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Describe An Activity That You Do After School/Work IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 04 May, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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After-school or after-work activities are an important part of one's daily routine. They provide a break from the monotony of work or school and can aid in stress reduction and overall well-being. Topics relating to daily routines and leisure activities are prominent on the IELTS Speaking test, and it is critical to score well in this part to demonstrate fluency and accuracy in English communication. The Speaking exam is divided into three sections: introduction, cue card, and follow-up questions.

Suggested Order for the given Topic: 

To make your answer more appealing, attempt to incorporate all of the suggestions below.

a) Introduction: Briefly describe your activity rouitine after work or school. 

b) Activity: Describe the activity that you do after school/work. 

c) Why you enjoy this activity: Explain why you enjoy this particular activity. 

d) Benefits of the activity: Describe the benefits you derive from doing this activity.

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Describe An Activity That You Do After School/Work IELTS Cue Card Sample Answers

Sample Answer 1:

a) Introduction: After a long day at work, I prefer to relax by spending time in my garden.  

b) Activity: I have a small garden behind my house where I grow various plants and flowers. After work, I change into comfy clothes, put on some gloves, and head out to my garden.  

c) Why you appreciate this activity: I enjoy spending time in my garden since it is a terrific way to unwind and connect with nature. It offers me a sense of tranquilly and quiet that I find difficult to achieve in other hobbies. Gardening is also a creative outlet for me, as I can express myself through the plants I grow.  

d) Benefits of the activity: Gardening has several benefits for physical and mental health. It is a form of exercise that helps in reducing stress and improving overall well-being. It also provides an opportunity to connect with nature and learn more about the environment.

Sample Answer 2: 

a) Introduction: After school, I like to play basketball with my pals at the neighbourhood park.  

b) Activity: I've been playing basketball for several years and it's one of my favourite sports. After school, I go to the park with my pals and we play basketball for an hour or so.  

c) Why do you appreciate this activity: I enjoy basketball because it is a fun and demanding sport. It takes a lot of talent and coordination, and I think it's a terrific way to stay active and fit. I also enjoy spending time with my buddies and bonding over our shared passion for the sport.  

d) Benefits of the activity: Playing basketball has several benefits for physical and mental health. It is a form of aerobic exercise that helps in improving cardiovascular health and reducing stress. It also promotes teamwork, communication, and socialization.

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Describe An Activity That You Do After School/Work IELTS Cue Card Follow-up Questions:

Q1.Do you think after-school/work activities are important? Why? 

A1.Yes, I think after-school/work activities are important as they provide a break from the routine and help in reducing stress. They also provide an opportunity to pursue one's interests and hobbies, which can be beneficial for overall well-being.

Q2.What other activities do you enjoy doing after school/work, and why? 

A2.Apart from gardening and playing basketball, I also enjoy reading books and watching movies after work. Reading books helps me relax and unwind, while watching movies is a great way to escape reality and explore different stories and characters.

Q3.How do you balance your after-school/work activities with other responsibilities? 

A3. I try to prioritize my after-school/work activities and make sure they do not interfere with my other responsibilities. I usually plan my schedule in advance and allocate specific time slots for different activities. This helps me stay organized and ensures that I have

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