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Spoken Corpus comes to life Reading Answers- IELTS Sample

Updated on 09 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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The IELTS Reading Section is one of the most important aspects of IELTS exam preparation. It is necessary to practice as many IELTS sample papers as possible to achieve the desired band scores on the IELTS exam. To help you in the preparation, here is a reading passage for practice on the topic 'Spoken Corpus Comes To Life,' complete with questions and answers.

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Questions 1 - 5

Answer questions 1-5 which are based on the reading passage below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

Guidelines/Tip for Answering These Types of Questions: Candidates are asked to write no more than three words in this type of question. You can quickly scan the passage to answer these questions.

1. What revolutionized the content of the dictionaries and the way it is put together ?

2. How many volunteers participated in a project ?

3. Which team transcribed the tapes to produce a computerized database of ten million words ?

4. Who said research is impossible without computers ?

5. Who gained most of the benefits from the Spoken Corpus ?

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Questions 6 - 10

Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

Guidelines/Tip for Answering These Types of Questions: Candidates are asked to write no more than three words in this type of question to complete the sentences. You can quickly scan the passage to find the answer and complete the sentences.

6. The people who write dictionaries are called __________.

7. When the data was collected, the tape extended to about ______ the depth of the atlantic ocean.

8. Delia Summers, a director of ________, said research is impossible without computers.

9. __________ computer shows the innovative and humorous side of people on how they twist familiar phrases in their language

10. The Spoken Corpus is part of the larger ___________.

Questions 11 - 14

Complete each sentence with the correct ending, A–F, below.

Guidelines/Tip for Answering These Types of Questions: Candidates have to choose the right answer for the questions from the list of options provided as A-F. To answer these questions, read the passage carefully before making a choice.

Write the correct letter, A-F, as your answer to each question. 

  1. search the different articles at a faster rate
  2. the book the world has been waiting for
  3. search quickly through more examples of real English
  4. lots of vocabulary which contains all the unique words
  5. has not appeared in the language learner’s dictionary previously
  6. to vernacular language which has never been studied before

11. With the new form of dictionary, lexicographers have access

12.  The lexicographer Professor Randolph Quirk described the dictionary as

13.  The phrase it is now is one of the frequently used phrases which

14.  By using computers, Professor Geoffrey Leech said that lexicographers are able to 

Solutions 1-5





Latest technology

The latest technology is revolutionizing not only the dictionaries’ content but also the way they are structured and the way they are arranged. 


150 volunteers

There were 150 volunteers who were asked to participate in the project and to discreetly agree to wear a walkman for two weeks at a time and leave it working during the daytime.


Audio typists

In a team of audio typists, the tapes were transcribed into a computerized database containing 10 million words that have been used to create the database.



Delia Summers

Delia Summers, Director of Dictionaries, mentioned that it is impossible to conduct this kind of research without the use of computers.


Foreign learners

The Spoken Corpus, for now, is beneficial to foreign learners in many ways.

Solutions 6-10






Having access to this new vernacular language makes it possible for lexicographers (those who write dictionaries) to gain a deeper understanding of the language, which is much more active and available now than in the past.


35 times

At the time the data was collected, the length of the tape extended to approximately 35 times the Atlantic Ocean’s depth. 



It is impossible to do this kind of research without computers, according to Delia Summers, Director of Dictionaries.


The Spoken Corpus

As people use familiar phrases in their language to bring the effect, the Spoken Corpus computer shows how innovative and humorous they are. 


British National Corpus

Several groups, such as publishers, universities and the British Library, are involved in producing language learning materials, including the Spoken Corpus, which is a part of the larger British National Corpus. 

Solutions 11-14






Lexicographers (authors of dictionaries) can get a deeper understanding of a more lively language by studying vernacular languages.



This dictionary has been described as "the book the world has been waiting for" by lexicographer Professor Randolph Quirk.



English learners' dictionaries do not contain the phrase "it is now," which is one of the most commonly used English phrases. 



Computers help lexicographers quickly search through more examples of  authentic English, according to Lancaster University's Professor Geoffrey Leech.

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