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Talk About an Interesting Old Person You Met Recently: IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 07 March, 2024

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Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting an intriguing old person who left a lasting impression on you? Well, in the IELTS Speaking section, you might come across a cue card task where you have to talk about just that! You'll be asked to describe an old person you recently met who caught your attention. It could be someone with remarkable experiences, knowledge, or a unique perspective on life. You'll have the chance to share how you met them, what made them interesting, and what valuable lessons or insights you gained from your interaction. It's an opportunity to showcase your storytelling skills while highlighting the significance of intergenerational connections and the wisdom that comes with age.

Talk About an Interesting Old Person You Met Recently: IELTS Cue Card

 What Should You Include:

  • Who this person is?
  • How you met them?
  • What makes them interesting?
  • What you learned from them?

Here are IELTS cue card sample answers you can use as reference:

Model Answer 1

I'd like to talk about an interesting old person I met recently. His name is Mr. Johnson, and I met him at a local community event.

Mr. Johnson is a retired architect in his late 80s. What makes him particularly interesting is his vast knowledge and experiences in architecture. Despite his age, he is still incredibly passionate about the field and continues to stay updated on the latest architectural trends.

During our conversation, Mr. Johnson shared captivating stories about his past projects and the challenges he faced throughout his career. He described how he adapted to different architectural styles over the years and witnessed the evolution of the industry.

One thing that stood out to me was Mr. Johnson's enthusiasm for learning. He emphasized the importance of lifelong learning and encouraged me to never stop exploring new ideas and expanding my knowledge.

Meeting Mr. Johnson was truly inspiring, as it reminded me that age should never be a barrier to pursuing one's passions. I learned the value of embracing lifelong learning and the importance of sharing knowledge with others.

Overall, Mr. Johnson's fascinating stories and his passion for architecture left a lasting impression on me. I feel fortunate to have met such an interesting and knowledgeable individual who continues to inspire others even in his old age.

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Model Answer 2

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an incredibly interesting old gentleman named Mr. Thompson. I encountered him during a visit to a local history museum.

Mr. Thompson, in his late 70s, was a retired archaeologist. What fascinated me about him was his remarkable adventures and discoveries throughout his career. He had traveled to remote regions of the world, unearthing ancient artifacts and uncovering hidden secrets of civilizations long gone.

During our conversation, Mr. Thompson shared captivating stories about his archaeological expeditions. He recounted tales of discovering lost tombs, deciphering ancient scripts, and piecing together fragments of history. His vivid descriptions transported me to different time periods and ignited a deep sense of wonder within me.

What made Mr. Thompson even more intriguing was his genuine passion for preserving and sharing the knowledge he acquired. He expressed his concern about the fading interest in history and the importance of preserving our cultural heritage. He had dedicated his retirement years to writing books and giving lectures, aiming to ignite curiosity and appreciation for the past in younger generations.

Meeting Mr. Thompson was a truly enlightening experience. He reminded me of the significance of our collective human history and the need to cherish and protect it. His enthusiasm for education and passing down knowledge left a profound impact on me. I learned the value of embracing curiosity, exploring different cultures, and understanding the past to shape a better future.

In summary, encountering Mr. Thompson, the retired archaeologist, was an unforgettable experience. His adventurous spirit, deep knowledge, and dedication to preserving history inspired me greatly. It was a privilege to meet such an interesting old person who continues to fuel the flame of curiosity and instill a love for learning in others, even in their later years.

Talk About an Interesting Old Person You Met Recently: IELTS Follow Up Question

Q1. What specific qualities or characteristics do you think make an old person interesting?
A1. I believe that what makes an old person interesting is their wealth of knowledge and experiences. They have lived through different eras, witnessed historical events, and accumulated wisdom over the years. Their stories and perspectives offer unique insights that can be both fascinating and valuable.

Q2. In what ways can older individuals contribute to society with their knowledge and experiences?
A2. Older individuals can contribute to society in various ways. They can become mentors or educators, sharing their knowledge and experiences with younger generations. They can also provide guidance and advice based on their life lessons. Additionally, their involvement in community initiatives or volunteering can make a significant impact on social causes.

Q3. How do you think meeting interesting older people can impact young individuals in terms of personal growth and learning?
A3. Meeting interesting older people can have a profound impact on young individuals. It broadens their horizons and exposes them to different perspectives. It can inspire them to embrace curiosity, seek knowledge, and appreciate the value of history and heritage. Interacting with older individuals encourages personal growth and fosters respect for diverse experiences.

Q4. Do you believe that older individuals have a unique perspective on life and the world? Why or why not?
A4. Yes, I believe older individuals have a unique perspective on life and the world. Their experiences shape their understanding of the world, and they have witnessed the evolution of society over time. This gives them a broader context and a deeper understanding of the complexities of life. Their perspective is often rooted in wisdom and can offer valuable insights.

Q5. Are there any valuable life lessons or wisdom that you gained from your interaction with the interesting old person you mentioned?
A5. Yes, during my interaction with the interesting old person, I learned the importance of embracing curiosity, staying passionate about one's interests, and never stopping the pursuit of knowledge. They also emphasized the significance of preserving our history and cultural heritage as a means to understand and shape our future. These lessons have made me appreciate the value of lifelong learning and the power of sharing knowledge.

Q6. How do you think society can better appreciate and utilize the knowledge and experiences of older individuals?
A6. Society can better appreciate and utilize the knowledge and experiences of older individuals by creating platforms and opportunities for intergenerational interactions. This can be done through mentorship programs, community initiatives, or workshops that facilitate knowledge exchange. Encouraging active involvement of older individuals in decision-making processes and recognizing their contributions can also foster a greater appreciation for their wisdom.

Q7. Do you think age is a barrier to pursuing new hobbies or interests? Why or why not?
A7. No, age should not be a barrier to pursuing new hobbies or interests. It is never too late to explore new passions and learn new skills. In fact, engaging in new activities can enhance cognitive abilities, promote social connections, and bring a sense of fulfillment. Age should not limit our willingness to embrace new experiences and continue personal growth.

Q8. In your opinion, what role does intergenerational communication play in society? How can it benefit both younger and older generations?
A8. Intergenerational communication plays a vital role in society. It promotes understanding, empathy, and mutual learning between different age groups. Younger generations can gain wisdom and guidance from older individuals, while older generations can gain fresh perspectives and insights from the younger ones. It fosters a sense of unity, bridges generational gaps, and strengthens social cohesion.

Q9. Are there any specific fields or industries where the knowledge and experiences of older individuals are highly valued? Why do you think that is?
A9. Fields such as academia, research, and consulting often highly value the knowledge and experiences of older individuals. Their expertise and insights can contribute

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In conclusion, talking about an interesting old person you recently met is a captivating cue card topic that allows you to share a memorable encounter. It's an opportunity to celebrate the wisdom, experiences, and unique perspectives that come with age. Whether it's a retired professional, an adventurer, or someone passionate about a particular field, these encounters remind us of the richness of human stories and the importance of connecting across generations. So, get ready to captivate your examiner with an engaging tale of an inspiring old soul who left a lasting impact on you. Remember, it's not just about the person but also the lessons and insights you gained from them. Let the conversation flow and paint a vivid picture of an extraordinary encounter with an interesting old person!

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