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Statement of Purpose (SOP) for MBA in Finance- Sample and Tips

Updated on 27 March, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

A properly drafted SOP puts into context the key aspirations of an applicant that would help them to build a flourishing business career by helping them get into their dream university or college. When it comes to drafting a SOP, students encounter a lot of confusion in their minds in terms of inclusions and exclusions. To address the problem, this article will enlist all the factors that contribute towards a good SOP. 

You need to be careful while writing your Statement of Purpose for an MBA in finance since this document is analyzed thoroughly by the admission committee before finalizing any admission into the course.

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a document that states your purpose for applying to a particular course in a chosen university/college. It is a vital part of the admission process as it is your only chance to influence the committee with both your personal and professional achievements so that they consider your candidature.

So, before we move to the sample SOP for MBA finance, let us look at some key pointers.

Things to Include in an SOP for MBA 

Students applying to foreign universities for an MBA need to submit an SOP, which is a brief overview of the candidate’s career goals, ambitions, and business outlook. Here are some key points that should be included in your SOP to make it convincing. 


The opening sentence plays a very crucial role and hence it needs to be taken seriously. You can pen down an incident in your life that evoked your interest in banking and finance. Further describe how this interest grew and strengthened over time. Cite all the key reasons that led you  to make a career in this domain. For example, you can state about a visit to a bank in your childhood days with your father, the bank manager caught your attention, handling multiple roles and also helping the customers in understanding the benefits of subscribing to a plan, and that instilled your interest in the banking and finance sector.

2.Academic background/professional experience

Highlight the previous academic experiences and subjects you have studied that contributed to solidifying the foundation in finance. Also, write about the work experiences which helped in opting for an MBA in Finance. 

3.Reasons behind taking up an MBA in Finance

State the reasons behind your motivation to take up an MBA in Finance by providing a description of the new things you will be able to learn due to the course. Mention how the course modules and practical training would help you to 

4.Write about your short-term and long-term career goals

Cite the profile and companies you intend to work with after graduating to define your short-term career goals. For your long-term goals, you can explain where you wish to see yourself in the next 5-10 years. For example, being the CEO of a top-tier company or starting your own venture someday. 

5.Cite the reasons behind choosing a particular university

Here you need to write about the intention behind selecting a particular university. Highlight the facilities offered by a university, rankings & accreditation of the university, placement rate, the uniqueness of course modules, multiple student clubs and organizations, and expertise of the faculty in the field of study. 


Conclude the entire SOP by justifying why the admission committee should consider your candidature and offer you admission to the university. 

SOP for MBA in Finance- Crucial tips:

While writing a sample SOP for MBA in finance, keep a few pointers in mind which will be helpful in drafting the final copy to be sent to institutions.

a. Highlight the possession of knowledge and ability to analyze financial statements and reports
b. Mention your skills with regard to forecasting professional/business trends
c. Cite the techniques of maximizing the value of stocks
d. Describe your intensive knowledge of acquisitions, banking, mergers, and accounting
e. The SOP should have an overview of the career profile and goals along with your overall professional outlook and specific interests
f. Keep a positive tone throughout the SOP and strictly adhere to given format
g. While writing an SOP for MBA finance, make it a point to mention about your previous work experience as well as internship

Sample SOP for MBA in Finance:

Here is an SOP for MBA in Finance just for reference and many more examples are there for your perusal online. You can note the style and draw inspiration from the same.

Since my childhood days, I have always looked up to my father, who works at a bank as its Managing Director. During my school days, he took me with him to his office once. When I interacted with his colleagues, and explored different departments of the bank, the finance department caught my interest. I was enthralled on seeing how everything in bank was well organized and all the monetary processes are performed seamlessly assuring that the business can have access to cash in sustainable ways.  

I completed my undergraduate course in the year 2019 and then applied for an internship with (company name). The company was sufficiently impressed with my knowledge and skills and offered me a full-time opportunity for the role of a management trainee. I was promoted to the rank of assistant manager only six months after joining the organization.

During my career so far, I have got the chance to interact with several international clients, partners, and associates while working with them on various projects. Taking this exposure into account, I  realized how global knowledge and a world-class master’s program will make a difference in my professional pursuits. After carefully analyzing the difference in the teaching methodologies between Indian and foreign institutions, I decided on the latter.

I want to pursue an MBA in Finance as that would improve my management ability, creative thinking, inventive ability, and many more. A staunch career foundation would be built as I would be receiving real-time experience during the tenure of pursuing the course. The fact that I would be able to discover the unknown facts of banking, stock exchange, investment, insurance, etc. prompts me to opt for this course, as I can get an in-depth knowledge of the finance sector. Moreover, the holistic development I would be able to imbibe through internships and comprehensive essays is an added plus.

An MBA in Finance will open doors for exciting opportunities for me. With several MNCs coming to India, it is certain that they will be hiring competent financial managers in the future, and so there is a vast scope for me in my home country.  With suitable knowledge and practical experience, any individual can transform into an entrepreneur. After my master’s degree, I will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to build a rewarding professional career in finance, prior to taking up my entrepreneurship dreams to the next level.

During my search for the university that would best suit my needs, I quickly located (institution name) with the financial, academic, and other requirements suiting me to the hilt. I have also arranged funds to take care of my education cost while my academic record is eligible as per the institutional guidelines. I will also be able to meet the work experience requirements as set by the institute by the time I’d receive my acceptance letter. I have already checked with the institution’s academic and admission counselors and the email written by him acknowledges that I fulfill the eligibility criteria as well.

My academic training and professional stint have prepared me to undertake a master’s program at your esteemed university. If given the chance to be a part of the institution, I would prove myself by emerging as an individual who is ready to embrace the corporate world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average word limit for an SOP for MBA?

The word count requirement varies across universities. However, the ideal word count ranges from 800-1000 words which should be a consolidation of your achievements and future goals. You should use a formal language and keep the SOP concise and clear and hit its mark. 

What is the goal of a Statement of Purpose?

The goal behind submitting a Statement of Purpose for an MBA in finance is that it reflects the reason behind your desire to apply for the program at a particular university. It also helps the admission committee in understanding how the university’s philosophy overlaps with your interests. 

What are the factors that should be included in an MBA SOP?

One of the most important things in an SOP is the introduction, which is the opening paragraph that convinces the faculty member to read further. Your academic and professional work experience should also be mentioned in the proceeding paragraphs, along with future career goals, and reasons for applying to a specified course or university. 

How to conclude an SOP for MBA?

The conclusion of an SOP for MBA should sum up why you are a correct candidate for the university to consider your application. Keep the conclusion to the point and do not reiterate the facts that are already mentioned in the essay. 

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upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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