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Braunschweig University of Technology

Braunschweig, Germany

Braunschweig University of Technology
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The Braunschweig University of Technology is one of Germany’s oldest and most preferred universities for higher education. The university has successfully set up its name to deliver the best courses to domestic and international students. Established in 1745, the Braunschweig University of Technology is the largest in Northern Germany. In the past 275 years of experience, the university has produced many experts giving tremendous contributions in their respective fields of work. Being one of Germany’s most prestigious public institutes, the univerity receives more than 17000 new enrollments every year. If you are looking forward to being a part of this educational institute, here’s all the data you need to know. ...Read more

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Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Braunschweig, GermanyCourse duration : 2 Years
  • Course Fee
    INR 4.22L (Total)
  • Exam Accepted
  • Intake Session
    MAR 2024
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Master of Education in Teacher Training Course: Grundschulen

Braunschweig, GermanyCourse duration : 2 Years
  • Course Fee
    INR 4.22L (Total)
  • Exam Accepted
  • Intake Session
    MAR 2024
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About University

Universitätsplatz 2 38106 Braunschweig

Founded in 1745

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Master in International Management

IU Germany


  • Online : 6 Months
  • On-campus : 1 Year 6 Months
  • Fees

  • Online : INR 3,35,500
  • On-campus: EUR 12,732

Master of Business Administration (90 ECTS)

IU Germany


  • Online : 6 Months
  • On-campus : 1 Year
  • Fees

  • Online : INR 3,35,500
  • On-campus: EUR 11,535

Master in Computer Science (120 ECTS)

IU Germany


  • Online : 6 Months
  • On-campus : 1 Year 6 Months
  • Fees

  • Online : INR 3,35,500
  • On-campus: EUR 12,732

More About Braunschweig University of Technology


1. Founded in the year 1745, it was known as Collegium Carolinum. It was one of the incorporated societies with the largest German institution of technology. 

2. 1862: The university was renamed a Polytechnic school organized in some of the top technical and scientific departments.

3. 1878 the Polytechnic institute was renamed as Herzogliche Technische Hochschule Carolo-Wilhelmina (TH).

4. In 1909, women started taking admission as they could enrol in several programs.

5. In 1933, this year, the education institute lost 20% of the academic staff due to political alignment.

6. In 1968, there were several departments for humanities and social sciences.

7. In 2020, The TU Braunschweig celebrated its 275th anniversary.

About Education

The excellent team of highly qualified academicians and experts is designed to provide students with the best of lectures, discussions, and resources. The student-to-faculty ratio of this university is 8:1, which is a really good ratio and an achievement in itself.

All faculty members are highly skilled and helpful to help students with any of their queries regarding the concepts of the subject.  

The educational quality and the student atmosphere of the university are also awe-inspiring when it comes to research. Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany, has received funding and recognition for its vast and impactful research prospects.

Some USP’s of the University:

1. It is the largest technical university in northern Germany.

2. There are over 84 study programs to choose from in this university.

3. It cooperates with 400 partner institutes and research facilities in more than 60 countries.

4. It is part of Europe’s strongest research region.

5. There are extensive sports and cultural activities that this university has to offer.

6. It is one of the oldest and top-ranked universities in Europe, with more than 275 years of experience in teaching and research.

7. Being an open-world university, the university respects all its international and international students; any racism or bullying to any student is a punishable act.

8. The university focuses on solving real-life problems and challenges of society and looks forward to building a sustainable and eco-friendly organization.

9. Apart from the magnificent quality education, the university offers extensive cultural clubs and fests.

Career Opportunities

Following is the list of various career opportunities one could grab after competing for their desired degree from the Braunschweig University of Technology.

1. Aerospace Engineer: INR 81 Lakh

2. Biochemical Engineer: INR 50 Lakh

3. Automotive Engineer: INR 60 Lakh

4. Mechanical Engineer: INR 25 Lakh

5. Metrological Analyst: INR 20 Lakh

6. Transportation Engineer: INR 18 Lakh

7. Civil Engineer: INR 30 Lakh

8. Pharmaceutical Engineer: INR 70 Lakh

9. Architect: INR 35 Lakh

10. Biologist: INR 40 Lakh

11. Physicist: INR 85 Lakh

12. Mathematician: INR 50 Lakh

13. Software Engineer: INR 65 Lakh

14. Data scientist: INR 83 Lakh

15. Psychologist: INR 40 Lakh

16. Professor: INR 85 Lakh

17. Doctor of Medicine: INR 102.5 Lakh

Famous Alumni

Due to the quality education that the Braunschweig University of Technology has provided worldwide, it shares an extensive and robust alumni network across the world. Below mentioned are some of the famous names that the university had nourished with its resources and the team of excellent faculty members:

Carl Friedrich Gauss- Renowned Scientist and Mathematician

1. Nina Ruge- Author and Journalist

2. Henning Kagermann- German physicist and businessman

3. Ernst Sagebiel- Architect

4. Ernst Otto Beckmann – German pharmacist & Chemist

5. Adolph Henke-pharmacologist

6. Dörte Gatermann- well known for designing the Triangle Tower

Address of Braunschweig University of Technology:

Apart from the main campus located 15 minutes away from the Braunschweig University of Technology, it also has three other campuses that are the East campus, the North campus, and the Campus research Airport.  

Technische Universität Braunschweig Universitätsplatz 238106 Braunschweig O. Box: 38092 Braunschweig GERMANY

Phone: +49 (0) 531 391-0

Public/Private status:

The Braunschweig University of Technology is a public university owned by the state. And it had also received state funding for its creative and impactful projects.

Braunschweig University of Technology: Ranking

Following are the various ranking released by different publication sites and articles based upon different criteria and demography. This list of rankings is based on the order of universities released by various reports in 2020-2021.

1. The Braunschweig University of Technology has a national rank of 46.

2. It has an educational ranking of 462.

3. Braunschweig university of technology holds a world rank of 729.

4. And it secured the 561 rank number in the QS list.

Top Offered Courses

Education at Braunschweig University of Technology is free of cost, and there is no tuition fee; however, there are some exceptions: 

There is no tuition fee for a regular course duration till six semesters; however, students need to pay a semester fee. The students pay EUR 108.00 (INR 9234) as a support services contribution. The semester ticket fee is EUR 211.26 (INR 18062) for student body contribution. EUR 75.00 (INR 6412) is paid every semester by the students to contribute to administrative costs. 

At the end of the standard study duration, students need to pay a long-term tuition fee of EUR 500,00 (INR 42748) per semester. This is applicable only when the course is extended after six semesters. 

Here are some of the popular courses: 

1. MSc in Aerospace engineering

2. BA in Architecture

3. MA in Architecture

4. MSc in Biochemical engineering

5. MSc in Biology

6. BS in Computer Science

7. MS in Computer Science

8. MS in Data Science

9. MS in Electromobility

10. MS in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

Braunschweig University of Technology: Requirements for examination

1. With a pretty high acceptance rate compared to most of the globally top-ranked universities, candidates have a higher chance of selection in the Braunschweig University of Technology. 

Most of the courses are taught in the German language; therefore, it is essential to have a stronghold and proficiency over the German language. The student needs to clear one of the below-mentioned exams as part of their application process to the university.

1. In Test Daf students need to have 4 points each for all the test sections

2. Sprachdiplom Kultusministerkonferenz

3. Telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule

4. Feststellungsprüfung of the Studienkolleg

5. C2-Zertifikat of the Goethe Institute

Braunschweig University of Technology: Admissions requirements

Students taking admission to the university needs to meet the following admission requirements:

1. Here is a list of academic requirements one needs to have to get themselves enrolled in the university.

2. International students need to complete their high school education from a recognized formal study institute to be eligible for bachelor’s degrees. 

3. The university may take any entrance examinations, and they need to pass it successfully with good scores. 

4. For a master’s course, a full-time bachelor’s degree is compulsory in the related field of study. Students need to have master’s subjects in their bachelor’s degree. 

5. Most of the courses in the university are taught in the German language. Students need to take the German language proficiency test to be eligible for the courses. For the English language courses, an English language proficiency test is essential. 

6. Present the German language certificate at enrolment and scorecards. It should be a DSH2 or equivalent language certificate at the time of application. 

7. The printed and signed online application.

8. Application fee receipt- The Braunschweig University of Technology charges a fee of 70 Euro to assess foreign qualifications, which you have to pay at the time of application.

9. Your curriculum vitae, updated with academic qualifications, work experience, skills, and achievements. 

10. A copy of the German language certificate

11. All the academic records and transcripts need to be submitted. 

12. Copies of any entrance or standardized examination. 

13. Certificate of enrolment

Available scholarships in the university:

The Braunschweig University of Technology provides scholarship programs based on need and merit. These scholarship programs are available for international students. 

DAAD Scholarship Programs

The stipend involved in this scholarship program is €850 (INR 72675) monthly for the students enrolled in master’s programs and a stipend of €1,200 (INR 102601) given for PhD students. Students are eligible only when they finish the bachelor’s degree in not more than the last six years and have work experience for two years minimum. It is applicable only for post-graduate and doctoral programs. 

Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships in Germany

The Heinrich Foundation offers more than 1200 scholarships every academic year. It is applicable for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses and programs. It is a complete merit-based program. The students will receive €850 (INR 72682) per month scholarship apart from a stipend to manage the allowances, which can also cover tuition fees. It can be renewed based on merit and need every academic year.

About Placements:

With its strong network of connections, The Braunschweig University of Technology provides various on-campus placements to its students from diverse fields and courses. Every year, various students get hired by different MNCs and firms from the university.


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