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Describe A Time You Were Busy: IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 07 March, 2024

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upGrad Abroad Team

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Three sections make up the IELTS Speaking test on this subject: the introduction, the IELTS cue card, and the follow-up questions. The candidate should give some background information in the introduction, including their name, occupation, and location of residence. The candidate must deliver a thorough response to the relevant question on the cue card. Finally, the follow-up questions help to further explore the candidate's thoughts and ideas on the topic. Let's dive into the  IELTS Speaking test sample cue card on the topic: Recount a moment when you were busy. The ability of the candidate to discuss their time management techniques, work effectiveness, and ability to prioritize activities is evaluated in this topic. 

Suggested Order for the Cue Card: 

a. Briefly describe the situation that made you busy. 

b. Explain why you were busy during that time. 

c. Talk about how you managed your time and completed your tasks. 

d. Explain how you felt after completing your work.

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Describe A Time You Were Busy IELTS Cue Card Sample Answers 

Sample Answer 1

I had an internship with a consulting company last year. I was given a project to work on at the time that needed me to meet a definite deadline. Within a short amount of time, I had to perform market research, write reports, and analyze data. I had to prioritize my tasks while working around the clock to meet the deadline. 

I prepared a timetable and to-do list in order to efficiently manage my time. I concentrated on finishing one assignment at a time and made sure I did not squander any time on pointless pursuits. To make sure that we were all on the same page, I also maintained effective communication with my team members.

After completing the project, I felt relieved and proud of myself for meeting the deadline. The experience taught me the importance of time management and efficient work practices.

Sample Answer 2

I can recall a period of time during my senior year of college. I was juggling a part-time job, studying for examinations, and working on my senior project, among other things. I scarcely had any time for relaxation because I was so busy. 

I planned out my study time so that I could provide enough time for each task, which helped me manage my time efficiently. I also learnt to decline several social activities since they would have consumed too much of my time. I also tried to utilize any free time I had by studying or doing little things. 

After completing all my tasks, I felt extremely satisfied and proud of myself. I had managed to balance everything and still performed well in my exams and final year project.

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Describe A Time You Were Busy: IELTS Cue Card Follow Up Questions

Q1.How do you manage your time on a daily basis? 

A1.By creating a daily to-do list of the chores I need to complete throughout the day, I manage my time effectively. I try to execute activities in the order that I have prioritized them based on their relevance and urgency.

Q2.What is the most difficult task you have ever completed while being busy? 

A2.My university assignment for my senior year was the hardest thing I finished while I was occupied. I had a strict deadline and had to balance managing my academics and part-time employment with conducting research, writing a dissertation, and presenting my findings.

Q3.How do you prioritize your tasks when you have a lot on your plate? 

A3.I assign jobs a priority based on their importance and urgency when I have a lot on my plate. I put my attention towards finishing the things that are the most crucial and urgent before moving on to the rest.

Q4.Can you describe a time when you were busy and unable to complete all your tasks due to being too busy? How did you feel about it? 

A4.Yes, there was a time when my busy schedule prevented me from finishing all of my tasks. For not being able to better manage my time, I felt upset and dissatisfied in myself. Nevertheless, I grew from the experience and improved at scheduling.

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