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Exploring 'Twist in the Tale' Narratives: IELTS Reading Passage With Questions & Answers

Updated on 09 February, 2024

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upGrad Abroad Team

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The allure of a story with a 'twist in the tale' lies in its ability to surprise and challenge the reader's expectations. In the context of IELTS reading, such narratives not only engage but also provide fertile ground for testing comprehension through unexpected plot developments. This passage, crafted with an intriguing twist, is designed to help IELTS learners practice their analytical reading skills, critical thinking, and ability to answer questions based on textual evidence.



In the quaint town of Galeshire, the annual fair was the highlight of the year. The townspeople buzzed with excitement as they prepared for the festivities. Among them was Elsie, a young baker renowned for her extraordinary pies. This year, she was determined to win the fair's prestigious baking contest, which had eluded her for the past three years.

On the day of the fair, Elsie presented a blueberry pie that was a vibrant contrast against the white linen of the judges' table. The air was rich with the aroma of her creation as the judges made their rounds. However, just as the judges were about to sample Elsie's pie, a sudden commotion broke out. In the midst of the chaos, a stray dog, lured by the scent, made a dash for the pie stand. To everyone's astonishment, the dog bypassed Elsie's pie and snatched a humble apple pie made by an unknown entrant.

The judges, intrigued by the dog's peculiar choice, decided to try the apple pie first. To their surprise, it was unlike anything they had ever tasted. The pie was unanimously declared the winner, leaving the crowd, and especially Elsie, in shock. The twist came when the unknown baker was revealed to be Elsie's own grandmother, who had secretly entered the contest to motivate Elsie to embrace traditional recipes over fanciful ones. In the end, Elsie learned that sometimes, the simplest things could hold the most wonder.

Questions & Answers:

Q1. What event is the passage primarily about?

A) A town meeting

B) Elsie’s birthday

C) The annual fair of Galeshire

D) A baking class

A1. C) The annual fair of Galeshire

Explanation: The passage introduces the setting by mentioning the annual fair as the highlight of the year for the town of Galeshire.

Q2. Fill in the blank: Elsie was known for her _______.

A2. extraordinary pies

Explanation: The passage describes Elsie as a baker renowned for her extraordinary pies, which she prepares for the fair's baking contest.

Q3. True or False: Elsie has won the baking contest at the fair before.

A3. False

Explanation: The passage states that the baking contest had eluded Elsie for the past three years, implying that she had not won it previously.

Q4. What was the cause of the commotion during the contest?

A) Elsie's pie fell on the ground

B) A dog disrupted the event

C) The judges argued over the best pie

D) The fair was canceled abruptly

A4. B) A dog disrupted the event

Explanation: The commotion broke out when a stray dog, attracted by the aroma of the pies, ran towards the pie stand.

Q5. Fill in the blank: The judges were intrigued by the dog's choice and decided to try the _______ pie first.

A5. apple

Explanation: The judges' interest was piqued when the dog bypassed Elsie's blueberry pie and went for an apple pie, prompting them to try it.

Q6. Who was the unexpected winner of the baking contest?

A) Elsie

B) The mayor of Galeshire

C) Elsie's grandmother

D) The stray dog's owner

A6. C) Elsie's grandmother

Explanation: The twist in the tale is revealed when Elsie's grandmother is announced as the winner of the contest with her apple pie.

Q7. True or False: The dog chose Elsie's pie over all others.

A7. False

Explanation: Contrary to expectations, the dog ignored Elsie's blueberry pie and chose an apple pie instead.

Q8. What lesson did Elsie learn from the contest?

A) To control stray dogs

B) To make better blueberry pies

C) To appreciate simple things

D) That she should not enter contests

A8. C) To appreciate simple things

Explanation: The moral of the story is that simple things, like a traditional apple pie, can hold the most wonder, a lesson Elsie learns through the contest's outcome.

Q9. Fill in the blank: The judges declared the _______ pie the winner unanimously.

A9. apple

Explanation: The judges were unanimous in their decision that the apple pie, which the dog had chosen, was the best.

Q10. Why did Elsie's grandmother enter the contest?

A) To win the prize money

B) To teach Elsie a lesson

C) Because she wanted to become famous

D) To show that dogs prefer apple pies

A10. B) To teach Elsie a lesson

Explanation: Elsie's grandmother entered the contest secretly with the intent of teaching Elsie to value traditional recipes over more extravagant ones.

IELTS Reading Exam Tips:

Tip 1: Skim the passage first to understand the general theme before diving into the questions. This will help you anticipate the kind of information you will need to find.

Tip 2: Look out for specific details and keywords in the questions that will guide you to the relevant part of the text.

Tip 3: Practice paraphrasing as IELTS often reformulates the information in the question. Recognizing synonyms and rephrased ideas is crucial.

Tip 4: Don’t let tricky questions deter you. If you’re unsure, move on and come back to difficult questions later with a fresh perspective.

Tip 5: Manage your time wisely. Allocate more time to passages that are denser or more complex and ensure you have enough time to review your answers.

By incorporating these strategies into your IELTS preparation, you can approach the reading section with confidence and the skills needed to succeed. Remember, understanding the narrative and grasping the nuances of a 'twist in the tale' can be the key to unlocking high scores in the reading section.

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