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Unveiling The Lost City | IELTS Reading Passage with Questions & Answers

Updated on 06 February, 2024

Bulbul Sharma

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

The tale of the lost city has long captivated historians, adventurers, and dreamers alike. Often shrouded in myth and steeped in legend, such cities vanish from existence, only to live on through the whispers of time. Today, we explore one such city, not through the eyes of a single intrepid explorer but through the collective efforts of archeologists, the guardians of history's secrets.

The Lost City: A Chronicle of Civilization's Forgotten Chapter

Nestled deep within the lush green canopy of an impenetrable jungle lies the remnants of what was once a thriving metropolis: the city of Zilantia. For centuries, Zilantia was nothing more than a fable, dismissed by skeptics as mere lore. That was until a worn-out parchment in an ancient dialect hinted at its whereabouts, sparking an archeological hunt that would lead to one of the most significant discoveries of the modern age.

Zilantia, believed to have been established around 1000 BCE, was a hub of commerce, art, and education. Its architectural prowess was evident in the colossal structures, from towering temples to grand plazas adorned with intricate sculptures. The city's layout was meticulously planned, with residential areas segregated from the bustling marketplaces and sacred sites.

Excavations revealed a society rich in culture and steeped in religious tradition. The Zilantians worshipped a pantheon of deities, with each temple dedicated to a different god or goddess. Their economy appeared to have been fueled by trade, with artifacts suggesting connections with distant lands.

However, the decline of Zilantia is as much a mystery as its existence. Theories range from natural disasters to invasions, but no definitive evidence has surfaced to pinpoint the cause of its fall.


1. Multiple Choice: What was the primary reason for Zilantia's transformation from myth to reality?

A. Discovery of artifacts

B. Folklore tales

C. An ancient manuscript

D. Satellite images

2. Fill in the Blanks: Zilantia's economy was primarily driven by __________.

3. True or False: Archeologists have conclusively determined the cause of Zilantia's decline.

4. Multiple Choice: Which aspect of Zilantia is not highlighted in the passage?

A. Architectural sophistication

B. Military conquests

C. Cultural richness

D. Religious practices

5. Fill in the Blanks: The discovery of Zilantia can be attributed to the interpretation of a __________.



1. C. An ancient manuscript - The turning point in the search for Zilantia came with the discovery of a parchment containing an ancient dialect that referenced its location, leading to its eventual unearthing by archeologists.

2. Answer: trade - Artifacts and excavation findings suggest that Zilantia was a center of commercial activity, with trade routes connecting it to far-off civilizations.

3. Answer: False - While various hypotheses exist regarding the fall of Zilantia, none have been substantiated with concrete archeological evidence, leaving the demise of this ancient city an enigma.

4. B. Military conquests - The passage focuses on Zilantia's architectural marvels, cultural vibrancy, and religious traditions, with no mention of military conquests.

5. Answer: worn-out parchment - The catalyst for the search was a tattered piece of writing, which, once deciphered, pointed archeologists in the direction of the long-forgotten city.


The lost city of Zilantia, like many historical enigmas, offers a canvas for not only archeologists but also for language learners to practice and enhance their reading comprehension skills. As IELTS candidates immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of its past, they also build the linguistic prowess necessary to succeed in their endeavors. This passage, designed to intrigue and inform, serves as an ideal practice platform, complete with questions to challenge and refine their understanding and retention of complex textual information.

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Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

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