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Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in USA (2024)

Updated on 05 October, 2023

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

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Per the Graduate Management Admission Council™ (GMAC™), a global association of leading graduate business schools’ recent report - Prospective Students Survey – 2023, one-year MBA surpasses the two-year MBA as being the most preferred program type, but interest in full-time MBAs remains strong overall. An MBA is a flexible degree that helps students build leadership qualities and business expertise. 


Moreover, in North America, 86% of 2022 business school graduates were employed at the time of graduation, up from 80% (in 2021), according to the GMAC Survey (in 2022). This has led to increasing jobs after an MBA in the USA, making this degree ideal for people looking to expand their careers and develop professionally.

Average Salary After MBA in USA

The burgeoning demand for job opportunities in the USA after an MBA enables graduates to receive competitive pay packages, but the precise remuneration might differ. It greatly depends on the institution you attended, your past experience, and the sector you decide to work in. The typical salary range is between $80,000 and $180,000. 

Job Opportunities After MBA in USA

Thinking about what jobs after an MBA in the USA would be the right fit for you? The MBA degree gives you a variety of professional options, and knowing the best recruiters may significantly improve your job prospects. Seven reputable recruiters for MBA positions in the USA are listed below:

Top RecruitersRoles Offered
DeloitteStatutory Audit, Risk Manager, Strategy Consulting
McKinsey & CompanyManagement Consultant
AccentureStrategy Consultant, Management Consultant, Digital Strategy Consultant
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)Strategy Consultant, Senior Associate, Management Consultant, Digital Strategy Consultant
AmazonRoles in areas such as Operations, Marketing, Product Management, and Business Development. (Operation Manager, Product Manager, Business development manager)
Goldman SachsInvestment Banking Analyst, Asset Management Manager, or Role Related to Private Wealth Management
KPMGRoles in Finance, Consulting, and Risk Management Sector

Popular Specializations and Jobs in USA After MBA

A holistic business education is provided by an MBA, but many learners opt to focus on a particular field to better match their knowledge and abilities to their professional aspirations. Here are some in-demand specialties and the jobs that go along with them in the USA:


In the USA, there is a huge demand for finance degrees right now, and salaries are rising significantly. A specialization in MBA finance carries a tremendous deal of respect and responsibility. You can work as a finance analyst, investment banker, financial controller, finance manager, chief financial officer, and other positions in the field of finance. The average salary after an MBA in the USA in finance is $1,05,000.


Many firms prefer to recruit individuals who have completed MBA schools, making accounting one of the top choices of jobs after an MBA in the USA. With the correct credentials, MBA graduates may find well-paying positions in the USA, with an average compensation in the accounting industry of $99,000 per year.


In the changing landscape of marketing, learning the fundamentals of digital marketing in addition to the traditional will offer you an edge. After a product is manufactured, it is crucial to advertise it effectively to generate leads and sales. You may find several job opportunities after an MBA in the USA as a marketing executive, marketing director, senior manager, senior product manager, etc., with an average income of $103,000 after completing an MBA in marketing.

4.Human Resource

Graduates with an MBA in human resources have the abilities and expertise to not only lead a team of workers but also to recognize and create plans for the success of a company. MBA graduates can get jobs in human resources divisions all throughout the country with the correct credentials and expertise, with an average annual pay of $74,000. 

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Tips for Job Search After MBA in USA

The following tips will help secure jobs after an MBA in the USA for international students. 

1.Make a Plan

It might be helpful to create a plan and a list of objectives for yourself before you start your job hunt. Consider the field you want to work in, the jobs you are interested in, your ideal income, and other relevant considerations. While you finish your degree, this might help you focus your search and save you time. 

2.Start Your Job Search Early

In your first year of study, try to start your job hunt. Finding the ideal internship or full-time job might take some time, so it's advantageous to set aside some time for the search while you're still getting your degree. Make a list of the businesses that interest you as a starting point.

3.Take Benefit of Networking

With effective networking, you may expand your professional network and get insightful advice from former colleagues and thought leaders in your field. Many MBA schools provide students the chance to network in order to better grasp the jobs that are accessible to them. A crucial step in the job search process is networking. Attend business conferences, alumni gatherings, and career fairs. Join LinkedIn groups for professionals and look for informational interviews.

4.Develop Your Professional Persona

Your resume and online portfolio are both acceptable additions to your professional presence. It could also consist of any writings you've done, projects you've finished, or other materials that demonstrate your qualifications. Keeping an active professional profile might make you more appealing to employers and other individuals who might assist you in finding employment after graduation. 

5.Improve Your Interviewing Abilities 

It might be advantageous to practice interview techniques while in college so that you are more prepared if you receive an interview invitation. By strengthening both your verbal and nonverbal communication abilities, you may build these abilities and become a more certain interviewee. 

ROI After MBA in USA 

Despite the fact that there are several job opportunities after an MBA in the USA for international students, you should consider the return on investment (ROI) of the program as well. The following table compares the average salary in the USA after an MBA with the cost of tuition:

Top Universities Total FeesAnnual Salary Package

University of Chicago (Booth)

$161,922 $140,000 
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University$2,48,952 $146,000 
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania$124,476$164,000 
Harvard Business University

Single: $115,638 

Married: $139,340 

Married with one child: $154,868 

Married with two children: $161,502

$ 175,000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

Full-time MBA Program: $82,000

( $2,200/year program fee)

Fellows MBA: $144,000

Executive MBA (20 months):


Stanford University

Single: $126,465

Married: $152,157

Yale University$114,860$96,000

Source: Official Website

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What job can I get in the USA after my MBA?

Several job opportunities after an MBA in the USA are available for individuals, including management and executive positions. These can include, among others, management jobs in business development, marketing, finance, operations, consulting, project management, and strategic planning.

Are MBA jobs in demand in the USA?

Per U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, from 2022 to 2032, management jobs are expected to experience greater growth in total employment than the average for all occupations. Due to employment growth and the need to replace individuals who permanently quit their jobs, these occupations are expected to have an average of 1.1 million openings every year.

What is the job salary after an MBA in the USA?

According to a survey of corporate recruiters conducted by the GMAC in June 2022,  the average salary after an MBA in the USA in 2022 was a staggering $115,000.

What are the most popular jobs after an MBA in the USA?

Some of the most popular job opportunities in the USA after MBAs include marketing manager, product manager, management consultant, human resource manager, and investment banking analyst.

Is it worth doing an Executive MBA in the USA?

For individuals in the middle of their careers who want to move up into leadership positions, an executive MBA may be worthwhile. You can continue working while getting a shorter, more specialized education.

What are the different stay-back options after completing an MBA in the USA?

You have qualified for optional practical training (OPT), which entails a 12-month term during which you can continue to live and work in the USA after completing your MBA program. Graduates of MBA schools with STEM certification may extend their OPT by a further 24 months for a total of three years.

Akansha Semwal

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

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