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Wageningen University & Research, situated in Wageningen, the Netherlands, is a distinguished institution specializing in life and social sciences. Established in 1876, it is globally renowned for excellence in agricultural and environmental sciences. With a mission to harness nature's potential for enhancing the quality of life, it unites over 7,600 staff, 13,100 students, and 150,000 participants worldwide.This collaborative force combines specialized research institutes and a comprehensive university, facilitating the swift integration of scientific brakthroughs into practice and education. Its core domains encompass food, sustainable resources, and societal well-being. Wageningen's international recognition is reflected in high rankings and citations, making it a global leader in its field. You will find the Wageningen University addresson its website.Let's investigate the important factors distinguishing a remarkable selection for Wageningen University Notable alumniseeking a transformative academic encounter. ...Read more

Wageningen University & Research's Fees

Here is a breakdown of theWageningen University feesfor a typical undergraduate student or postgraduate:Tuition Fee: Determined by the University board and covers two full academic years (24 months). Partial refunds are possible upon termination of enrollment.Living Expenses: Approximately €1,000 per month, including housing (around €450 per month), food, books, and study materials. Non-EU/EFTA students re required to transfer a living allowance in advance to the university's bank account.Health Insurance: Students are required to have health and liability insurance. European students with a European health insurance card (EHIC) should check coverage for the Netherlands before departure.Residence Permit (only for non-EU/EFTA): The total cost for the entrance visa and residence permit must be paid by non-EU/EFTA students before the university applies for the visa and permit.Full-time Master's (MSc) Study Programs:Expense CategoryEU/EFTA StudentsNon-EU/EFTA StudentsTuition Fee 2023/2024€2,314.00€19,600.00Tuition Fee 2024/2025€2,364.00€19,700.00Living Expenses€24,800.00€24,800.00Health Insurance€1,470€1,470Residence Permit (non-EU/EFTA)n/a€210Total Estimated Costs (2 yrs)€30,948.00€65,780.00 ...Read more


Wageningen University & Research, situated in Wageningen, Netherlands, boasts a dynamic campus dedicated to pioneering life and social sciences research. Established in 1876, it has earned global recognition for its excellence in agriculture and environmental sciences. The sprawling campus at Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen, NL, serves as a vibrant hub for over 7,600 employees and 13,100 students frm diverse backgrounds.However, the university does not offer on-campus housing. Instead, it collaborates with housing cooperatives like Idealis, DUWO, and Socius to assist students in finding suitable off-campus accommodations in Wageningen and nearby villages.Here's a table summarizing estimated costs related to studying at Wageningen University & Research:ExpenseCost in EurosTuition fee17,600Research fee1,400Living expenses11,125Insurance1,475Residence permit317Handling fees670Books500 ...Read more


Wageningen University & Research offers a range of scholarships to support students in pursuing their education at this esteemed institution. Here are a few noteworthy scholarships available:1. Excellence Programme Scholarship: This scholarship is aimed at exceptional students applying for English-taught Master's programs at Wageningen University. It provides financial assistance to help cover a porton of the tuition fees throughout the program.2. Holland Scholarship: Designed for non-European Union (EU)/European Free Trade Association (EFTA) students, the Holland Scholarship is a valuable opportunity. It assists international students in their first year of a Master's program by covering tuition fees, and offering financial relief.3. External Scholarships: Wageningen University collaborates with external organizations and foundations, which offer additional scholarships to international students. These scholarships may have specific criteria and application procedures, offering diverse financial support options.These scholarships underscore the university's commitment to making education accessible to talented individuals worldwide. To stay updated on the latest scholarship opportunities, applicants should consult the university's official website and Scholarship Guide. ...Read more

Wageningen University & Research's Admission

Wageningen University & Research, a distinguished institution in the Netherlands, offers a comprehensive admission process for prospective students. To apply, candidates must meet specific requirements and follow a structured procedure.For English-taught bachelor's programs, applicants should possess a secondary school leaving certificate equivalent to the Dutch 'vwo-diploma,' study relevant subjectsat the required level, and demonstrate English proficiency through TOEFL (80 ), IELTS (6.5 ), or Cambridge (183 for CAE B or CPRE C). Dutch-taught programs require Dutch language proficiency.Applicants initiate the process through the studielink.nl portal, providing transcripts, letters of reference, motivation letters, CVs, and proof of identity. Deadlines vary by program and should be closely monitored. Applicants should consult the official university website or contact the admissions office for fee details.In conclusion, to secure admission at Wageningen University & Research, applicants should meet academic and language prerequisites, apply through studielink.nl, adhere to program-specific deadlines, and inquire about application fees through official channels.Documents Required for Wageningen UniversityTo apply for admission to Wageningen University & Research, you will need the following documents:Secondary School Leaving Certificate (equivalent to Dutch 'vwo-diploma')Transcripts of your most recent education in English, Dutch, French, or GermanProof of relevant subjects studied at the required levelEnglish language proficiency test results (e.g., TOEFL or IELTS)Dutch language proficiency (for Dutch-taught programs)Letter of referenceLetter of motivation (for some programs)Curriculum Vitae (CV) ( If Req.)Copy of your passport for identity verificationApplication fee (varies by program)Make sure to check program-specific requirements and deadlines on the university's website.Exam Requirements for Wageningen UniversityWageningen University & Research has specific exam requirements for admission.General Admission Requirements: Possession of a Dutch 'vwo-diploma' or its equivalent. Completion of relevant subjects at the required level. Meeting English language proficiency requirements.English Language Proficiency Requirement:TOEFL: Minimum score of 80.IELTS: Minimum score of 6.5.Cambridge: Score of 183, CAE B, or CPRE C.Additional Requirements (For Dutch-taught programs):Meeting Dutch language proficiency requirements in addition to English proficiency. ...Read more

Wageningen University & Research's Ranking

Wageningen University & Research has earned a commendable global ranking in the field of agricultural and environmental sciences. According to the QS World University Rankings 2024, the university is positioned at #151 worldwide.Furthermore, it excels in subject-specific rankings, holding the second spot globally in agriculture and forestry programs according to QS. Additionally, it ranks #89 in THE lobal Ranking 2022, further cementing its reputation as one of the premier institutions in the world for research and education in the areas of healthy food and sustainable living environments. These rankings underscore its global impact and excellence in these vital domains. ...Read more

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Master's Sustainable Business and Innovation

Wageningen, NetherlandsCourse duration : 2 years
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    SEP 2024
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About University

P.O. Box 9101, 6700 HB Wageningen, The Netherlands

Founded in 1876

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More About Wageningen University & Research



Type of University


Total Student Population


Percentage of International Student Population

Approximately 29%

Acceptance Rate


Student-Faculty Ratio


Number of Campuses (Domestic International)

Primarily Wageningen campus

Number of Scholarships Awarded

Scholarships offered

Official Website

Wageningen University & Research

Infrastructure of Wageningen University & Research

The university consists of a single campus located in Wageningen, Netherlands. The campus is divided into two major locations:

  • The Wageningen University and Research buildings
  • The Business and Science Park

In addition, the campus offers a range of facilities and amenities that cater to students. Some of the notable structures include the Expat Centre, various cafes and restaurants, and a wide range of sports facilities and shops. 

The university is at the forefront of tackling a variety of major social issues. Some of these include the world food problem, growing pressure on blue and green spaces, and the demand for sustainable production.

The institute is renowned for its dedication to application-oriented and field-based research. This research is commissioned by various sources, including the government, commercial businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Research Facilities at Wageningen University & Research

Some of the research areas present at Wageningen University and Research are:

  • Bioveterinary Research
  • Centre for Development Innovation
  • Economic Research
  • Environmental Research
  • Food and Biobased Research
  • Livestock Research
  • Marine Research
  • Plant Research
  • Food Safety Research

The primary medium of instruction at the Wageningen University and Research is English. However, some Bachelor’s courses are taught in Dutch, they are:

  • Agrotechnologie
  • Bedrijfs- en Consumentenwetenschappen
  • Biologie
  • Biotechnologie
  • Bos- en Natuurbeheer
  • Communicatie en Life Sciences
  • Economie en Beleid
  • Gezondheid en Maatschappij
  • Internationale Ontwikkelingsstudies
  • Landschapsarchitectuur en Ruimtelijke Planning
  • Moleculaire Levenswetenschappen
  • Plantenwetenschappen
  • Voeding en Gezondheid

Academics at Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands, invite applications for its bachelor’s and Master’s programs. The application for the Master’s programs opens in September and in February.  

The applications for the Bachelor’s program begin in the month of May, inviting applications from all over the world. 

Academic Calendar of Wageningen University & Research

A typical academic year at Wageningen University and Research is divided into six periods. Out of these six periods, the Autumn terms make up the first three, and the Spring terms make up the next three.

The academic calendar for the year 2022-23 is explained as follows:

Orientation week – August

  • Study period 1– 5th September – 28th October 2022
  • Study period 2– 31st October – 23rd December 2022
  • Christmas break– 26th December 2022 – 6th January 2023
  • Study period 3 – 9th January – 3rd February 2023
  • Resit exams– 6th February – 17th February 2023

Orientation week (for batch 2)– February

  • Study period 4– 20th February – 17th March 2023
  • Study period 5– 20th March – 12th May 2023
  • Study period 6– 15th May – 7th July 2023
  • Summer break–10th July- 1st September 2023
  • Resit exams– 7th August – 18th August 2023

Extracurriculars and Diversity at Wageningen University & Research

The year 2021-22 marked a total of 13,676 students on the campus of Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands. Out of these figures, 3,186 students were from other countries. In addition, there were also 523 exchange students, imbibing the university with diversity.

Apart from academic endeavors, Wageningen University and Research also supports extra-curricular activities. The campus boasts 10 different traditional student associations, with members totaling over 3500.

Numerous small associations focus on a particular niche, but the significant associations generally organize many events. 

Diversity in organizations means that you can join an organization that caters to your interest. Some of the most popular student associations include:

  • Choir and Orchestra Association: WSKOV
  • Student Orchestra: De Ontzetting
  • Vocal ensemble Wageningen: Het Wagenings Kleinkoor
  • Wageningen Comedy Club Facebook
  • Student Theater Wageningen (W.S.T.V.)
  • International Student Organisation Wageningen (ISOW) website and Facebook
  • International and Erasmus Student Network (IxESN) Facebook
  • International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) website and Facebook
  • Chinese Association of Students and Scholars Wageningen (CASSW) website and Facebook or contact CASSW via e-mail
  • Indonesian Association (PPI) website and Facebook

Career and Professional at Wageningen University & Research

To emphasize the importance of research in society’s overall well-being, Wageningen University & Research has partnered up with a bunch of notable companies. The list of companies includes national and international Research & Development companies like:

  • Friesland Campina
  • Noldus
  • Yili
  • Kikkoman
  • Keygene
  • NIOO
  • Aeres University of Applied Sciences

The university consists of a job board outside room 010 in Forum, where a student can find opportunities. In addition, there are various opportunities posted on the Career Platform interface of the university and Facebook.

Here are some employment opportunities available to students during their study period.

  • Unipartners: Student organization offering consultancy jobs next to your study
  • Studentwerk: Part-time and full-time jobs for students & starters
  • Easy Eventcrew: Temp agency for events
  • Tempo Team: temp agency; for catering jobs 
  • Jobted: Vacancies for students
  • SUSA: side jobs for students
  • WURkForce

Post completion of their degrees, the student can be employed in one of the following roles:

  • Finance and Grant Manager
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
  • Program Development Manager
  • Senior Project Officer
  • Economist
  • PME Specialist
  • Public Officer

Wageningen University & Research consists of a Student Career Services department where the students are prepared to transition from education to the professional world. The department utilizes its network to provide a learning platform for students and employers.

The Student Career Services Team consists of the following members:

  • Astrid van Noordenburg, Manager: Coordinator, contact person for employers and other internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Elizabeth Oenema, Career Coach: Trained Career Coach who guides students during and after their studies.
  • Hanneke van Keulen, Career Officer: Facilitates students along their journey to the labor market by giving career-oriented training and providing personal career support.

Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands, consist of a list of notable alumni who have graduated from the university and have been quite accomplished in their respective professional spheres. 

Here are some of the known alumni the university is proud to have had:

  • Jeroen Dijsselbloem– Politician and Economist
  • Helga van Leur– Meteorologist
  • Joris Voorhoeve– Retired politician and diplomat
  • Gerrit Braks– Renowned Dutch politician
  • Willie Smit – Forester, Microbiologist and Animal rights activist
  • Louise Fresco– Scientist and Writer
  • Frank Westerman- Writer and former Journalist

Wageningen University Acceptance Rate

Wageningen University & Research typically maintains a competitive admissions process with a low acceptance rate. It's important to note that acceptance rates may vary by specific programs and fields of study, with some programs being more selective than others. Prospective students are advised to check the specific admission requirements and acceptance rates for their intended program of study on the university's official website for the most accurate and program-specific information.

Top Courses Offered at Wageningen University 

Wageningen University & Research is renowned for its programs in the domain of healthy food and the living environment. Here are some of the popular courses offered at the university, along with their fees for both undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) degree levels:

Wageningen University Courses for UG (Bachelors)



Tuition Fee (UG)

Application Deadline

BSc Food Technology

3 years

INR 14.6 L/Yr (€16,400 /Yr)

1st Oct 2023 (Semester 2) and 15th Apr 2024 (Semester 1)

BSc in Various Disciplines


Varies by program

Varies by program

Postgraduate Programs (Masters)



Tuition Fee (PG)

Application Deadline

English Proficiency

M.S Landscape Architecture and Planning

2 years

INR 17.5 L/Yr (€19,600 /Yr)

15th Apr 2024


M.S Plant Sciences

2 years

INR 17.5 L/Yr (€19,600 /Yr)

15th Apr 2024


M.S Biotechnology

2 years

INR 17.5 L/Yr (€19,600 /Yr)

15th Apr 2024


M.S Food Technology

2 years

INR 17.5 L/Yr (€19,600 /Yr)

15th Apr 2024


M.S Plant Biotechnology

2 years

INR 17.5 L/Yr (€19,600 /Yr)



Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D]


INR 17.5 L/Yr (€19,600 /Yr)

15th Apr 2024


Placements at Wageningen University

Wageningen University & Research offers excellent placement opportunities for its graduates. The university's strong emphasis on research and practical application equips students with valuable skills and knowledge that are highly sought after by employers. Graduates from Wageningen University & Research find placement in a wide range of fields including agriculture, environmental sciences, biotechnology, food technology, and more.

Career opportunities for Wageningen graduates are diverse as listed below:


Career Opportunities

Expected Salary (per year) (EUR)

M.S Landscape Architecture and Planning

Urban Planner, Landscape Designer, Environmental Consultant

€40,000 - €60,000

M.S Plant Sciences

Plant Scientist, Agricultural Researcher, Crop Consultant

€35,000 - €50,000

M.S Biotechnology

Biotechnologist, Research Scientist, Pharmaceutical Analyst

€45,000 - €70,000

M.S Food Technology

Food Technologist, Quality Assurance Manager, Product Developer

€40,000 - €55,000

B.S Food Technology

Food Scientist, Food Production Supervisor, Quality Control Analyst

€30,000 - €45,000

Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D]

Research Scientist, Academic, Policy Analyst

Salary varies based on experience and position


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