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Bring Back the Big Cats Reading Answers IELTS Sample Essay

Updated on 13 April, 2023

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The competitive IELTS exam requires a thorough practice of various sections. Scoring in the high band will enable students to secure admission to reputed international colleges. To practice the reading essay section, it is vital to explore various samples.

After analyzing the sample, attempt all the questions and verify the answers. This article also contains explanations for more clarity.

Bring Back the Big Cats Reading Answer IELTS Sample


Around 598 A.D., a British poem described the hunting of a mysterious animal resembling a huge cat. The poem mentions the name of this animal as ‘Llewyn.’ The discovery of this big cat’s remains made a striking revelation in 2006. Archaeologists found an animal bone in north England’s Kinsey Cave. The bone resembled this huge cat, which is prominent as ‘lynx’ in the modern era. Before this finding, there was a presumption that the lynx became extinct in Britain around 6,000 years ago. However, the 2006 discovery of these bones in Scotland and Yorkshire made it evident that the lynx was, in fact, ‘Llewyn,’ who survived on British soil longer than previous assumptions. The discovery of this large spotted cat’s bones could mean that its extinction was at least ahead by approximately 5,000 years.

The evidence of lynx roaming in the British environment has several interesting stories. For instance, people found a stone cross on the Isle of Eigg around the 9th century. This intriguing piece had a marking of a boar, deer, and aurochs running from a large cat. The cat, interestingly, had tasseled ears. The stone cross suffered significant wear, which erased the marking of this cat’s backside. However, researchers still believe this discovery was evidence of the lynx. Due to the extinction of one of the fiercest cats in Britain, the lynx has become a significant totemic animal. In Britain, discovering such proofs is vital for the rise of ‘rewilding.’

In simple terms, rewilding implies the restoration of natural and damaged ecosystems on a mass scale. This concept aims to bring the missing species back in today’s era. For this purpose, environmentalists suggest steps like allowing local trees to grow back in deforested locations. In addition, these experts also suggest actions to enable a free flow of rivers by allowing the seabed to recover from activities like dredging. Bring back the big cats is, in fact, a symbol of restoring ecology to its original state. The existence of large predators like lynxes is crucial to restoring and maintaining balance in the food chain.

The findings of such fossils and bones raise a challenge and question to the misguided British conservation strategy. The experts implemented tactics to choose random species of flora and fauna, preventing them from changing. This way, the wildlife conservation plan kept the British natural ecosystem in a state of restrained development. Notably, the experts invested considerable money and effort to protect wildlife. Another main reason to bring back the big cats is to promote a dynamic ecosystem devoid of human intervention. So, experts should understand that the preservation and management of the British ecological setup are highly dependent on large predators like cats. Bring back the big cats is, therefore, a philosophy to reverse the damage resulting from improper human intervention.

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This philosophy can also find an extension beyond land. One of the prominent 18th-century pieces of literature explains the scene of predators like sperm whales and fins chasing shoals of small fishes. If today’s environmentalists implement the promotion of such aquatic predators, it will significantly elevate the catches in Britain’s surrounding seas. This technique will be more suitable for regaining the natural balance of the marine ecosystem. Hence, decision-makers need to reverse the damaging effect of the fishing industry’s activity of scouring the seabed. This act caused a harmful impact by leaving no room for breeding reserves. So, large predators found it challenging to sustain. In simple words, when one speaks about ‘bring back the big cats,’ the thought can lead to a much-needed environment conservation revolution. Britain has a growing enthusiasm for rewilding as the movement inspires a practical vision to restore nature’s original state. So, when campaigners mention about bring back the big cats, they promise more than the age-old belief of creating a better world through damaging decisions.      

A logical argument for promoting the predator population is the minimal threat to human beings. Today, there is no record of the lynx preying on humans. Cats like lynx help control the explosion of species like roe deer. This way, the population outburst of such animals will remain under control. In addition, when experts devise a strategy to bring back the big cats, the population of species like sika deer, which are difficult for humans to control, will also remain under check. Cats like lynx need a deep cover of forests. Hence, there is also a minimum risk to livestock and sheep. Thus, the possibility of re-introducing such predators can promote the natural development of forests.

Bring back the big cats’ isn’t merely an optimistic movement. In fact, conservationists in the Cairngorm Mountains believe that it is possible to reintroduce lynx within the next 20 years. For this sight, the return of the trees to the British bare hills is vital. Today, one can witness lynx in the Alps, eastern France, and German mountain ranges. People avoid hunting the lynx as the cat is one of the prime tourist attractions. Hence, except for Britain, rewilding takes place on a large scale in other European nations. The British can follow the same suit and bring back the big cats to rectify the mistakes during the early conservation of forests and wildlife. 

Gradually, there is now a change in British conservationism. Experts are beginning to accept the failure of the old ecosystem preservation model and finding new ways to promote rewilding. Movements like ‘Trees for Life’ are testaments of the march towards a positive transformation. Hence, one can hope organizations come together and conduct rewilding activities to bring back the big cats in Britain. After all, the significance of large predators is now an evident fact.

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Choose the correct option and answer the question. In this section of the reading answer IELTS sample, examinees need to analyze the passage and select the right choice.

1. What did the discovery in 2006 reveal about the lynx?

A. The physique of this big cat was unique

B. The spread of farming led to its extinction

C. It became extinct from Britain several centuries ago

D. The lynx survived longer than the previous presumptions

2. In this reading answers IELTS sample; what is the take on British conservation?

A. The strategy did not achieve its aim

B. It has started to take quick strides

C. It was a misguided strategy

D. It focuses on different types of species

3. In the ‘bring back the big cats’ essay, what does the writer talk about rewilding?

A. The process can lead to an increase in biodiversity

B. It can cause unprecedented damage to the ecosystem

C. The behavior of predators can change depending on the location

D. The reintroduction of predators is only possible in native regions

4. The protection of large sea areas can lead to

A. Several practical advantages to the fishing industry

B. Recurring losses to fishermen and aquatic life

C. Change in techniques of the fishing methods

D. A largescale opposition from local fishermen and experts

5. According to the essay’s writer, what does rewilding offer better than other environmental campaigns?

A. A more practically achievable objective

B. Supportive and articulate campaigners

C. An optimistic message for nature conservation

D. It is derived from scientific conservation principles

Complete the sentences by choosing the most suitable word from the available options:

A: trees

B: endangered species

C: humans

D: hillsides

E: farm animals

F: wild animals

6. Introducing lynx back into the British ecosystem can bring several benefits. For starters, there is no evidence that this big cat has put _____ in danger

7. The lynx can help control the population of _____

8. The predators like lynx do not pose a significant risk to _____

9. It is vital that _____ return to Bare hills as a part of rewilding

Answer YES, NO, or NOT GIVEN. In these questions, one has to scan the reading answers IELTS sample and establish the correctness of a statement.

10. Through rewilding, Britain has the chance to become the first country to re-introduce lynx

11. There has been an increase in the expectations of nature enthusiasts since the growth of the lynx population from 1970

12. Lynx can promote tourism on a decent scale

13. Lynx are present in other parts of Europe

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