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Describe A Website Which Helped You To Do Something IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 08 September, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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The use of cue cards is a crucial component of the IELTS Speaking Test as it allows for the assessment of a candidate's ability to express their ideas coherently and fluently. Performing well on the cue card task can significantly impact the overall Speaking Test score, which is imperative for achieving a desirable IELTS score.

In the IELTS Speaking Test Describe a website which helped you to do something IELTS Cue Card is very common. Upon receiving the cue card, the candidate is given one to two minutes to discuss the topic and may take notes to help structure their response.

Here is a possible sequence of responses to this cue card:

What website is that? 

How did you learn of it?

Why do you frequently visit it?

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Describe A Website Which Helped You To Do Something IELTS Cue Card

Sample 1.

Describe a website which helped you to do something IELTS Cue Card below is 2 samples on how to answer them.  

Introduction: The Internet is today's universal entry point. Online, anything and everything is available. Online resources for information abound. Everything has a website that can give you important information about any subject. Google and other search engines assist us at every point of our issue by giving us information with only one click.

What website is that: Here, I'll discuss a website that I find to be incredibly useful and frequent. MakeMyTrip.com is the website. I enjoy traveling and discovering new locations. I frequently travel for both business and pleasure, and this website is very helpful when I'm going somewhere new.

How did you learn of it: When I and my friends were organizing a group trip to Shimla, I learned about this website. They instructed me to do a remote review of a few events, and I found this website. It offered excellent vacation packages that covered practically all of a traveler's needs, including lodging, sightseeing, and transportation. We agreed on the budget because it was even affordable. I have since traveled extensively and have always used MakeMyTrip for vacation planning.

Why do you frequently visit it: Every time I want to travel alone or with others, I go to this website. As far as I'm aware, it delivers exceptional customer service and lists the top hotels for every type of budget. I, therefore, check this page anytime I go or plan to.

Sample 2.

Introduction: I'd like to discuss a website that has been extremely beneficial to me in my professional life. LinkedIn is a social media platform designed specifically for professionals to network, connect, and showcase their skills and experiences.

What website is that:LinkedIn is the site I'm referring to.

How did you learn of it:During my job search, I discovered LinkedIn. It aided me in developing a professional profile, connecting with industry professionals, and locating job opportunities. I was able to land my dream job and expand my professional network thanks to this website.

Why do you frequently visit it:I frequent LinkedIn because it provides me with valuable industry insights, keeps me up to date on the latest trends and news, and allows me to connect with other professionals in my field. Furthermore, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and learning from others.

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Describe A Website Which Helped You To Do Something IELTS Cue Card Follow Up Questions 

During the IELTS Speaking Test Part 3, the examiner will ask a series of follow-up questions about the topic introduced in Part 2. The subject here is to Describe a website which helped you to do something IELTS Cue Card 

Q1.Can the internet assist kids with their academics?

A1.Unquestionably, it is crucial in ensuring that education is offered and accessible to everyone in the world without any discrimination. Additionally, the high-quality graphics, music, and visuals make online instruction more engaging. When education and amusement are combined, kids enjoy it.

Q2.Will the teacher be replaced by the Internet?

A2.In no way can a teacher assess a student's academic progress in real-time and provide comments. Only information that can adequately replace a teacher can be found on the Internet.

Q3.What motivates people to use the internet?

A3.People utilize the Internet for a wide range of purposes, including socializing, entertainment, academics, health, and many others. It serves as a one-stop shop for all needs.

Q4.Some claim that internet preferences vary among different age groups. How do you feel?

A4.Undoubtedly, young people use the internet for pleasure and online networking. Adults utilize it for their professional and personal development. I believe it to be a location where you can find practically anything.

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

Mrinal Mandal is a study abroad expert with a passion for guiding students towards their international education goals. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering, earned in 2018. Since 2021, Mrinal has been working with upGrad Abroad, where he assists aspiring students in realizing their dreams of studying abroad. With his expertise and dedication, he empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of international education, making their aspirations a reality.

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