New Zealand Scholarship for Indian Students- Your Guide

new zealand scholarship for indian students

Finding the right New Zealand scholarship for Indian students is not difficult, provided you do your homework. There are multiple options for obtaining a scholarship. The country has several options available to help meritorious students fund their educational costs and even living costs in some cases. Many scholarships are partially or fully paid to eligible students, while several such grants come from the New Zealand Government every year. Many other public/private entities offer scholarships along with leading universities in the country. 

New Zealand Scholarship for Indian Students

Here are all the details on the best scholarship for Indian students in New Zealand: 

● New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship -For Indian students willing to pursue PhD courses. 

● New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship-For Indian students in MS/PhD courses. 

● New Zealand Excellence Awards- For Indian students with demonstrated excellence in several fields. 

● NZ-GRADS- Only for those planning to do PhDs in agriculture emission sciences. Expenditure is covered for a total of three years. 

● SEG Scholarship- Encourages geosciences studies for students at the undergraduate level and other courses. The scholarship is granted for one year. 

● Palmerston North City Mayor’s Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship- Given for both UG and PG courses to promote Palmerston North as a major hub for international students. 

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Government-funded scholarship for Indian students to study in New Zealand

The options include the following: 

● NZIDRS (New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship) for PhD courses. 

● New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships for master’s degrees and PhDs. 

● NZIUFS (New Zealand International Undergraduate Fees Scholarship). 

● New Zealand Development Scholarships. 

● Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship. 

University-Specific Scholarships

Victoria University, Wellington-

Victoria Doctoral Scholarships, Victoria Doctoral Submission Scholarships, and Victoria Master’s Scholarship.

University of Waikato-

Summer Research Scholarship, International Postgraduate and Undergraduate Scholarship, Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship, etc. 

University of Otago-

International Research Masters Scholarship, Daniel Taylor Senior Scholarship in Philosophy, Bamforth Postgraduate Scholarship, David Renfrew White Postgraduate Scholarship in Education, Waddell Smith Postgraduate Scholarship in Education, John Edmond Postgraduate Scholarship for Industrial Research in Chemistry, and the DuffusLubecki Scholarship in Applied Sciences. 

● Massey University- High Achiever Scholarships. 

● The University of Canterbury- UC International First Year Scholarships. 

Auckland University of Technology

University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarships, Barry Spicer and Owen G Glenn PhD Scholarships, University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarships, Dean’s International Doctoral Scholarship, William Chick Doctoral Scholarship in Architecture, Van-Thanh Nguyen Postgraduate Engineering Scholarship, The Murray Wren Doctoral Scholarship in Architecture, etc. 

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Other New Zealand Scholarships

There are many other organizations offering scholarships for international students in New Zealand. They include the following: 

● Bickerton – Widdowson Trust Memorial Scholarship. 

● Bayer Boost Environmental Scholarship Scheme. 

● LEARN Scholarships. 

● R.H.T. Bates Postgraduate Scholarship. 

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Criteria for applying to scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students

The most crucial criterion for applying for any scholarship in New Zealand is academic merit. It also depends on the chosen location, institution, educational level, and subject. Other scholarships consider many other traits like leadership qualities, volunteering or community experience, and extracurricular activities. Some only require simple applications, while some need fulfillment of varying conditions such as writing an assignment or paper/essay. 

How to find a scholarship in New Zealand

You have to do your research on available scholarships when you plan to study abroad in New Zealand. You should carefully check all New Zealand Government scholarships online. Find the eligibility criteria and whether you fit the bill. Also, look for scholarship options available at respective universities and colleges in New Zealand. You should examine all available options and apply to as many as possible to maximize your chances. 

The amount that you can expect via scholarships

The amount will vary across grants. Some scholarships may offer up to 100% of the tuition costs and some portions of overall living expenses, while others may only waive part tuition fee. You may also witness higher competition while applying for scholarships granted by the Government. 

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Q1. Does New Zealand have free universities?

A. Universities in New Zealand are not free for international students. However, the Government has unveiled some initiatives for free universities from 2018 onwards, i.e., the popularly known free first year of study initiative. New Zealand also has many Government and private scholarships, which may sometimes offer 100% funding for tuition costs and living expenses.

Q2. How much scholarship can you get in NZ?

A. Many scholarships offer up to 100% of tuition fees and cover some living costs. Many offer partial fee waivers, while some offer coverage for tuition fees and /or other charges for a specified duration. Check all details carefully before applying.

Q3. Does New Zealand have free college for Indian students?

A. Indian students do not have any free college provisions in New Zealand. However, there are some new policies introduced by the Government to lower tuition costs. There is a free-tuition year for eligible students who can also check the same on the official portal in this regard. At the same time, many scholarships help reduce the cost of education significantly.

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