Statement of Purpose (SOP) for MS – Guidelines, Samples and Tips

SOP for MS

Pursuing higher education from reputed international universities require you to submit an SOP or statement of purpose that explains your personality, career goals, and professional expertise to admission officers. An excellent SOP gives an idea about how will you add value to the selected university and it increases your chances of selection in your dream university and the course of your choice. As SOP is a crucial document that presents your candidature and showcases your determination and enthusiasm to be a part of the overseas university to admission counselors, therefore, it’s important to know how to write a statement of purpose SOP

An SOP is a great way to present your outline clearly and concisely where you can highlight your accomplishments and future goals with a vision of bringing a change in the global industries. Every SOP is unique and is individualistic as what works for one applicant applying for a particular course does not work for other! However, the format of SOP remains the same for every course but an approach for writing sample sop for MS would be different.

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Listed below are few important steps, that will help you on how to write a statement of purpose for MS courses:

1) Think and write clearly about your purpose

A good SOP indicates your intentions to pursue an MS course in a specific field. You can do so by answering the following questions: 

a) Why did you choose to pursue the MS program? 

b) What inspired you to select IU university of Germany?

c) What are the knowledge and skills you wish to gain from the course? 

d) What are your short and long-term goals related to your career?

After finding the answers to all these questions, you can check for the difference between the SOP for MS and other higher education courses like MBA. One of the major distinctions between SOP for MBA and SOP for MS is that you need to discuss about your professional and personal goals in MBA. However while writing a SOP for MS, it is not necessary to write about your professional goals, but you can mention about your aspirations for continuous learning to reach your goals. You can also write about post-job possibilities. Whatever be the case you need to define what your post-study goals are. With this information, the admission committee will get a deeper understanding of your interests and that will help them in making their final decision.

2) Showcase your personality and achievements

The best way is to showcase your personality and abilities by making a list of all your achievements, rewards, co-scholastic performances, and other skills like leadership qualities, problem-solving and decision-making abilities, etc. This list can include anything related to your school graduation or other events of academics that have been proven as a turning point in your life.  Including all these points in SOP will make admission officers think that you are a deserving candidate who wants to enhance her/his learning and capable enough to make a difference.

3) Highlight your knowledge and past experiences 

You need to write about your past experiences related to academics and professional knowledge. It will give an insight in to the knowledge and interest you have for the specific field of study.  You can also include information related to full-time jobs, internships, courses related to your interest, and any other relevant skills. 

4) Write your expectations from the course

When a candidate applies for a foreign degree, they want to upgrade their knowledge in a specific domain. Therefore it is not only about the foreign degree but it’s for a bigger purpose of getting quality education from the finest institutes of the world and making a valuable impact in the global industry. Therefore you need to write your expectation from the course in SOP.

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Guidelines for writing SOP for MS courses

To get admission to a particular course of any international university, you need to submit all proofs of documents that you have mentioned in the SOP. As suggested above the basic requirements for SOP remains the same for all MS courses. Following are the unique aspects that will help you write powerful SOP for different MS courses:

SOP: MS in computer science:

Following are the key points you should include to make your SOP for MS in computer science stand out.

1) About certificates of your expertise in the different programming languages.

2) About proof of records related to workshops that you have attended to improve your programming skills.

3) About proof of records of any seminar or particular event or programs that inspire you to study MS in networking, mobile computing, human-computer interaction, etc.

4) About proof of documents related to training, internships, and researches related to computer science.

5) About proof of certificates of your skills related to creative thinking, analytical, reasoning ability, languages, etc.

6) About your passion for projects in computer science.

7) About your skills related to creative thinking, reasoning ability, analytical skills, etc.

SOP: MS in Mechanical engineering:

Students need to majorly focus on their academic and practical knowledge about mechanical engineering. However, some of the key point that you can include in your SOP includes:

1) About the documents to justify your opinion of concepts like heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, design of machine elements, etc.

2) About the documents related to any research or project in the field of mechanics.

3) Adding any extracurricular pursuits like sports, membership of the club, etc (optional).

MS in civil engineering:

The SOP for civil engineering remains the same as mechanical engineering. You need to add on few points like:

1) If you have oral and written conversation skills

2) If you have decision making and problem-solving techniques

3) If you have basic knowledge of mathematics

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Tips to write winning Statement of purpose sample for MS

A good SOP leaves a long time impact on the readers and makes you stand out from other applicants. There are some tips and tricks that can help you to write a good SOP that includes:

1) Start writing SOP early:

The first thing you need to do after submitting your application is to start working on your SOP. You need to start making a list of achievements, events, or about your expectation from the course?  You have to find the reason why did you select the particular program. Also find out your strengths, weakness, career goals, and how this course will help you to make an impact in the global industries. 

2) Try to avoid statements and make stories:

Which is more interesting to read, a newspaper or novel?  A newspaper will deliver all the facts and current news but readers feel connected with stories and that is what SOP does. It relates your thoughts to admission committees and increases your chances of selection in the particular course.

3) Make a fresh and unique SOP:

Many students take ideas and format from the internet and then draft their SOPs according to that. These templates look more tedious. Try to make an SOP that looks fresh, unique and makes readers interested in the content. 

4) Write professionally:

An SOP is like a good conversation between an applicant and admission officers, written in a professional style. So, one good tip to improve this conversation by using active voice tense.

5) Ask your friend and family members about their opinions and criticism:

Do not just keep your SOP to yourself but ask your friends and family members to read your SOP. Ask them to review it and provide their feedback accordingly. You can also ask your professors or someone having a good command of English as this SOP is written to target the admission committee.

6) Proofread many times and make amendment when needed:

Do edit several times before submitting the SOP finally. In the end, you do not want your hard work to be underestimated just because of a silly error. This is the last but most important step of your SOP. Try to make a rough draft and re-edit the draft after some time. This would help you in removing all unwanted mistakes from your essay.  After proofreading your article several times ask your friend or family to proofread it once more just to be assured that now SOP has no errors. Doing so will help you create the finest piece of SOP that includes all important reasons for choosing the particular course and university. 

7) The right choice of words:

This is the most important step while writing an SOP. Remember, you need to write your purpose in SOP but within specified word limits. Hence it is important to make a list of important goals and crop the list. You need to make the right perspective of what you include in your SOP.

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Sample SOP for MS: 

SOP samples for MS in computer science:

My graduation course has helped me to improve my basics in computer science. Now, I feel the need to sharpen my skills through MS courses in computer science from the prestigious IU university of Germany. The fast-emerging global opportunities in the field of computer science have supplemented my interest to study MS in computer science.

I am convinced that studying at this university will provide me much required exposure and enrichment to excel in my career. I am applying to this university because it has a world-class faculty, high reliability, and excellent laboratory facilities. My selection of specialization has motivated me to widen my horizons and give me an edge in the global market.

Sample Statement of purpose for MS courses in business analytics:

To be a leader in a particular field, you need to be your own boss and constantly work hard to keep the company getting profits all the time. For this, a professional should work ahead of its competitors. However, the finest art of being ahead in the market could not be achieved without analyzing the markets. In my bachelorhood, I got to know about the importance of business analytics and at that moment, I have decided to do a MS in business analytics. This will help me get knowledge about the corporate world which could be beneficial for my future business skills as well.

During my school time, there are few subjects related to business. Also, I always keep my keen eyes on watching the requirements of a business as my father also own a business. Even, I got an opportunity to speak about data analysis in one seminar and that reinforced me and realized me about the importance of data analysis. I was feeling like the whole universe is pushing me towards my goal of MS in business and data analytics. When I spoke to my father about my decision they feel that it makes sense to get mastery in courses like this to survive the cutthroat competition of the market.

In my final graduation days, I started looking for the best institutes to do MS in business analytics. My research took me to the courses at IU university of Germany and it made me realize that this course can help me in getting a lot of practical and hands-on experience in the business industry. Now I am happy and hopeful that I will be able to get entry into the world of business by studying at one of the finest institutes in the world.

These are the tips and tricks that can help you pen down the perfect SOP and ensure that SOP is finally selected by the admission committee. Good luck for your abroad studies and a bright career ahead!

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