. 
  • Writing Sample (required by Bellarmine University and some other institutions). 
  • Essays that answer questions prescribed by the institution. 
  • Two-three LORs are always necessary. 
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose) stating the reason for choosing the course and institution. 
  • Resume or CV. 

Employment Prospects after a master’s in digital marketing in the USA

Finding well-paying job opportunities is possible after completing your MS in digital marketing in the USA. Every industry and business presently requires digital marketing specialists to drive their advertising and consumer engagement needs. Studies have forecasted high single-digit growth for the digital marketing sector over the coming decade. Salaries usually hover between $45,000 and $156,000 or INR 33.53 lakhs to INR 1.16 crore

Skilled graduates may take positions as digital marketing managers, brand managers, web content managers, and web analytics managers. Other job roles include:

  • Campaign specialist.
  • Assistant brand manager.
  • Content marketing strategist.
  • Advertising strategy planner.
  • Search marketing strategist.
  • Social media specialist.

 Along with these employment opportunities, there are several other jobs available in the market. Those with skills like SMO, SEO, SEM, advertising, media planning, media buying, and copywriting may also find attractive employment opportunities across business sectors. Numerous corporations are entering the race to sign bright, qualified, and capable digital marketing professionals for various functions. Considering the robust job market and economic growth in the USA, it is a good decision to pursue digital marketing there.

Visa Procedure for Aspirants

All non-native aspirants will need valid student visas for enrolling in digital marketing programs in the USA. Students should have some required documents for starting the process. They include: 

  • Receipt of payment for the application fee ($160 or INR 11,862)
  • Form DS-160. 
  • Valid passport of a student with the validity of at least six months. 
  • Original academic transcripts and mark sheets. 
  • Form I-20. 
  • Application Charge Payment Receipt. 
  • Scores in standardized tests like IELTS and TOEFL. 
  • Proof of funds (bank statements) for covering tuition fees and living costs.  
  • Return flight ticket, demonstrating the student’s desire to come back home after completing the course. 

Once you apply with the fees and compulsory documents, the authorities will process your application. You have to schedule two appointments, one at your nearest center for submitting biometric data and one for the personal interview with an officer. 

Your performance in the interview, documents, and credentials will determine the success of your student visa application. The rates of acceptance are close to 90% as per estimates. 

Scholarships for Studying a masters in digital marketing 

If the tuition fees seem excessively high, you can always invest time and effort into securing scholarships. They will help you meet tuition costs while easing the financial burden on your shoulders. Let us look at the best grants available for digital marketing aspirants:

Scholarship Name


Amount Offered

Bright Futures Scholarship

Students must commit to any relevant project with one faculty member

$25,000 or INR 18.54 lakhs

QS Scholarships

Applicable only for specific partner-institutions and courses in the USA.

$5,000-$10,000 or INR 3.71 to INR 7.42 lakhs

Pace University Dean’s & President’s Scholarships

Meritorious students.

May Vary

NYU Stern Dean’s Scholarship

Offered to all MBA aspirants

Covers full tuition fees

Go Clean Scholarship

Those who are academically bright, scoring GPA-2.5 at least

$3,500 or INR 2.60 lakhs

You should do your homework on available scholarships before applying to a university of your choice. Pursuing digital marketing in the USA is the gateway to a rewarding career ahead! 


Q1. How much does a digital marketer earn in the USA?

A. Digital marketing professionals usually earn salaries between $45,000 and $156,000 in the USA. It equates to anything between roughly INR 33.53 lakh to INR 1.16 crore. Digital marketing managers, brand managers, and those in analytics roles may earn the highest salaries across various sectors and companies. Median salaries for experienced professionals may touch $135,900 or INR 1.1 crore per year in the USA. It goes to show that digital marketing is a well-paid career in the country.

Q2. How many digital marketing agencies are there in the USA?

A. The digital marketing industry in the USA is estimated to be worth $19.8 billion (by way of revenues) as of 2021. The handsome market size has naturally been driven by countless digital marketing agencies and brands in the USA. As per estimates, by the beginning of 2021, there were around 5,523 digital advertising/marketing agencies in the country. This figure reportedly increased by 13.7% in comparison to the year 2020.

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