Tips and tricks to score high in TOEFL

TOEFL Exam TIPS and Strategies

One of the most vital criteria to be fulfilled to pursue higher education in a foreign land is to qualify for one of the English proficiency tests like TOEFL/IELTS/PTE with a good band score. These tests are mandatory to get admission to some colleges and universities abroad. 

In this article, we are going to share tips and strategies to help students prepare for their TOEFL test and build their confidence to score high in the test. We will also suggest you an alternative to studying abroad without TOEFL or IELTS at an affordable cost.

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About TOEFL Test

Test of English as Foreign Language, popularly known as TOEFL is an English language proficiency test that analyzes the language skills of a student required to succeed in English speaking environment. The scores of TOEFL tests are widely accepted by more than 11000 universities all over the world including Australia, Canada, the US, and other developed nations. 

Every student wants to score high in TOEFL exams in order to secure a seat at a university and college overseas. However, this could be stressful. Students prepare for months and sometimes miss to give their best shot during the test. The possible reasons include anxiety to perform well, lack of structured preparation due to absence of guidance, finding the paper too difficult, and many more.

TOEFL test comprises 4 sections- listening, reading, speaking, and writing. As your proficiency in the English language is analyzed in every way, the scores of TOEFL provide a reflection of your English-speaking abilities to the admission officer. Any student can register for the TOEFL exam and its scores are valid for two years only.

Here are the best TOEFL exam preparation tips that will help you excel in the exam

1) Understand the format of the TOEFL test for a better understanding of the university’s requirements.

The TOEFL test needs to be taken by students who are non-native English speakers and want to apply for any international school or college. Before applying for the TOEFL test, study the requirements of the universities you are interested in pursuing higher education from. Many universities accept high scores in writing skills while others want high scores in the reading test. One of the reasons why candidates experience exam stress is that they do not understand the requirement of the university and format of the test.

2) Practice making notes by listening to different audios:

On the day of test, you need to make notes from audio clips that you will listen to. As per notes, you will have to answer a few questions and write or speak on the specific topic you heard in the audio. But there is a catch here, this audio can be played only once, so you should be good at taking notes. For scoring well in this section, you need to have command on making notes. The goal should be to make notes in real-time without missing any important aspect that the speaker is saying. Try to practice note-making by using different audio clips of different levels to see how accurate your notes are.

3) Practice makes a man perfect:

One of the most important tips for the TOEFL exam is to practice mock tests, it will help you to score better. Make sure that you have attempted mocks on a real-time basis to understand the level of your preparation and study accordingly. Use your time wisely and formulate a study schedule.

4) Try to improve scores on daily basis:

Try to improve your marks with every test. Set a target score and stick the paper near your study table. Whenever you see that paper it will remind you to achieve your goal. Whenever you attempt the mock test, try to find out your weaknesses and score more in every mock.

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Here are some general but most neglected TOEFL exam tips

1) Have a positive mindset:

The best thing a candidate can do for him/herself is to have a positive attitude. Have faith in yourself and give your best in the TOEFL test. Try to stay positive while attempting mocks that will alternatively train you for the real test day.

2) Do not overthink and stay calm:

Stress on an exam day is normal and everyone faces it. However, extreme nervousness can harm your mental and physical well-being. Be motivated and do not overthink. Be strong ad confident and appear for the exam with a positive mindset.

Some people score well during their mock tests but fail to manage their stress levels on exam day. Perhaps your reading, writing, and listening skills are ready but not your mindset is.

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These TOEFL exam tips will help you to achieve the desired TOEFL score. With these TOEFL exam day tips, you can manage your stress levels on test day. Be focused and keep your mental spirit high- You are on your way to success. 

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