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Music and the Emotions IELTS Reading Answers

Updated on 13 April, 2023

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Mrinal Mandal

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IELTS exam requires a thorough analysis of the test pattern and asked concepts. The exam demands in-depth knowledge about grammatical proficiency. To attain the expected score, candidates must gain insights into the least comprehended sections through the regular undertaking of multiple practice tests. Here's the Music and the Emotions Reading Answers IELTS Sample to assess the preparation strategy and the shortfalls with precise explanations.

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Questions 1 -5 

Complete the below-mentioned summary

Select a maximum of two words from the Music and the Emotions Reading Answers IELTS sample to complete this passage. 

The Montreal Study 

The study recruited participants to analyze the activity in their brains by playing their favorite music. The experts found out that the music caused the brain's neurons to release a substance known as ______(1) in those parts which were responsible for the feelings of _____ (2). Researchers found out that the neurons in the particular brain part, known as _____ (3), were most active in participants' brains immediately before the favorite part of the song played in the duration called _____ (4). This portion of the brain is related to the 'reward' stimuli. It also gets activated with the expectation of _____ (5) 

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Questions 6 -10 

Choose a letter between A to D as a suitable answer to each question. 

Question 6: What is the main point of the writer in the first paragraph of the Music and the Emotions Reading Answers IELTS sample passage? 

  1. Our reactions to music differ dramatically. 
  2. Our physical responses can be intense to music.
  3. We have a shallow understanding of the effect of music on us 
  4. Music can help us understand how our brains function 

Question 7: What is the writer's expression about the Montreal Study in the second paragraph? 

  1. The experiment was complicated. 
  2. The approach incorporated in the study of the subjects was too straightforward.
  3. It paved the way for a deep understanding of pleasure stimulus in the human brain.
  4. The technology used was complicated

Question 8: What impressed the writer in the Montreal study? 

  1. The duration of neural responses as a reaction to music 
  2. The intense effect of music on the emotions of the subjects 
  3. The areas of the participant's brain getting triggered by the playing of music 
  4. The kind of music causing a reaction in the participants' brains and its intensity 

Question 9: What was the objective of the writer to take reference from Meyer's work involving emotion and music? 

  1. To come up with an original theory about the topic of the experiment
  2. To provide support for the assessments of the Montreal study 
  3. To elucidate the need for extensive research into the topic of the study 
  4. To contrast the view of the Montreal experiments 

Question 10: As per Leonard Meyer, the listener’s emotional reaction to music is caused by?

  1. The evocation of important memories in the brain for the listener 
  2. The linkage of the musical chords to feelings in participants' brains 
  3. The interrelation of the listener's empathy and the composer's intent
  4. The structure of the composition of the Beethoven’s music 

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Questions 11 - 14 

Choose one of the options as a suitable answer from A to F from the below sentences. 

  1. The response to music is dependent on the mood of the participant 
  2. The activity in neurons faces a slump if the outcomes of the activity are predictable 
  3. Emotive music can lead to the recollection of real events and pictures 
  4. Past experiences play a role in experiencing the music and reaction towards it
  5. Uncertainty in emotive music elongates the anticipation period of the listener, delaying gratification.
  6. Neuron activity is shown to get enhanced before the playing of significant parts in a musical track. 

Question 11: It was found out by the Montreal researchers 

Question 12: Many scientific studies elucidate that

Question 13: Meyer's assessment of Beethoven's structure of produced music depicts that 

Question 14: Earlier music theories provide that  

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Answers and Explanations

Answers Explanations

Answer1: Dopamine 

The second paragraph of the Music and the Emotions Reading Answers IELTS sample mentions that music leads to the release of dopamine. The chemical is responsible for making alterations in the moods of the people. Hence, the right word for the question passage is dopamine. 

Answer 2: Pleasure

The last lines of the second paragraph elaborates on how dopamine is produced in the dorsal and ventral areas of the brain. These regions help us experience pleasure. Hence, the correct answer to fill in the question passage is pleasure. 

Answer 3: Caudate

The region of the brain which is involved with learning and understanding stimulus-response connections and is related to anticipatory stimuli is known as the caudate. This portion is triggered in participants as soon as their favorite part of the music was about to play during the study. Hence, the candidates must write 'caudate' as their answers. 

Answer4: Anticipatory Phase 

In the third passage, the author mentions that prior to 15 seconds of playing the participants' favorite music part, the reward-stimuli region was most active. The activation of the part in anticipation of the climax is associated with preparing the brain for the pleasurable experience coming ahead. Therefore, the anticipatory phase is the right answer. 

Answer 5: Food 

As mentioned in the Music and the Emotions Reading Answers IELTS sample, the activation of the caudate region is generally associated with the stimuli for the anticipation of food. So, the right word to fill in the blank is food.

Answer 6: B

In the first paragraph, the author explains that the impact of music is profound on human beings. Irrespective of the abstraction in the art form, it can lead to intense physical reactions such as pupil dilation. Therefore, the suitable answer is B. 

Answer 7: C

The author was impressed by the Montreal study. They were of the opinion that the test led to providing insights about the brain's response towards pleasure. Hence, the correct answer is option C. 

Answer 8: A

The writer finds it intriguing how the different participant's brains reacted the same way to their favorite music. In addition, the author was also surprised by the timing of the responses by the brain toward the participants' favorite music tracks. Therefore, the correct answer is A. 

Answer 9:  B

The author aims to shed light on the pattern built in mind in anticipation of the pleasurable stimulus. He/she explains it through Leonard Meyer's book. In the book, the musicologist analyses Beethoven's String Quartet repetition of the pattern. Hence the appropriate answer is B for the Music and the Emotions Reading Answers IELTS sample question. 

Answer 10: D

The root element of causing an emotional response to music lies in the structure of its composition. Meyer calls it the flirtation of the order but without submission. This is essentially what holds the listener's expectation of a pleasurable ending. That's why, the correct option is D. 

Answer 11: F

The Montreal study found out that the portion of the brain engaging in the learning of stimulus-response interrelation a triggered by playing the favorite music of participants. Therefore, the right choice is option F. 

Answer 12: B

According to the fourth paragraph in the Music and the Emotions Reading Answers IELTS sample, a common assessment of many studies is that dopamine neurons adapt if rewards become predictable. Hence, the suitable choice is option B. 

Answer 13: E

The right answer is E. As mentioned in the last paragraph, the withholding of the exciting part of music creates enhanced anticipation in the brain. The element of uncertainty causes the brain to crave the part which will ensure gratification. 

Answer 14: C

As per the previous music theories, the structure of music has the capacity to bring back the recollection of actual events and experiences. This experience is evoked by the pattern of the symphony in the musical track. Therefore, the correct option is C. 


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