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How to Get a Job Abroad: All You Need to Know

Updated on 05 August, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

In today's interconnected world, getting a job abroad can be an enriching and rewarding experience. This article equips readers with the knowledge of how to get a job abroad & navigate the complexities of international job hunting with confidence.

According to the World Economic Forum, 17.5 Million Indian-born people are living abroad today.  However, landing employment opportunities in foreign countries requires identifying top expat destinations and in-demand skills to understand visa regulations, salary expectations, and work-life balance. This article provides practical guidance to turn the dream of working abroad into a tangible reality. So let’s see how to find a job abroad.

How to Get a Job Outside India

Aspiring individuals who wish to live abroad can explore various pathways to apply for international jobs from India. Here are some of the secrets that can prove helpful:

  • Study Abroad and Post-Study Work Permits: Higher education in a foreign country can lead to a successful career abroad as many countries, including the US, Germany, Canada, and Australia, offer post-study work permits to international graduates.
  • Internships and Jobs in Multinational Companies: Securing an internship or job with a multinational firm in India could provide opportunities to be considered for positions in their overseas branches.
  • Networking and Professional Associations: Engaging with international professional associations and networking platforms can be a fruitful approach.
  • Government Initiatives and Exchange Programs: Bilateral agreements and exchange programs promote international cooperation and cultural exchange. These initiatives can offer avenues for individuals to secure jobs abroad through official channels.
  • Recruitment Agencies and Online Portals: Utilizing reputable recruitment agencies and online job portals that specialize in international placements can be highly beneficial.
  • LinkedIn and Social Media: Creating a strong online presence on platforms like LinkedIn can attract potential employers from abroad. 

Required Skills for Indians to Work Abroad: Highly Sought-After Skills Internationally

Working abroad can be a fulfilling and enriching experience, but it requires certain skills and qualities to thrive in a foreign work environment. Some essential skills and attributes that can help to get a job outside India:

  • Diverse Management Skills: Adaptability in project management methodologies, such as Agile, is highly valued globally.
  • Language Proficiency: A passion for learning languages, especially the language of the host country, enhances employability.
  • Technical Acumen: Knowledge of industry-specific technologies used internationally boosts job prospects.
  • People Skills: Effective cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills are essential for working in diverse teams.
  • International Experience: Studying abroad or participating in international internships/volunteering builds valuable global knowledge.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Overseas experiences develop independence and resourcefulness in dealing with challenges.
  • Networking: Building connections and professional relationships internationally strengthens employability.

Top Job Prospects and In-Demand Sectors: Country-Wise

The best country for job opportunities can vary depending on immigration friendliness, skills, and unemployment rate. Each country has its unique job market and economic conditions, offering different opportunities and quality of life. If you’re wondering how to move abroad and get a job, you can find a list of countries below and their scores on different parameters. 

Top Countries with Best Job Markets(USNews.com):







United Kingdom


United States














*Source: USNews.com

  • Canada

With a strong and stable economy, high quality of life and immigration friendliness, welcomes job seekers from around the world. With its stunning landscapes, excellent public services, low unemployment rates at 7.5, and warm hospitality, Canada continues to be a popular choice for job seekers looking for both professional opportunities and a welcoming and inclusive community. 

In-demand jobs in Canada:

JobsAverage Salary/Per Year*
Software Developer

CAD 84,412

Electrical engineer

CAD 80,009 

Project manager

CAD 79,500

Network administrator

CAD 69,539

Financial Advisor

CAD 56,786

Source: Indeed

  • Germany

With the largest economy in Europe, excellent infrastructure, a world ranking of 7 in the standard of living, and 2 on Immigration friendliness, Germany continues to entice individuals from all over the world seeking new opportunities. With a low unemployment rate of 3.5% Germany values efficiency, precision, and a strong work ethic, making it an attractive destination for skilled professionals.

In-demand jobs in Germany:


Average Salary/Per Year*

IT professionals


Data scientist


Information security specialist


Software developer


UX/UI designer


Healthcare workers




*Source: Glassdoor

  • United Kingdom

From the financial hub of London to thriving tech centers and renowned academic institutions, The United Kingdom stands as a captivating nation of rich history, diverse culture, and global influence. The job market values innovation, creativity, and adaptability, making it an attractive destination for skilled professionals, and a low unemployment rate of 4.5% only contributes more. With a rank of 12 in the quality of life index and 5 in Immigration friendliness, the UK offers a perfect blend of tradition & modernity.

In-demand jobs in the United Kingdom:

JobsAverage Salary/Per Year
Business Analyst£42,000
Operations Manager£42,500
Software Engineer£55,000
Store Manager£29,250
Project Manager£43,000

Source: Glassdoor

  • The United States

One of the world's largest and most dynamic countries, the United States offers a vast array of opportunities across various industries. With a diverse economy and multitude of companies, the US job market attracts both domestic and international job seekers and has a low unemployment rate of 3.9%. 

In-demand jobs in the United States:

JobsAverage Salary/Per Year*
Registered nurse


Truck driver


Shift manager


Delivery driver


Owner-operator driver


Source: Indeed


With a stable economy and a well-developed infrastructure, Australia attracts talent from around the world. The Australian job market emphasizes work-life balance and values a skilled and multicultural workforce ranking 8th in Immigration friendly countries and 9th in the Quality of Life Index. The Australian job market is a dynamic and diverse landscape offering abundant opportunities for job seekers which is why they have a low unemployment rate of 3.5.

In-demand jobs in Australia:


Average Salary/Per Year*

General practitioner

AUD 229,750

Construction manager

AUD 176,299

Mining engineer

AUD 160,551

Human resources manager

AUD 118,914


AUD 111,613

Source: Indeed


With a very low unemployment rate of 2.8%, Japan's job market is a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation, offering unique opportunities for job seekers. With a robust and technologically advanced economy, Japan values diligence, teamwork, and precision, making it an ideal environment for individuals who seek excellence in their careers. Not only that, Japan ranks 14 in the Quality of Life Index and welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing them with a chance to experience its rich culture and traditions.

In-demand jobs in Japan:

JobsAverage Salary per year
Cloud Computing ProfessionsJP¥69,00,000
Server EngineersJP¥86,78,988
IT Infrastructure Project ManagersJP¥18,37,903
Office ManagersJP¥70,00,000
Financial AnalystsJP¥70,00,000
IT EngineersJP¥46,00,000

Source: Indeed & Glassdoor


Switzerland's job market is known for its stability, innovation, and global appeal. With a highly developed economy and low unemployment rate of 1.9%, the country offers a diverse range of opportunities. Moreover, Switzerland's immigration friendliness rank 10 and its welcoming attitude towards international professionals make it an attractive destination for job seekers from around the world.

In-demand jobs in Switzerland:

JobsAverage Salary per year
NursingCHF 64,692
GastronomyCHF 2,06,750
Skilled TradesCHF 89,011
Accounting & Financial ServicesCHF 1,11,642
Sales RepresentativeCHF 1,25,092

Source: The Local & Glassdoor


Renowned for its innovation and inclusivity, a strong economy, an unemployment rate of 7.7% and a focus on sustainability Sweden offers a wide range of opportunities across diverse sectors. Sweden also ranks 1st in Quality of Life because it values work-life balance, gender equality, and a collaborative work environment, making it an attractive destination for job seekers seeking a progressive and inclusive workplace.

In-demand jobs in Sweden:

JobsAverage Salary
Supply Chain ManagerSEK 102,226 per month
CashierSEK 12,138 per hour
Specialized Medical ProfessionalsSEK 135,000 per month
Healthcare Supporting StaffSEK 32,519 per month
Sales RepresentativeSEK 116,413 per month

Source: Linkedin & Glassdoor


With a thriving cosmopolitan landscape characterized by its openness and diverse opportunities, strong and innovative economy, and an unemployment rate of 3.5%, the Netherlands offers a wide range of opportunities for job seekers. The Netherlands' progressive policies, inclusive work environment, English-speaking population, and a world ranking of 8 on quality of life index & 9 in immigration friendliness contribute to its appeal as a top destination for job seekers from around the world

In-demand jobs in the Netherlands:

JobsAverage Salary
Teacher€6,238 per month
Doctor€5,356 per month
Customer Service Representative€7,200 per month
Supply Chain Associate€55,363 per year
Nurse€3,210 per month
Business Operations Analyst€49,676 per year

Source: Linkedin & Glassdoor


With a strong emphasis on innovation, arts, and culture, France with an unemployment rate of 8.1% offers a wide range of opportunities that values creativity, entrepreneurship, and a strong work ethic. The country's social welfare system, Immigration friendliness ranking 6 and strong labor laws ensure employee rights and a healthy work-life balance

In-demand jobs in France:

JobsAverage Salary
Project Manager€51,750 per year
Development Engineer€54,000 per year
Salesperson€61,501 per year
Information Technology Technician€39,243 per year
Business Account Executive€77,000 per year

Source: Linkedin & Glassdoor

Noteworthy Factors for a Successful Life in a Foreign Country:

If you’re stuck on how to get a job in a foreign country from India, there are several essential factors to consider to ensure a successful transition and a fulfilling international work experience. Here are some key things to remember:

  • Work Visa and Immigration Requirements: Research the specific work visa and immigration regulations of the country you plan to work in. Ensure you meet all the requirements.
  • Language Proficiency: Consider the language spoken in the host country and assess your language proficiency. Fluency in the local language can significantly enhance your job prospects and ease cultural integration.
  • Cost of Living: Understand the cost of living in the new country, including accommodation, transportation, healthcare & Insurance, education for children, and other expenses. Compare it to your potential salary to ensure a comfortable standard of living.
  • Career Growth and Opportunities: Research the job market and industry trends & Evaluate the potential for career growth and professional development in the new country.
  • Employment Contracts and Benefits: Review the terms of your employment contract, including salary, benefits, working hours, and vacation time.
  • Networking and Support System: Establish a network of contacts in the new country, including fellow expatriates or locals who can offer support and advice during your job search.
  • Taxation and Financial Considerations: Understand the tax laws of the host country and consider any financial implications, such as double taxation and currency exchange rates.

In conclusion, getting a job abroad can be a rewarding and life-changing experience, but it requires careful planning and preparation. Taking proactive steps and leveraging available resources will increase the chances of landing a fulfilling job in a foreign country. Remember, of all the Fortune 500 companies in the USA, immigrants, and their children started 40%. Embracing the challenges and opportunities that come with working abroad can lead to personal growth, expanded horizons, and a truly enriching international career journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for Indians looking abroad for job opportunities?

Indians seek job opportunities abroad for better career prospects, global exposure, improved quality of life, financial stability, challenging roles, skill recognition, family and future prospects, political and economic stability, networking opportunities, and the desire for adventure and exploration. Each individual's decision to work abroad is driven by their unique goals and aspirations.

What certifications can I do for securing abroad jobs?

There are several certifications that can enhance your chances of securing jobs abroad. Some widely recognized certifications include Project management certifications, Business analyst certifications, Supply chain certifications, Marketing certifications, Health care certifications & many more.

How can I enhance my chances of securing a good job abroad?

To enhance your chances of securing a good job abroad, start by gaining specialized skills, improving language proficiency, networking, gaining international experience, and customizing your resume. Be open-minded about job locations, research the job market, and utilize online portals for job searches. Seek guidance from recruitment agencies or career counselors for additional support.

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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