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How To Reduce Spelling Mistakes In English While Writing?-IELTS

Updated on 13 April, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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Most English proficiency tests like IELTS evaluate writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills. When it comes to tests like IELTS Writing, spelling is really important. Spelling is assessed in these tests and you are expected to spell words correctly in all the test sections. Candidates must know how to avoid spelling mistakes in English while writing.

Writing is a primary basis for testing the proficiency of non-native English speakers. It is an important part of communication and is why all the test sections, except speaking, have writing tasks. For example, IELTS writing is focused on evaluating the grammar, vocabulary, spellings, and sentence construction skills of applicants willing to work or study in an English-speaking country. Spellings form an important factor in vocabulary and applicants are judged and marked based on that.

Avoiding common spelling mistakes is an important writing skill for language proficiency test takers. A competent English speaker cannot afford to commit such errors. So, if you are willing to take up a job or study abroad, you need to be competent in English spelling too. Good writing skills make you eligible to immigrate, study and work in the developed economies of the world.

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Tips to reduce spelling mistakes

Spelling being a pivotal factor while writing, plays a significant role for your band score in IELTS. Following are few tips on how to avoid spelling mistakes in English while writing

  • Practice spellings that are commonly misspelled. Most of them seem obvious but require attention. Practice writing the words that you get wrong repeatedly. Once you absorb the correct spelling of a particular word, you would never spell it incorrectly.
  • Learn the English language vocabulary and spelling rules. One of the hardest parts of English is the many exceptions. However, remember the common rules of vowels and usage of letters when you practice spellings.
  • Typos are counted as mistakes. You must proofread your writing to check for typing errors.  
  • You must take spelling tests if your spelling skills are not great. It may seem like the childhood days, but these are helpful.

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  • Read English every day. It can be anything that interests you –  newspapers, journals, articles, books, online resources, and websites. The more you read, the more you will be accustomed to the spelling.
  • We write what we say. Non-native English speakers tend to write English words as they pronounce them in their native accent. E.g., ‘morden’ is incorrect and ‘modern’ is the correct spelling. Pronounce words correctly. 
  • Say it out loud. This is one great way to avoid spelling mistakes. When you read words the way you would pronounce them, you will easily find the mistake. 
  • Use spell checker applications. These  will help you identify spelling mistakes while you practice your writing tasks.
  • Prepare a vocabulary list related to the topics in the IELTS test. There will be some words used commonly in tests. Practicing the topic-related vocabulary will make it easy for you to learn the spelling well. 
  • Do not memorize spellings without knowing the rules. You will only know a limited number of spellings if you memorize them. Focus on the rules and not on memorizing. 
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English language proficiency tests like IELTS evaluate non-native English speakers on the grounds of language skills, where vocabulary and spelling play a vital role. It is not a new thing that many applicants get low scores just because of spelling mistakes. To learn how to avoid spelling mistakes in English while writing, applicants must focus on the rules and get into a lot of reading and practice. For more information related to spelling mistakes and tips, consult the academic counselors of upGrad Abroad.

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Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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