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BestCom Considerate Computing

Updated on 20 December, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Passage: BestCom Considerate Computing

As digital technologies become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, BestCom's Considerate Computing initiative represents a pivotal shift in the technological landscape. This forward-thinking approach prioritizes not just the advancement of technology but also its harmonization with human needs and environmental sustainability.

At the heart of BestCom's philosophy is the belief that technology should be a tool for enhancement, not a source of complication in human lives. This ethos is reflected in their latest ventures, which include the development of AI systems capable of adapting to user emotions, promoting empathetic interactions between humans and machines. Furthermore, BestCom has invested in eco-friendly data centers, minimizing their carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet.

Another significant aspect of the initiative is the focus on accessibility and inclusivity in technology. BestCom is pioneering user interfaces designed to be intuitively usable by people with varying abilities, ensuring that technology is a bridge rather than a barrier.

BestCom's approach also extends to the ethical use of data, prioritizing user privacy and data security. This commitment is manifested in their stringent data protection policies, which aim to foster trust and transparency with their users.

Overall, BestCom's Considerate Computing initiative marks a transition from a tech-centric to a human-centric approach in the world of digital innovation. This paradigm shift underscores the importance of developing technology that is not only intelligent and efficient but also compassionate and sustainable.

Questions and Answers

Q1. What fundamental belief underpins BestCom's Considerate Computing initiative?

A. Technological superiority

B. Human-centric approach

C. Profit maximization

D. Market domination

A1. The correct answer is B. The passage highlights BestCom's belief that technology should enhance human life, indicating a human-centric approach.

Q2. How does BestCom address environmental concerns in its Considerate Computing initiative?

A. By developing AI systems

B. Through eco-friendly data centers

C. Focusing on user interfaces

D. Prioritizing data security

A2. The correct answer is B. The passage mentions BestCom's investment in eco-friendly data centers as a part of its environmental sustainability efforts.

Q3. What is a key feature of BestCom's AI systems under the Considerate Computing initiative?

A. Large data storage

B. User emotion adaptation

C. High-speed processing

D. Online security measures

A3. The correct answer is B. The passage specifies that BestCom has developed AI systems capable of adapting to user emotions, highlighting their focus on empathetic technology.

Q4. True or False: BestCom's initiative ignores the aspect of data security and privacy.

A4. False. The passage clearly states that BestCom prioritizes user privacy and data security as part of their ethical approach.

Q5. BestCom's approach to technology can be best described as:

A. Functionality-focused

B. Profit-oriented

C. User-centric and sustainable

D. Exclusively tech-centric

A5. The correct answer is C. The passage describes BestCom's approach as focusing on the users and sustainability, making it user-centric and sustainable.

Q6. Fill in the blank: BestCom is pioneering user interfaces that are ______.

A. Complex

B. Basic

C. Intuitively usable

D. Traditional

A6. The correct answer is C. According to the passage, BestCom is developing user interfaces that are intuitively usable by people with different abilities.

Q7. What does BestCom's Considerate Computing signify in the technological world?

A. A shift towards more expensive technology

B. Emphasis on hardware development

C. A transition to a human-centric approach

D. Focus on software development only

A7. The correct answer is C. The passage indicates that BestCom's initiative marks a shift from a tech-centric to a human-centric approach.

Q8. What does the development of eco-friendly data centers by BestCom demonstrate?

A. Increased data storage capacity

B. Commitment to environmental sustainability

C. Expansion of global operations

D. Improvement in data processing speed

A8. The correct answer is B. The passage mentions eco-friendly data centers as a part of BestCom’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Q9. True or False: BestCom's initiative places the highest priority on technological advancement over ethical considerations.

A9. False. The passage emphasizes that BestCom's Considerate Computing balances technological advancement with ethical considerations like privacy and sustainability.

Q10. Which aspect of BestCom's initiative reflects its commitment to inclusivity?

A. Development of high-speed AI

B. Investment in global markets

C. Design of accessible user interfaces

D. Focus on profit maximization

A10. The correct answer is C. The passage highlights BestCom’s focus on designing accessible user interfaces, indicating their commitment to inclusivity.

Tips for Cracking the IELTS Reading Test

T1. Contextual Understanding: Focus on the context to infer meanings and answer questions accurately.

T2. Keywords and Phrases: Identify and underline keywords in the passage for easy reference.

T3. Time Management: Allocate your time wisely to ensure you can answer all questions.


BestCom's Considerate Computing initiative is a testament to the evolving relationship between humans and technology, emphasizing empathy, sustainability, and inclusivity. This comprehensive article, with its detailed passage and questions, aims to not only educate but also prepare learners for the complexities of the IELTS reading test.

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upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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