Motivation Letter and How to Write a Motivation Letter?

what is motivation letter

Thinking about what is motivation letter? While a resume showcases an applicant’s qualifications, strengths, and weaknesses, it will not be a proper representation of their devotion or intrinsic motivation to a discipline. This need is met with the help of a motivation letter. 

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How should you write a motivation letter? 

You should keep in mind some basics for writing your motivation letter. They include the following: 

● The motivation letter should be a single-page document. 

● You should introduce yourself and talk about your qualifications and other achievements while showcasing your interests. 

● You can always choose the conventional format of a three-paragraph letter of motivation. It will have an introductory section followed by the body and conclusion. 

● You may also write in five to seven paragraphs, dividing the body into pointers, which lead to paragraphs with one to three sentences each. 

● Use the document to highlight your specific achievements better. 

● The introduction should have a good pitch about yourself and your reasons for applying. You should mention your personal information, the course, internship or job profile, or course/institution you are applying to and reasons for the same. 

● The body should talk about your academics, professional aspects, achievements, and professional goals. Talk about your passions and skills and your dedication to your selected professional and educational pathway. Be precise, accurate, and factual while writing. 

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Tips for writing motivation letters 

● Sometimes your enthusiasm may get out of hand! Try and keep it sober yet passionate. 

● Ensure that you are clear about the individual and organization you are applying to. Do your homework about the designation of the concerned authority and suitably address them. 

● Assess the academic course requirements, program, or job profile and discuss why you are the perfect fit. 

● Talk about the alignment of your philosophies and passions with the mission and vision of the organization. 

What is the difference between a letter of motivation and a statement of purpose? 

A statement of purpose illustrates the reasons for studying somewhere and in a particular field. On the other hand, the former is about showcasing how an applicant can manifest their dedication, passion, and diligence towards pursuing a program/university/organization. 

A motivation letter discusses why a candidate is ideal for any specific position or academic program. It is a one-page letter that is attached to the resume. There are usually four purposes for writing it- Admission (applying for any educational program), internship/training, jobs in the social sector or NGOs, and employment. 

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Motivation Letter Sample

Your name and contact information (email address, phone number) will go on top in a separate header. Once you have got this sorted, here is a sample letter for your reference:

Name of Organization/Person Designation/Department

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to inform you about my interest in the (name of the educational program- let us say MS in Economics) at your reputed institution. I currently hold a (name of degree- say Bachelor of Economics) from (name of institution). I have been working for the last two years as a research analyst and statistician at (name of organization and location). I have always been interested in the impact of scalable economic research on the betterment of underprivileged communities globally through enhanced policy creation and advocating unique welfare models alike.

When digitization is the next big wave in every field, I found the (institution name) curriculum to be meticulously and innovatively designed. I believe that the course is a perfect fit for budding research-driven economists for driving better policy creation at local and governmental levels, thereby addressing inequitable resource distribution and making a difference toward benefit-flow for marginalized communities.

Born and raised in India, I have witnessed first-hand how resource distribution needs to be more equitable to address poverty and economic betterment issues plaguing various communities. It necessitates unique and scalable policies that address these issues while aligning them with the nation’s welfare and its overall economic goals.

Working as a research analyst and statistician with (organization name), I have participated in diverse research projects over the last two years, chiefly in fields like malnutrition, nutrition, food welfare schemes, and government efforts to tackle issues in this ambit. It has given me the internal skillsets and knowledge to manage and work on large-scale analytical projects at the ground level. As a stepping stone to my next mission of working to influence policy creation for the welfare of backward communities, I wish to pursue this master’s course, which will further equip me with vital tools, resources, and learning.

Given my education from (name of institution) and professional experience at (name of organization), I am confident of being a good fit for the (course name) at (name of the institution) while intending to contribute to the unique and liberal academic environment with my insights, knowledge, and experience.

The necessary documents for admission are enclosed with this application. Thank you for considering my application.


(Name of the applicant)

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