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Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Neckar, Germany

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
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Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is a public university located in Neckar, Germany. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs and courses in both English and German language. It is considered to be one of the best universities for Applied Sciences in Germany with internationally ranked degrees and programs. The university has an innovative curriculum that offers wide scope for research. It offers specialized programs and courses in science, engineering, information technology, and economics. The presence of world-class education faclities and state-of-the-art infrastructure offers a notable education system to international and domestic students. There are facilities for the library, research centers, laboratories, student union, and computer centers for the students. There are 6,300 students enrolled in more than 28 undergraduate programs, 14 post-graduate programs atEsslingen University of Applied Sciences, Germany. There is a prestigious faculty of 230 experienced professors and lecturers with more than 70 partnered universities and 55 extensive and modern laboratories. To be a part of the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences here’s everything that you need to know. ...Read more

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B.Eng. in Computer Engineering

Neckar, GermanyCourse duration : 3 Years
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    AUG 2024
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About University

Kanalstraße 33, 73728 Esslingen am Neckar, Germany

Founded in 1868

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Master in Computer Science (120 ECTS)

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More About Esslingen University of Applied Sciences


1. 1868 – Founding of the “School of Mechanical Engineering” at the Royal School of Construction in Stuttgart

2. 1914 – Royal-Wuerttemberg School of Mechanical Engineering in Esslingen

3. 1914 marked the founding of Esslingen Technical University. 

4. 1971 – The founding year of Esslingen Technical University of Applied Sciences

5. 1971 – Esslingen State School of Engineering was renamed Esslingen Technical Polytechnic

6. 2006 – The two universities merged as Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.  

About Education  

The education system is very flexible and offers a wide range of programs, full-time classroom-based as well as online certified distance courses.  

The most popular courses and programs include the following courses: engineering, business, computer science, economics, natural sciences, and social sciences. All the courses have research and methodology involved in it.  

The faculty is prestigious and notable globally due to their years of expertise in the subject, holding a lot of exposure in research and innovation. Being a research-oriented university, every course curriculum is designed with a focus on internships and live projects. These programs are carried out in collaboration with various universities which offer doctoral programs. 


1. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is ranked as one of the prestigious German universities for Applied Science courses.

2. The researchers and scientists who work with industry 4.0. They have an extensive research base in dementia and addictive conditions of behavior.

3. There are more than 90 partner universities. So, whether you study in the USA or Finland, you will have one of the best profiles globally. Mechatronics and electrical engineering on the Göppingen Campus have achieved top rankings worldwide. 

Career Opportunities 

After graduating from the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, students are eligible for competitive career opportunities and research opportunities worldwide. Students after the programs can explore a world filled with global employment opportunities with the best salary packages. Here are some of the top career opportunities:

1. Human Resource Manager

2. ERP Project Manager

3. HR Manager

4. IT Consultant

5. Sales Manager

6. Full-stack Developer

7. PHP development

8. Market researcher

9. Dentist

10. DevOps Engineer

11. Operations Manager

12. Software Developer

13. Product specialist

14. Full-stack Developer

15. Lawyer

16. Civil engineer

17. Computer Network Architecture

18. System Analyst

19. System Engineer

20. Portfolio Manager

21. Network Engineer

22. Information Security Manager 

Famous Alumni 

The university is well known for its famous philosophers, Nobel laureates, and top researchers. The fresh graduates from a STEM background and other specializations are impacting the education system globally and bringing development across various sectors. Here are some of the notable alumni from Esslingen University of Applied Sciences: 

1. DR.-ING. E.H. WERNER H. DIETER: Honorary Senator of the Hochschule Esslingen

2. DR.-ING. E.H. MULT. LUDWIG DÜRR: Technical director of Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Friedrichshafen

3. Richard Drauz; (1894-1946) in Landsberg Lech headed up the NSDAP in the Heilbronn district.


5. Ludwig Dürr, a German airship designer.

6. Werner Niefer, aGerman automotive manager.

7. Hans Erich Slany, aGerman designer.

8. Ingo Andreas Rust, a German politician. 

Address of University 

Kanalstraße 33, 73728 Esslingen am Neckar, Germany 

Private/Public Status 

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is a public, state-funded university that provides academic training and education in the fields of technology, economics, and the social sciences. 

Top Offered Courses and Fees 

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is a free public university that does not have tuition fees. There is a semester fee that students need to pay. It includes the administration charges, fees for the student union body, and student services. The semester fee is €1,500 (INR 1,27,295.73), and the enrollment fee is €180 (INR 15275.49) per semester.  

Some of the popular courses offered by Esslingen University of Applied Sciences are: 

1. Mechanical Engineering

2. Electrical Engineering

3. Computer Science

4. Management

5. Bachelor’s in Business Administration

6. Economic

7. Applied Physics

8. Applied Economics

9. Microeconomics

10. Computer Science

11. Information Technology

12. Civil Engineering

13. Mathematics

14. Chemistry

15. Nursing

16. Engineering Management

17. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

18. Master of Science (M.Sc.)

19. Master of Education (M.Ed.)

20. Biomedical Sciences (Continuing Education Program)

21. Master of Science (M.Sc.) 

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Requirements for Examination

Students applying for any course at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences needs to prove their language proficiency by taking the required examination as mentioned below:  

German language proficiency test:

To take admission to German courses, you need to take any one of the German language proficiency tests as mentioned below: 

1. DSH exam with a level of at least 2, where 3 is excellent.

2. In TestDaf Examination, students need to score 4 in all test parts.  

English language proficiency test:

It is important to prove English language proficiency by taking the English language tests. Students need to take IELTS and TOEFL. IELTS score of 6.5 and TOEFL score of 570 are compulsory to apply for English language courses. Cambridge Levels C1 Advanced is also accepted as a part of the English language proficiency test.  

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Admission Requirements

Applicants need to submit documents and meet the application requirements to apply online. It is important to learn about the relevant documents and criteria to be eligible for admission. However, application submission does not confirm admission, it just refers to the screening process where the evaluation will be done based on academic scores, interviews, and other entrance examinations

1. Applicants need to submit the academic test scores and records in English or German language. If not, they need to be translated by the legal translation authority.

2. It is important to submit test scores for the language proficiency test.

3. Updated curriculum with all the latest achievements, education qualifications, skills, and academic records. It should be updated with personal and professional information.

4. A motivation letter is one where students need to state the expectations and objectives behind choosing the particular university and course.

5. The online application form and application fee receipts.



DAAD: It is a scholarship program that is offered to master’s and doctoral program students. It is offered once at the beginning of the winter semesters and is based on merit. Postgraduate students will be given a monthly stipend of 850 Euros (INR 72,122.88). Doctoral degree course students will be given 1,200 Euros (INR 1,01,820.54). 


The university offers placement drives and round-the-clock assistance when it comes to internship and final placement offers. STEM background students get lucrative career opportunities with global brands and employers worldwide. Throughout the study program and course, students go through rigorous training and development, so that they can gain complete understanding and industry exposure before setting for the placement drives. The average salary package is above INR 45 lakh.


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