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New rules for international students in Canada (LATEST UPDATE)

Updated on 05 May, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Good news for Canadian university aspirants! The country has opened travel and formulated new rules for international students in Canada in 2021. The new travel regulation has been made keeping in mind the safety of the students and their career aspirations.  

Canada is, without any doubt, one of the best study destinations for aspiring students to build a bright future and achieve success. The land of beautiful landscapes offers one of the best education systems at an affordable cost. It is home to several renowned colleges and universities. A diverse culture, a safe environment, global exposure, a robust job market and prominent universities have always attracted aspiring students from all over the world to Canada. There are many who are aspiring, in the time of pandemic, to travel to fulfil their study abroad dream.

As a response to the present situation, the Canadian government has come up with new travel rules, and measures to maintain safety and keep a check on the spread of the virus. Since the rules of international travel for students have changed, it is important to learn about them to meet the study requirements in Canada.

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Who may enter Canada?

International students can enter Canada for the purpose of education. Canada greatly benefits socially, economically and culturally from these international students. Acknowledging the benefits of studying abroad and the opportunities it presents for aspiring students, the country has come up with some requirements for international students in Canada. A student from any part of the world can enter Canada only when the new measures are taken care of. To study in Canada, international students need to follow the below-given guidelines:

1. A visa approval.

2. A valid study permit that proves that the student has been admitted to a specific course at a particular university or college in Canada.

3. The students must secure admission in an educational institution that is present on the designated list of colleges and universities with a COVID-19 readiness plan.

4. The students must have a 14-day quarantine plan post-arrival in Canada.

5. The students entering Canada must not have any COVID-19 symptom.

6. Fully vaccinated students are allowed with a certificate of vaccination procured at least 14 days before travel.

7. International students can enter Canada only when fully vaccinated.

Important note

Any student admitted to an institution in Canada that does not have a quarantine plan cannot enter Canada. The government allows students to visit Canada only when admission is taken under a recognized Designated Learning Institute (DLI) with a proper quarantine and COVID-19 readiness plan.

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What does a quarantine plan involve?

The Canadian government has mandated it for every Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada to have a quarantine plan for international students who have been given a study permit. If a student is not admitted under a DLI, they will not be able to enter Canada for education. You must be admitted only to a designated learning institute in order to enter Canada for education. This is because the DLI will have a quarantine plan for the students to ensure the safety of the immigrants and the Canadian citizens alike.

The quarantine and COVID-19 readiness plan indicate the organized way in which the DLIs will handle the self-isolation period for all international students. The plan will include all the Canada international students’ requirements like transport, food, quarantine location and medications during their 14 days in isolation. The international students must seek information from their designated learning institute in Canada about their quarantine and COVID-19 readiness plan before arrival. The international students must co-operate with their DLI to complete the process of settling down in Canada.

DLIs aid for international students with mandatory quarantine

1. The DLI will help international students get the pre-departure COVID-19 test done within a period of 72 hours of the flight to Canada.

2. On arrival, the DLI should arrange a three-night stay at any government quarantine registered hotel. The students can be accompanied by one or two immediate family members. This should be approved by the Canadian government before the arrival of the students.

3. ArriveCAN is a COVID-19 tracking application used in Canada. It should be downloaded and the concerned DLI should assist the students with updating all the required information before taking the flight to Canada.

4. On arrival in Canada, the concerned DLI should arrange a COVID-19 test for the international students.

5. After the completion of three nights in hotel quarantine, arrangements should be made by the concerned DLI for the remaining number of days to complete the pre-decided self-isolation period.

6. After the 14th quarantine day, the DLI should arrange the final COVID-19 test for the international students and it should be submitted to the respective officials.

8. Transportation of the students from the airport to the designated quarantine center should be arranged by the DLI. It is not only about the airport transfers, but it must include complete transportation for 14 days. Canada’s requirements for international students should be planned and fulfilled by the DLI before the arrival of students.

9. Arrangements for food and other necessities for international students should be well managed for the entire 14 days of quarantine.

10. The respective DLI will arrange health insurance for the students so that if they become critically ill due to COVID-19, the insurance should be sufficient to meet the expenses.

11. Taking care of the students against COVID-19 during their stay in Canada.

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upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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