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Describe A Person You Would Like To Study Or Work With

Updated on 06 February, 2024

Gauri Agrawal

Gauri Agrawal

Sr. Content Writer

The IELTS speaking section can often feel daunting to test-takers, especially when prompted to describe a person you work or study with. Not only must one be prepared to give a detailed account, but also to do so in a manner that reflects a rich command of the English language.

Sample Answer for "Describe a Person You Would like to Work or Study With"

There's someone at my current workplace, at the research department, who has always stood out to me as an exemplar of diligence and intelligence—his name is Arjun. He is not just a colleague but a paragon of what a dedicated worker looks like.

Arjun is of an average height, but his presence is anything but average. He commands attention when he enters a room, not through loudness but through the calm assurance with which he carries himself. His hair is always neatly combed, and his attire, though simple, is impeccably put together, which speaks volumes about his attention to detail.

His most distinguishing feature, however, is not something one can see but rather hear—his voice. When Arjun speaks, it's with a clarity and precision that cuts through the hum of workplace chatter. His words are measured, reflecting his thoughtful nature. This carefulness with language is something that is mirrored in his work, which is always thorough and meticulously researched.

I remember working on a particularly challenging project with Arjun. The kind that tests your limits and makes you question your sanity. It was Arjun's perseverance that carried us through. He would spend hours poring over data, often staying late into the night, and yet he would be the first to arrive in the morning, greeting everyone with a warm smile as if the marathon session the night before had been nothing but a brisk walk in the park.

Arjun is also someone who values collaboration over competition. He has a knack for explaining complex concepts with ease, which made him the unofficial tutor in our department. It’s not uncommon to see a group huddled around his desk, engaging in an impromptu brainstorming session.


Tips for Describing a Person You Work or Study With

Start with a Clear Introduction:

Begin by stating who the person is and your relationship with them.

Give Physical Descriptions:

Include key physical attributes that paint a clear picture but avoid overly simplistic descriptions.

Include Personality Traits:

Discuss their characteristics, using anecdotes to illustrate them vividly.

Share Specific Examples:

Provide instances where their traits were particularly evident, like a difficult project or a group meeting.

Talk about Interaction:

Mention how they interact with you and others in the work or study environment.

Highlight Their Impact:

Explain how this person has influenced you or others around you.

Use Rich Vocabulary:

Employ descriptive adjectives and varied language structures to convey your message.

Mind the Fluency and Coherence:

Keep your narration fluent and logical, ensuring that it’s easy to follow.

Maintain a Positive Tone:

Even if you're describing a challenging situation, keep the tone positive, reflecting on growth and learning.

Conclude with Reflection:

End your answer by reflecting on what this person's presence means to you and the group.

Practice Good Pronunciation:

Clear pronunciation will ensure that your description is understood and appreciated.

Stay Relevant:

Keep the focus tightly on the individual and avoid diverging into unrelated topics.

Use Comparative Language:

When relevant, compare their traits with others to emphasize their uniqueness.

Reflect on Non-Verbal Cues:

Describe their body language and what it conveys about their personality.

Show Enthusiasm:

Let your admiration and respect for the person shine through, as enthusiasm can be infectious.


In your IELTS Speaking response, strive to convey not just a series of facts about your colleague or classmate, but a narrative that captures the essence of their impact on your work or study environment. By doing so, you demonstrate to the examiner your ability to articulate nuanced perspectives in English, an essential skill for achieving a high

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Gauri Agrawal

Sr. Content Writer

Gauri Agrawal is a passionate, professional and proactive content marketer who wants to grow in the field of content creation. She carries a rich experience of working in the Digital News sector with renowned names like Times Now Digital, and News X as a Copy Editor.

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