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Texas Christian University is the largest religious institution affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). It was founded in 1873 as a private university that accepts students of all religions. Students can join over 20 religious organizations in addition to more than 200 other organizations. Nearly 40% of the student body participates in more than 30 sororities and fraternities, making Greek life an excellent alternative. 

University Rankings:

Rankings for colleges and graduate programs provide potential students with a tried-and-true way to decide where to further their education.

Rankings of universities enable decision-making. They are a tool that many people use since they give a concise and trustworthy summary of education in many countries, whether by continent, country, or subject. 

Almost all global university rankings feature Texas Christian College near the top of the rankings. Ranked between places 161 and 170 among U.S. universities in the Q.S. rankings. According to U.S. Report Ratings, the national schools are ranked the 80th Top Universities in the world among the top 100. Further, the institution ranked 98 in Forbes' list of top private colleges.

Acceptance Rate (General):

The percentage of candidates who will have the chance to be considered is referred to as a university's acceptance rate. Higher-ranked universities typically have lower acceptance rates, whereas some universities have acceptance rates of up to 100%. Their aim to uphold the standards of their eligibility criteria is the reason for this.

Texas Christian University acceptance rates are more selective, with a 54% standard admission rate and a 70.7% early admission rate. For half of the candidates, acceptance to TCU needs an ACT combined measure of 26 to 31 or an SAT aggregate score of 1130 and 1350. However, 25% of those chosen for admission earned ratings that were stronger than these criteria, and 25% received weaker values. 

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate:

One should know how to get admission in Texas Christian University. This University does not provide data based on the admission rate for undergraduate students. But it can be assumed that admission rates for both master's and doctoral are similar.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range:

Since the University provides no info concerning the postgraduate acceptance range, it can be presumed that an overall acceptance rate of 72% pertains to all.

Admission Eligibility Criteria:

TCU is a selective university; therefore, when reviewing Texas Christian University admission criteria, we considered all credentials, including academic and extracurricular ones, as well as teacher and counselor assessments.

TCU applicants won't need to take any tests until 2024. (See the Testing Policy.) The middle 50% of all youngsters who entered TCU in the fall of 2021 earned between 1200 and 1380 on the SAT or approximately 28 and 32 on the ACT.

Documents Required:

Some of the primary documents that are required for the admission process are:

  • TOEFL/IELTS/ Duolingo Scorecard 
  • Recommendation letter by any academic individual
  • Recommendation letter by a counselor. 
  • The essay chose from the prompts given by the University in the application. 
  • High school transcripts

Tests Required/Average Scores:

TCU requires a $50 (Rs. 4,000) non-refundable application fee. Additionally eligible for the free admission are first-generation candidates, students with ACT/College Board waivers, students inside the Federal Free and Reduced Hot Lunch at their high school, and those who have recently been affected by a natural disaster.

Although submitting your ACT and SAT scores is optional, the University does accept them.

Standards For English Language Proficiency:

Applicants must provide it if they cannot speak English as their first language. The following scores are needed for admission to Texas Christian University on the English proficiency exams.


Minimum Requirements


Internet-Based: 80


Overall: 6.5




  • Tests are not required for TCU applicants until 2024:
  • No specific ACT or SAT Reasoning scores are required to be deemed for admission. TCU super scores on the ACT and SAT allow them to combine your top section results from three experiments conducted to produce a fantastic superscore. 

Popular Courses:

Texas Christian University has a pupil ratio of 14:1, and 41.3 per cent of its courses have fewer than 20 students. The most sought-after majors at Texas Christian University are business, managerial staff, marketing, and related support services, communication, news reporting and related programmes, health professions, related programmes, psychology, physiology, and biomedical sciences, as well as social sciences, visual and musical theater, education, computer and information sciences, and public administration and social service professions. The 92% average freshman retention rate is a good indication of students' satisfaction.

How University Evaluates Applicants:

Applications are evaluated solely based on their compliance with the standards. The priority lists are always filled with students who meet all the criteria. 

You have a better chance of being chosen if you meet the eligibility requirements as well as the score requirements for the degree you want to pursue. The validity of your diplomas and other documents that you submit is another essential factor that institutions emphasize.

All students who meet the Texas Christian University admissions requirements can pursue their goals and earn their desired degrees based on their applications and supporting documentation.

Tips For Applying To A University:

It's not challenging to apply for a degree at a university, but you need to carefully follow all instructions and criteria to avoid having your application rejected. If you adhere to this helpful advice, your submissions will be considered:

1. Fill in any gaps in your college application.

2. Better scores increase your chances!

3. Produce the best possible personal statement.

4. Create good letters of endorsement

5. Ask for advice as necessary.

6. Pay attention towards how quickly an application responds.

Application Deadlines:

The median SAT, or ACT score for students at Texas Christian University, is between 1110 and 1320. Texas Christian's regular admissions application deadline is February 1. Students can apply either early action or early judgment if they are willing.


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