Best Universities in Belgium for International Students

Belgium is a country that offers quality education with many top universities. Some of the universities receive recognition among international students, making the country one of the preferred choices for higher education. The vibrancy of Belgium and the courses offered at the universities in Belgium for International students are also why students opt for Belgium. The flawless methodology for students outweighs its chocolates, waffles, and the wonderful music festivals it offers. 

Top Reasons to Study in the Country

Some of the best reasons to study in Belgium are

1. Innovation: 

Life in Belgium hinges on innovation as it catalyzes human life standards in Belgium. This feature has made Belgium the core for startups. 

2. Great Universities: 

Universities in Belgium for international students who wish to study medicine should not think twice and must perpetuate their desire. Other courses like Materials Science are also equally popular. 

3. Language availability: 

If you are hoping to continue living in Belgium for the job, you will end up learning many languages, including German, Dutch, and French. 

4. Easy life for International Students: 

Diversity is one of the best traits of Belgium. This makes universities in Belgium for international students a comfortable place to live. 

The list below encompasses the best universities in Belgium for international students in the field of Medicine, Economics and Management, Materials Science, Social Science, Public Health, and Engineering and technology.


Universities in Belgium for master’s in Medicine are listed below. University Name Subject Name QS Subject Ranking 2022 Tuition fee


1 Catholic University or 

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven) 

MS in Biomedical Sciences¬† # 34 ‚ā¨6600 (Annual) 120 credits
2 University of Ghent MS in Medicine and Health Science # 115 ‚ā¨ 5881.60 (60 credits) 2 years
3 Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL¬† MS in Medicine #116 ‚ā¨ 835 to ‚ā¨ 4,175 2 years


Social Science and Public Health University Name Subject Name QS Subject Ranking 2022 Tuition fee


1 The Catholic University of Leuven. MS in Sociology # 48 3,500 euro


2 years
2 University of Ghent Bachelor of Social Science # 51-100 253.60 Euro (Per Credit) 3 years
3 Universite Libre De Bruxelles  Bachelor in Human and Social Science # 192 2425 Euro 3 years

Economics and Management University Name Subject Name QS Subject Ranking 2022 Tuition fee


1 Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management MS in Management # 50 Not disclosed 2 Years
2 KU Leuven Masters in Economics # 46 1750 Euro


3 Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) Bachelor of Management of Science # 128 853 Euro (Annual)  

3 years.


Metallurgical Engineering University Name Subject Name  


QS World 



Tuition fee


1 University of Ghent MS of Sustainable Materials Engineering  # 101-150 253.60 Eur (Per Credit)


2 years
2 Catholic University of Louvain MS in Materials Science # 151-200 3500 Eur (Annual)


2 Years
3 KU Leuven MS in Materials Science  # 50 6600 Eur 



2  Years

Engineering and Technology University Name Subject Name QS World Ranking 2022 Tuition fee Duration
1 University of Ghent  MS of Applied Information technology # 177 253.60 Eur (Per Credit)


2 years
2 Catholic University, Leuven   # 50 3500 Eur(Annual for 2021-2022) 2 Years
3 University of Antwerp MS in Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology # 451-500 5800 Eur (2022-23) 2 years


How to Apply

Most universities accept online applications. Once you finalize the course and the university, you can apply. Universities in Belgium for international students do not charge any application fee for college/university applications.                                  


Most bachelor’s courses are in Dutch Language, so students interested in learning Dutch must enroll for a bachelor’s with fundamental knowledge in the intended course during the 12th grade.¬†


Universities in Belgium for international students require transcripts of the Bachelor’s course, and other educational certificates are needed. There is no minimum score to study in Belgium.¬†

Mandatory tests for any degree to showcase your proficiency in English are listed below: 

  • TOEFL iBT¬†certificate
  • IELTS Academic¬†certificate
  • Cambridge¬†C1 Advanced (CAE)¬†or¬†C2 Proficiency (CPE)¬†certificate
  • ITACE for Students¬†C1¬†or¬†C2¬†certificate.

 The ITACE for Students C1 and C2 tests is taken at the college premises only. 

Admission Cycle

Universities in Belgium for international students who need a visa begin their application in March. The semester in Belgium begins in October, which is Autumn in Belgium. Those who will not need a visa can apply in June.  

Summer holidays are observed between July to September. 

Cost of Attendance 

Living Expense:  

Students need approximately EUR 750 to EUR 1,350 each month for a comfortable life in Belgium. The living costs include study materials, groceries, food, clothing, washing, water, rent, heating,  electricity, medical,  entertainment, insurance, and transport. 

Pre Arrival:  

Pre-arrival cost is approximately EUR 1216, including the visa application fee. Other elements are the English Proficiency Test and the airfare from India to Belgium. 

Scholarship Programs at the Top Universities 

Name of the Scholarship Duration Eligibility Award Size



IWMF Howard G. Buffet Fund, 2022

For the entire course



Women applicants who are applying for Journalism with three years of professional experience in Journalism.



Partial Funding


Study a Masters in Europe Scholarship One-time tuition fee cover For all applying for Masters in the European countries.¬† ¬†‚ā¨5000



International Masters of Science in Rural Development




One time

For Non-EU citizens who just want to come for studies and not for a job. 





Covers tuition fee and transportation cost largely, however, the award is different for different universities. 




Scholarships for Faculty of Bioscience Engineering Program



One time



Students applying to the University of Ghent in the Bioscience stream. 



Covers travel costs, tuition fees, and monthly allowance. 



Erasmus Mundus Scholarship


One time. 


All Non-EU citizens with Master’s and Doctorate degrees can apply.


Full scholarship including travel, monthly allowance, and  insurance. The exact amount differs from course to course 


Student Visa Process

For Indian students, Visa type D is required to study in Belgium. This visa implies that students can stay for a longer duration, more than 90 days. To apply for this visa, students need to have two original visa application forms, a valid passport, and a letter declaring their admission to a university in Belgium. Along with this, your transcripts and other educational certificates are also needed for visa application.  Additionally, a flight itinerary, proof of accommodation, and financial statements are needed for visa application.

Program Specific Work Permit

A valid residence permit and enrollment in higher education institutions in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation are the only requirements that students need to fulfill to begin working while studying. After completing the course, students are allowed to stay for one year to work or start a business. However, the students must begin working immediately after completing the course.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Belgium a good destination if compared to the United Kingdom?

Ans. Belgium is a relatively economical place and is nearly 10% more economical than the UK. The studies in Belgium are at par with the UK for Masters. For Bachelor’s, Belgium offers very few courses in English and are mostly in Dutch.¬†

Q2. Is Sop and Letter of Recommendation letter required for applying in Belgium?

Ans.  Yes, some universities in Belgium for international students require a motivational letter and a letter of recommendation, but not all. 

Q3. Do universities in Belgium without application fees admit students? 

Ans. Yes, many universities in Belgium do not charge any application fee to process the application and give an acceptance letter.  

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