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The Scientific Method IELTS Reading Answer

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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To achieve the best results in the IELTS reading tests, students must practice as many sample papers as required. Here's a reading passage on "The Scientific Method” for students to assess their preparation level with questions and appropriate explanations of the answers. 

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Questions 1-5

The Scientific Method Reading Passage comprises seven paragraphs A-G.

Select the most suitable headings for paragraphs numbered C-G from the list of headings given below.

Choose the most suitable title from i-ix and write them in boxes 1-5 on the 'The Scientific Method' reading answers sheet.

List of Headings


Watson and Crick’s research approaches


Antidotes to infections caused by bacteria


The correct way to test hypotheses


Explanation of the inductive research method


Forethought about results before data collection


The difference between conducting research and reporting


The purpose of hypotheses in research


Deduction about the results of hypotheses


Karl Popper’s claim of the hypothetico-deductive scientific research method


The unbiased researcher



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Questions 6-7 

In which two paragraphs in A-G is the writer talking directly to the reader?

Pick the paragraphs using the letters (A—G) and write them down in boxes 6-7 on the answer sheet.


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Questions 8 - 11

Do these statements clearly reflect the ideas of the writer in the Reading Passage 'The Scientific Method’?

Mention against boxes 8-11, YES, NO and Not GIVEN

YES if the mentioned statement is reflective of the writer's opinions

NO, if the statement doesn't align with the writer's opinion

NOT GIVEN if it's difficult to comprehend the writer's opinion

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Question 12 

Carefully select the paragraph number from A-D and write it down in box 12 of The Scientific Method reading answers sheet

What is the main objective of the writer in The Scientific Method Reading Passage? 

  1. To suggest how to conduct research for the Ph.D. scholars 
  2. To involve guesswork and logical predictions in research 
  3. To shed light on the main reason behind the methods involved in research papers 
  4. To assist research students in understanding the types of research processes and their conceptions 















6. B/F 

7. B/F


Paragraphs B and F are the correct answers. In both paragraphs, the writer uses the second person to express themselves. In paragraph B, with the usage of 'It is essential that you, the author, are explaining the differences explicitly to the audience. Similarly, the mention of 'don't worry at the beginning of the paragraph hints at the writer's intention to communicate directly to the reader. 

Answer 8: Yes


As clearly mentioned in paragraph A, Medavar is proposing arguments in favor of Popper. The essence of the argument presented by Popper was that the scientific method is hypothetical-deducive. The given statement in the question completely follows the idea explained in The Scientific Method paragraph. 

Answer 9: No 


The question statement doesn't hold true, as the writer's opinion is the opposite. According to the author, if the predictions for a hypothesis are correct, it only supports the hypothesis until further tests are presented. The logical deduction based on the available predictions makes the argument hypothetico-deductive while leaving scope for future changes. 

Answer 10: Not Given


The paragraphs in ‘The Scientific Method’ explain different methods of research and the role of their elements. Nowhere in the entire content has the writer mentioned that the preferred research method of people is wrong. At the same time, the author also sheds light on the relevance of the chosen methods with respect to the hypotheses. This presents an unclear idea about the author's opinion about the right approach for most researchers. 

Answer 11: Yes 


The statement reflects the writer's opinions. In paragraph G, the author mentions the logical order of presenting research elements to make the evaluation of the worth of output easy. With the same concept in mind, 'The Scientific Method' is about writing the research in the most detailed manner than conducting it. 

12. Answer: D


The correct answer is D. The writer explains in paragraph B that for every aspirational researcher, it's important to pinpoint the difference between research approaches. Doing this enables them to understand the purpose behind the method used and not feel discouraged by the complexity of following it. 



Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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