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Describe a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want to Develop: IELTS Speaking Cue Card Sample Answers

Updated on 04 December, 2023

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert


In the IELTS speaking test, cue card topics often require candidates to speak about personal experiences or aspirations. One intriguing prompt might be, “Describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop.” This topic not only assesses your ability to articulate thoughts in English but also offers a glimpse into your interpersonal relationships and self-improvement goals.

Sample Answer:

The Habit of Early Rising

Embracing the Dawn:

My friend Michael has a habit that I've always admired and yearned to develop – rising with the dawn. In a world where late nights are the norm, Michael's routine of greeting the day early is both refreshing and inspiring.

A Symphony of Productivity:

His mornings are a symphony of productivity: meditation at sunrise, a brisk jog as the city stirs, and an hour of reading before most alarms sound. This disciplined start gives him a head start on the day, offering him quiet hours to invest in personal growth and wellness.

The Impact on Well-being:

I've observed how this habit contributes significantly to his overall well-being. It not only optimizes his physical health but also instills a sense of peace and purpose in his life. His ability to harness the potential of the early hours is something I long to replicate in my own life.

Follow-up Questions & Answers:

Q1: How do you plan to develop this habit?

A1: To embrace early rising, I intend to gradually adjust my sleep schedule, ensuring I get sufficient rest while slowly shifting my waking time earlier. I also plan to create an inviting morning routine, incorporating activities I enjoy, like yoga or writing.

Q2: Why do you think this habit is important?

A2: Rising early can transform one's day from reactive to proactive. It’s a quiet time for self-reflection, planning, and undisturbed work, which can lead to increased productivity and a more balanced lifestyle.

Q3: How do you think this habit will impact your life?

A3: I believe adopting this habit will enhance my productivity and mental clarity. It will allow me to start my day with intention, leading to better decision-making and a more positive outlook on life.

Tips for Cracking the IELTS Speaking Test:

Tip 1: Practice Fluent Speech: Aim for a natural flow in your speaking without excessive pauses or fillers.

Tip 2: Expand Your Vocabulary: Use a variety of words and phrases to express your ideas more vividly and accurately.

Tip 3: Focus on Pronunciation: Clear pronunciation is essential for effective communication.

Tip 4: Understand the Cue Card: Take a moment to comprehend the topic fully and plan your response accordingly.

Tip 5: Be Coherent: Organize your thoughts logically to make your answer easy to follow.

Tip 6: Use Real-Life Examples: Personalize your answer with examples or stories to make it more engaging.

Tip 7: Work on Timing: Practice speaking for 1-2 minutes, as per the test's requirement, to ensure you can convey your thoughts succinctly within the time limit.

Tip 8: Stay Calm and Confident: Confidence can significantly improve your performance. Take deep breaths and stay composed.

Tip 9: Engage with the Examiner: Show enthusiasm for the topic and engage with the examiner to create a conversational tone.

Tip 10: Regular Practice: Consistent practice is key. Record yourself to analyze and improve your performance.


Describing a habit you admire in a friend and wish to develop is an excellent way to showcase your language skills while sharing personal insights. By focusing on clear, coherent, and fluent responses, you can effectively convey your thoughts and impress the IELTS examiners. Remember, the key to excelling in the IELTS speaking test is not just about demonstrating language proficiency but also about engagingly expressing your ideas.







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Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert

Akansha Semwal is a content marketer at upGrad and has also worked as a social media marketer & sub-editor. Experienced in creating impressive Statement of Purpose, Essays, and LOR, she knows how to captivate the attention of Admissions Committee. Her research-driven;study-abroad articles helps aspirants to make the prudent decision. She holds a bachelor's & master's degree in Literature from the University of Delhi.

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