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Describe a Development in Your Country: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answers

Updated on 04 December, 2023

Anupriya Mukherjee

Anupriya Mukherjee

Sr. Content Writer

Development is a multifaceted concept, encompassing economic growth, technological advancements, and social progress. In the context of the IELTS speaking cue card test, describing a development in your country can demonstrate not only your command of the English language but also your awareness of current affairs and your ability to articulate complex ideas coherently.

Sample Answer:

One of the most groundbreaking developments in my country has been the digital revolution in the financial sector, particularly the widespread adoption of mobile banking. This innovative leap forward has not just transformed how transactions are conducted but has also fostered financial inclusion across socio-economic strata.

A decade ago, banking was a privilege of the urban and the affluent, confined within the walls of imposing institutions. Today, it's a service in the palms of millions, bridging the gap between the unbanked rural population and the urban centers. The government's initiative to create a digitally empowered society has paved the way for a cashless economy, where digital payments have become the norm.

The impact of this development is evident in everyday life. Farmers in remote villages now receive direct subsidies from the government, circumventing bureaucratic delays. Small entrepreneurs manage their business finances through their phones, and families send and receive money across the country with just a few clicks. This digital leap is more than a convenience; it's a catalyst for economic empowerment and a tool for social equality.

This development narrative for IELTS speaks volumes of not just technological prowess but also the socio-economic leapfrogging that has ensued. It's a tale of innovation, inclusivity, and transformation.


Descriptive Follow-Up Questions and Answers:

1. How has this development impacted the average citizen?

The digitization of banking has democratized financial services, making them accessible      and affordable for the average citizen. It has empowered individuals with the ability to conduct transactions from any location, at any time, without the need for physical bank visits, which is a significant leap in convenience and efficiency.

2. What challenges were faced during the implementation of this development?

Challenges included infrastructural constraints, such as limited internet access in rural areas, and the initial reluctance of citizens to transition from traditional banking methods to digital platforms. Overcoming these hurdles required extensive investment in digital infrastructure and nationwide educational campaigns to build trust and digital literacy.

3. What future developments do you foresee as a result of this change?

The future is poised for even greater integration of technology in finance, with advancements like blockchain and artificial intelligence expected to make banking more secure and personalized. This could lead to the development of smart contracts and more robust fraud prevention systems, ultimately revolutionizing the financial landscape.

Tips for Cracking the IELTS Speaking Test:

Tip 1: Personalize Your Response - Use personal anecdotes and examples to give depth to your answer.

Tip 2: Stay Structured - Organize your thoughts logically, with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Tip 3: Use Varied Language - Employ a range of vocabulary and sentence structures to showcase your language skills.

Tip 4: Keep Calm - Maintain composure throughout the test, even if you encounter a difficult question.

Tip 5: Practice Active Listening - Listen to the questions carefully to ensure your answers are relevant and on-point.

Tip 6: Be Clear and Articulate - Speak clearly and at a natural pace, ensuring that your pronunciation is as precise as possible.

Tip 7: Engage with the Topic - Show enthusiasm for the subject you are discussing. It makes your speech more interesting and demonstrates genuine engagement.

Tip 8: Manage Your Time - Be aware of the time constraints and practice giving responses within the allotted time.

Tip 9: Address All Parts of the Cue Card - Ensure you cover all prompts given on the cue card to provide a full response.

Tip 10: Seek Feedback - Before the test, get feedback on your speaking skills from teachers or language partners to refine your performance.

Describing a development in your country is an opportunity to illustrate progress and express your views articulately. With the right preparation and strategy, you can turn this cue card topic into a showcase of your linguistic prowess and critical thinking. Remember, the IELTS is not just about language proficiency; it's about effective communication. By following the tips outlined above and engaging deeply with the topic, you'll be better equipped to deliver compelling, top-tier responses that will impress any examiner.


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Anupriya Mukherjee

Sr. Content Writer

Anupriya Mukherjee is a passion-driven professional working as a Content Marketer and earlier worked as a Digital Marketeer. With around 6 years of work experience, she has experience creating high-quality, engaging content for websites, blogs, news articles, video scripts, brochures, and ebooks.

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