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Indiana Institute of Technology
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The Indiana Institute of Technology, also known as Indiana Tech, has five business schools and centres that include various programs. Among the universities in Indiana, Indiana Tech has one of the highest graduation and retention rates. Individuals can earn associate, undergraduate, and graduate (Master's and Doctoral) degrees through Indiana Tech programs. Students may also enrol in credential programs and online courses to get themselves affiliated with the university. 

Indiana Institute of Technology is a reputed college, and graduating from it holds a lot of clout within the US business industry. Students worldwide opt for degree programs and diploma courses to upskill themselves and become market-ready.

University Rankings

  • Ranked 112th by US News among regional universities in the Midwest 
  • Ranked 123rd by US News among engineering programs without a doctorate 
  • Ranked 146th in US News' list of the top social mobility performers 
  • Ranked 163rd among the best college dorms 
  • Ranked 65th among the most diverse colleges in America by Niche 2021 Best Colleges Ranking.

Acceptance Rate (General)

To answer the most asked question about how to get into Indiana Institute of Technology, you should first look at the acceptance rate.

Admissions to Indiana Tech are granted on a rolling basis, with the institute's annual acceptance rate hovering around 60%. 

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

Indiana Tech has an acceptance rate of around 60% for undergraduates. It is slightly selective. 

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

Indiana Institute of Technology acceptance rate is around 50% for postgraduates. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work in order to pass competitive exams with higher scores.

Admission Eligibility Criterion 

Following are the academic and English language Indiana Institute of Technology admission criteria:

  • Standardized exam scores and a GPA of 2.5-2.9 on a 4.0 scale (70-80%) are requirements for admission to the college for overseas applicants (for UG and PG).
  • English proficiency tests: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and Duolingo. 

Documents Required

Following are the documents that you will require when applying for a course at Indiana Tech:

  • Filled application form
  • English-language official transcripts from schools. 
  • Test results for English proficiency. 
  • Proof of available funds. 
  • The purpose statement. 
  • Resume (graduate courses)
  • Passport photocopy 
  • Letter of recommendation 

Tests Required/Average Scores

English Proficiency 

TestsMinimum Marks
TOEFL (iBT, pBT, cBT)70, 523, 173


TestsMinimum Marks


TestsMinimum Marks

Popular Courses

CourseFee per yearDuration
MS Engineering Management $82182 years
MS Organizational Leadership$82182 years
MBA Marketing $81002 years
BS Fashion Marketing and Management$278454 years
BS Health Information Management$278454 years
BS Business Administration $278454 years

How Does The University Evaluate Applicants?

Indiana Tech likes to look at long-term academic strength over the course of a student's high school career rather than a single final exam. It is essential to include a student's work from grades 9-11 and the first half of 12 when assessing their academic aptitude and stability. The four years of a student's high school transcript are also relevant because American college education lasts four years.

Their second factor is the standing of your educational system or board. The ICSE is regarded as one of the more challenging boards. It all depends on how respectable your exam board is.

The essay and your extracurricular pursuits allow the university to get to know you as a person rather than just a collection of data points. Be sincere and truthful in your answers and lists. There are no secret words or actions that we search for.

However, no single factor—GPA, test scores, essays, etc.—can guarantee that you will be admitted to Indiana Tech. Every aspect is taken into account. Every applicant should strive to comprehend what colleges are seeking and what they can do to meet those needs, whether that means raising their GPA, increasing their test scores, or writing the strongest essays possible.

Tips For Applying To A University

Write A Great Essay And Personal Statement 

To produce a compelling essay, thoroughly study the requirements and have a clear plan for your essay's structure to make sure you stay on topic. Maintain sincerity and stay away from overused words in your endeavour to make your essay fascinating. 

Originality should also be demonstrated in your personal statement. Emphasize your qualifications, successes, and employment history, particularly those that are relevant to the course of study you intend to pursue.

Even though it is brief, your personal statement should demonstrate your excitement, show that you have done adequate research on your university and study program, and demonstrate why you are a superb choice for the course program you wish to enrol in.

Be Prepared For Tests

An exam, or a set of tests, must be given for your university application. These tests will offer you plenty of time to complete them, but you should be well-prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of the field in which you specialize. Please remember that if you are truly committed to this subject and have been for years, you should breeze through these tests.

Collect Letters Of Recommendation

Having a good reputation comes in helpful. While some universities may not ask for a letter of recommendation, it is one of the integral Indiana Institute of Technology admissions requirements. You should be diligent and carefully pick who will write your letters of recommendation as you acquire them.

Typically, you'd want a boss, an instructor, or a qualified person. They should also be aware of your qualities and be able to cite specific instances of your diligence, commitment, and better knowledge. Simply said, you should add anything pertinent to your application.

Application Deadlines

There is no cutoff date for applications. The admissions process at Indiana Tech is on a rolling basis, so you can apply whenever you'd like, and the school will get in touch with you to guide you through it. Rolling admissions colleges review applications as they come in instead of waiting until after a strict deadline to review all applications.

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