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The Oklahoma Christian University was established by members belonging to the Church of Christ in the year 1950. It is a private University built in the Oklahoma City in, Oklahoma. It is affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

The campus is spread over 200 acres of land. It provides lodging for the students inside the campus, which are gender-specific. They also have housing facilities for married students abiding by the Christian Traditions of the institution.

University Rankings

University rankings are critical in deciding an institution's reputation. Students and their guardians in the country acknowledge universities with the highest global rankings. This score will encourage students from all over the world to enroll in various educational programs.

Educational criteria, citations, scholarship, industry earnings, and international views are used to evaluate all universities. These cover an essential component for all universities worldwide.

The Oklahoma Christian University has ranked around 600 in the US College ranking for 2022. The Oklahoma Christian University ranked #39 in the Regional Universities West category. Under the QS Ranking, the University ranks between 701- 750.

Acceptance Rate (General)

An acceptance rate is a percentage at which a school approves student applicants. Its computation depends on the ratio of students enrolled in the University's new academic year against the overall population of individuals who applied for the program in that academic year.

Oklahoma Christian University is rated among the world's most prestigious universities. It admits students based on numerous criteria.

In academic years, the University admits over 1,358 students yearly for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including international students. 

Oklahoma Christian University's acceptance rate is around 65%.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The Oklahoma Christian University does not offer undergraduate enrollment rate data. Nevertheless, both the undergraduate and graduate admission rates can indeed be assumed to be the same.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

Since the University does not provide details on postgraduates' acceptance rate, it is fair to presume that the overall acceptance rate between 61% to 65% applies to all.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Often students wonder how they can get into the Oklahoma Christian University, a premier private university embracing Christian values. Before you begin the registration process, you must meet Oklahoma Christian University’s admission criteria when enrolling for either an undergraduate or postgraduate program. You must also:

  • You must have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree.
  • Have passed English proficiency examinations such as the TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT and IELTS.
  • Have obtained the required (total) score on aptitude tests such as the GMAT, ACT, SAT, and GRE.
  • Providing required documentation, such as current transcripts, a valid ID, and a passport.
  • A referral letter and a motivating letter

Documents Required

Documents are essential in the enrollment process, and their legitimacy is crucial. The Oklahoma Christian University admissions requirements are not complex; you need to gather the necessary documents and begin the admissions process.

  • Completed documentation
  • Transcripts from the most recent institution attended
  • Exam results that have been standardized (for some specific programs)
  • Test results for English proficiency
  • Referral letter
  • Purpose or Mission statement
  • Financial records
  • F-1 passport along with visa for international students

Tests Required/Average Scores

Each top-ranked University has stringent eligibility conditions, and the University of New South Wales is one such outstanding University. Refrain from fretting about how can you get into Oklahoma Christian University.

To gain admission to the institution, you must pass entrance-level assessments such as English proficiency and aptitude tests and achieve the average marks specified on the eligibility requirements.

The tests and average scores required of the undergraduates are as follows:

  • GPA 2.75 above
  • IELTS: Minimum points of 6.0
  • TOEFL iBT: Minimum points of 61
  • TOEFL PBT: Minimum points of 500
  • Duolingo: Minimum points of 85+
  • SAT (1000 - 1200) / ACT (19 - 26)

The tests and average scores required of the postgraduate applicants are as follows:

  • GMAT / GRE
  • IELTS: Minimum points of 6.5
  • TOEFL iBT: Minimum points of 550 
  • TOEFL PBT: Minimum points of 79
  • Duolingo: Minimum points of 85+

Popular Courses

Oklahoma Christian University has just over 2,250 approved student applications. The University provides approximately 20 undergraduate programs and about eight postgraduate programs. The University's main courses in several subjects are as follows:

  • Commercial And Advertising Art
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biblical Studies
  • Sports And Fitness Management
  • Finance
  • Nursing
  • Liberal Arts And Humanities
  • Computer Science
  • Biology 
  • Communications

How University Evaluates Applicants?

The applications are evaluated solely on their ability to meet the requirements. Students that meet all of the prerequisites are always prioritized. As a result, paying close attention to every aspect is critical.

Fulfilling the eligibility requirements also implies you have gotten the minimum grade for the course you want to pursue, which boosts your chances of being chosen. Another essential factor that universities consider is the legitimacy of your diplomas and other credentials.

All candidates who fulfill the Oklahoma Christian University entrance requirements get to achieve their aspirations and obtain their chosen degrees depending on the applications and credentials.

All applicants who match the Oklahoma Christian University entrance requirements get to achieve their aspirations and obtain their selected courses based on the forms and credentials.

Tips For Applying To University

Registering for a university program is relatively easy; however, you should pay close attention to every phase and detail to avoid having your application denied. How to get admission in Oklahoma Christian University? Following these helpful hints can help ensure that your applications are accepted:

  • Choosing a specialty and careful regard to its eligibility requirements.
  • Making sure that you possess the necessary score to pursue the desired course.
  • Organizing all of the paperwork required for admissions, such as your course certificates, transcripts, scores, ID and passports, reference letters, and an inspiring letter explaining why you want to pursue this degree and how you intend to put it to good use future.
  • Taking English proficiency tests 
  • Taking Aptitude test

Application Deadlines

The Oklahoma Christian University does not have any specific deadline for applications. They follow a rolling basis admission pattern. Students send applications all year round and are notified about their application status in the same month. 


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