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Woodbridge N. and Helen Gillespie Ferris established Ferris State University in 1884 to provide a career-focused education in Big Rapids, Michigan. In 1987, it was given university status after being established as the Big Rapids Industrial School. Till 1950, Ferris was a private college. Later, it merged with the state's system of public universities, making it the only privately created public institution in Michigan.

More than 190 distinct degree programmes are offered at Ferris State University in engineering, business, technology, health, education, and the sciences. 70% of students complete internships in their fields of study to gain an edge in the job market. According to academic criteria, scholarships are offered.

University Rankings

  • #154-#209 on the list of the top public schools according to US News and World Report 2021. 
  • #303 on the list of the top performers in social mobility. 
  • US News and World Report 2021 ranked the national universities from #298 to #389. 
  • The Times Higher Education's 2021 ranking of US colleges is 501–600.

Acceptance Rate (General)

Ferris State University acceptance rate is around 80%. The lowest acceptance rate in Michigan is #35 overall. If you meet the admissions requirements, Ferris State University is a simple school to get into and offers very good chances of acceptance.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

Ferris State University acceptance rate is regarded as competitive, with an acceptance rate of about 82% overall. Admission to Ferris State University is mostly determined by the candidates' high school academic standing.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

Knowing how to get into Ferris State University requires knowledge of the acceptance rate. This will ensure that you have a better idea of how to prepare for university applications. Ferris State University is not a difficult school to get into. If you have a proper application, then you can ace the admission. The acceptance range goes around 80-85% for postgraduate courses. 

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Ferris State University admission criteria for undergraduate courses:

  • To enrol in an academic programme, you must demonstrate your ability in the English language. 
  • You must have official, original transcripts from all secondary schools and universities you've attended, both in your native language and English.

Ferris State University admission criteria for postgraduate courses:

  • Most graduate programmes demand that applicants submit a personal statement, three letters of recommendation, and a resume. 
  • Depending on the program, official GRE and GMAT scores must also be submitted.

Contacting the International Admissions office directly can help with admission to Ferris State University. Each programme has different requirements, which can be changed by calling the office directly. International applicants must produce official, original transcripts in their native tongue and any translations.

Documents Required

Ferris State University admissions requirements for undergraduate courses:

  • Registration Form. 
  • Official transcripts reviewed by a recognised organisation. 
  • Scores for English language competence. 
  • SAT and ACT results
  • English proficiency scores
  • Statement of purpose 
  • Letters of recommendation 
  • Financial records. 
  • Updated bank statements 
  • Passport photocopy

Ferris State University admissions requirements for postgraduate courses:

  • Application form
  • Official transcripts 
  • GMAT/GRE scores
  • Letters of recommendation 
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Work experience 
  • Financial statement
  • Passport photocopy 
  • English proficiency scores 

Tests Required/Average Scores

English proficiency 

TestMinimum Marks
IELTSAbove 6.0
TOEFLAbove 65
PTEAbove 43


TestMinimum Marks
SATAbove 450
ACTAbove 18

Popular Courses

CourseFee per yearDuration
BTech$210002-4 years
BSc in Accountancy$180004 years
MS in Information Security$320001 year
BBA$200004 years


How Does The University Evaluate Applicants?

The primary deciding criterion for admission to college is your grades. Building a strong extracurricular, athletic, and community service resume doesn't require leading an overly hectic high school life. The secret is to take the initiative and concentrate on a few tasks.

When competing against other students who have competitive scores, your application essay and the responses to additional questions may make the difference. And regardless of your academic standing and test results, there will be other applicants with comparable marks. The key to writing a superb essay is to forget most of what you learned about writing a typical essay in high school and focus instead on developing your writing skills. One method to get brownie points is by producing excellent extra essays. Other options include going on a campus tour or mailing an admissions counsellor a letter of inquiry, followed by a gratitude note. Inform them of your interest. It might matter at Ferris State University.

Tips For Applying To A University

  • Write a fantastic essay demonstrating something to Ferris State University that they cannot learn from your other application materials. Check out for thorough instructions on how to write the finest college essay. 
  • Obtain teacher recommendations that fit your persona. Try to get at least one recommendation from a teacher in the same department if you are aware of your major and have listed it on your Ferris State University application.
  • Apply before the cutoff date. Since too many students postpone submitting their applications until the very last minute, a lot can go wrong in this short amount of time. There is a chance that Ferris State University's system will crash since so many students are submitting applications on the final day. Submit your application a few days ahead of time to avoid the added stress that can result.

Application Deadlines

Prior to the deadline, applicants must submit their supporting documentation and admission form. The following are the deadlines for students applying to the following semesters:

Semester Deadline 
Fall15 June
Spring15 October
Summer15 February 


Ferris State University offers seasonal admissions for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. A minimum of three months before the deadline for admission, together with all of your relevant documentation, is advised for application submission. You will learn your admission status four to six weeks after submitting your application successfully.


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