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The Gulf Stream And Global Warming IELTS Reading Answers

Updated on 02 November, 2023

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert

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The key to conquering the IELTS reading test is to answer as many samples as possible. As one of the key tests in the IELTS exam, it accounts for a substantial amount of the band score. To aid your IELTS prep, go through the Gulf Stream and Global Warming reading answers to gauge your comprehensive abilities. 

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Questions 1 - 7

Choose the correct option out of A, B, and C, from lines 1—7 on the answer sheet. 

  1. B. Distance from the North pole

Explanation: In the passage on the Gulf stream and Global warming, the first line states how the two cities of Labrador and London are on the same latitude. It goes on to state that they are “equidistant,” meaning the same distance from the Arctic circle, also known as the North pole, despite their starkly different temperatures and way of life. 

2. C. It has a good climate for farming

Explanation: The first paragraph of the passage on the Gulf stream and global warming clearly states that the gulf stream and its warm water make life possible. The water from the stream that flows along the Northwest of Europe allows for the growth of palm trees, making it highly ideal for habitation.

3.  A. It has become colder

Explanation: The Gulf stream travels a massive distance before it reaches the areas of southeast Greenland and western Iceland. This area is also referred to as the North Atlantic. The passage states that the stream leaves behind much of its warmth as it travels through Northwestern Europe, hence, by the time it reaches the North Atlantic, it loses the warmth and sinks. 

4, B.  Maintain suitable temperatures

Explanation: The fourth paragraph of the gulf stream and global warming reading test answers the question. The Gulf stream has warm water traveling along the surface in the northern direction, and cold water along the floor in the southern direction is responsible for maintaining temperatures. This temperature regulation allows life to thrive across the globe.

5. A. zero

Explanation: The fifth paragraph of the piece emphasizes the effects of global warming on the Gulf Stream. It details how the stream held as many as seven chimneys or vortices on the South of Greenland. And in the last seven years, until 2007, only one remained. In the end, even the last remaining chimney disappeared owing to the effects of global warming.

6. A. the Gulf stream slowed down significantly

Explanation: The sixth or penultimate paragraph on the Gulf Stream and Global Warming details how many Ice Ages have occurred over the course of the Earth’s existence. However, during the last Little Ice Age, which occurred around the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Gulf Stream slowed down to half its usual rate, as stated in the last line of the paragraph.

7. C. very quickly

Explanation: The last paragraph of the gulf stream and global warming reading test answers the question in the first paragraph. Here, it continues on the topic of these prior ice ages that the world has experienced. The word “abrupt,” used to describe the rate of the temperature changes, indicates that these global warmings have taken place very quickly.

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Questions  8 - 13

The flowchart below details the potential causes of global warming on the Gulf stream. Use the letters between A and L to complete the chart using the list of words given against these letters.

8. J. thaw

Explanation: The reading material on the Gulf Stream and global warming intricately details how glaciers thaw or melt to cause the extinction of chimneys in the Gulf stream in the fifth paragraph. 

9. A. Less salty

Explanation: In the lines following the explanation of the thawing of the glaciers, the reading material explains how this melted water dilutes the extremely salty water. 

10. D. sink

Explanation: The fifth paragraph on the Gulf Stream and global warming goes on to detail the melting of the glaciers and how it significantly impacts life on Earth. The eighth line of the paragraph speaks about how the now diluted water is no longer as heavy. Hence, the water does not sink, impairing the mechanism that creates the chimneys or vortices. 

11. F. weakened

Explanation: In the lines following the effects of the diluted water on the creation of these chimneys, the gulf stream and global warming reading test talk about the impact of the disappearance of the chimneys. These chimneys make the Gulf stream strong. Hence, when they disappear, the stream becomes weak.

12. E. rise

Explanation:  The eleventh line of the paragraph on the gulf stream and global warming reading answers the question of what happens when the Gulf stream loses its strength. The water is now slow and cold in the lower areas of the conveyor belt. Hence, it does not rise.

13. I. food

Explanation: In the final lines of the fifth paragraph of the reading on the gulf stream and global warming, we are told how the lack of circulation nutrients from the weakened Gulf stream affects marine life. Not having appropriate nutrients then makes it difficult for sea life to create or acquire any food.

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