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Colorado State University, which was once known as Colorado Agricultural College and is today one of the top research colleges in the country, was founded in 1870. Colorado State, popularly known as CSU, has eight colleges that offer more than 150 different degrees, including the prestigious College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, as well as graduate programs in the schools of business, engineering, and education. 

University Rankings

  • In the United States, Fort Collins' leading public institutions are Colorado State University. It is placed at number 408 in the 2023 QS World University Rankings.
  • Colorado State University is ranked #151 among National Universities in the Best Colleges edition for 2022–2023.

Acceptance Rate (General)

Colorado State University's admissions are a bit selective, with Colorado State University acceptance rate of 83.5%. By submitting an online application before the deadline, students may apply to any of their top courses. According to reports, the university is among the best in the USA in terms of diversity and educational quality.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

For undergraduate programs, the acceptance rate is above 80%. If you put in a flawless application, you will surely get admission to Colorado State University. 

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

The acceptance rate for postgraduate programs is greater than 80%. You will undoubtedly be accepted to Colorado State University if you submit a perfect application. Having good scores is a bonus. 

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Colorado State University admissions staff consider a student's GPA one of the most crucial academic factors. International applicants who are interested in attending the university and earning a degree through the US educational system are eligible to do so as long as they have completed secondary school with a college preparatory curriculum, meet the minimum grade point requirement, have provided official transcripts as required, have met the deadlines, and have parental or guardian financial support for at least one academic year. 


The Colorado State University admission criteria are the same for all domestic and international applicants. But there are some additional Colorado State University admissions requirements for applicants from abroad.


  • 12th grade in a relevant subject from an accredited institution. 
  • SAT and ACT scores.
  • English proficiency tests.
  • A recognized university bachelor's degree in the appropriate field with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4 is required.
  • GMAT for MBA. 
  • GRE for MS.

Documents Required

When you look for how to get admission in Colorado State University, documents are an essential thing to consider. You can find the documents you need to attach to your application mentioned below.

  • Application form 
  • SAT and ACT scores 
  • GMAT or GRE score is required for several graduate programs. 
  • English proficiency scores.
  • Finances certification. 
  • Financial assistance documentation. 
  • A passport photocopy. 
  • Prerequisites for a particular program, such as a resume. 
  • A personal statement or essay. 
  • Referral letters.
  • Original transcripts 

Tests Required/Average Scores

English Proficiency 

TestMinimum Marks


Candidates should know that TOEFL and IELTS results shouldn't be older than two years. Depending on the program, some departments could have higher scoring requirements. In addition to meeting the English proficiency standards, applicants may be given consideration for conditional admission.


TestsMinimum Marks

Popular Courses

CoursesFee per yearDuration
Master in Computer Science $258132 years
MS in Computer Engineering $236002 years
BS in Computer Science $447904 years
MEng in Electrical Engineering $221252 years
MEng in Computer Engineering $221252 years
BS in Data Science $434704 years
MBA$354192 years 

How Does The University Evaluate Applicants?

For Colorado State University admissions officers, academic performance is the most crucial consideration. As well as an increased tendency for grade improvement, consistently excellent grades and a high GPA are essential. 

The admissions decision heavily weighs extracurricular activities. Admissions officers like candidates actively involved in their communities and making a difference, whether within their schools, local organizations, or the general public.

The standard number of letters of recommendation requested by universities is two, while additional letters from non-academic sources are frequently suggested. They are the part of the application that provides perspective from a source other than the applicant and offers a particular context that can reveal information about the applicant's genuine nature.

Tips For Applying To A University

Here are some tips to ensure that your application impresses admissions committees and secures you a spot at your ideal university.

Higher Grades Increase Your Chances.

Applicants to Colorado State University should expect stiff competition. Your prospects naturally increase with higher exam scores, a shining GPA, and better grades. To construct grade equivalents and determine your level of proficiency, admissions staff frequently employ a number of tools and diverse factors. 

Create The Strongest Possible Personal Statement. 

Admissions authorities urge candidates to write a statement of purpose or personal statement to concentrate on showing motivation and highlighting accomplishments and talents. Additionally, candidates ought to be as clear as possible about the course they are interested in and what qualifies them for enrollment.

Seek Advice As Necessary 

Getting assistance with your Colorado State University application is not harmful. Ask for help from someone you know who has already applied to universities abroad and been accepted. Additionally, you can speak with the institution's recruitment department directly or visit their website to review the admission requirements for potential international students. You can ask the university for information packets or prospectuses.

Pay Attention To The Application's Reaction Speed.

It will take the admissions office two to five working days to get back to you after you've completed the university application online and uploaded all the necessary documentation. Your program of choice will determine how quickly you hear back.

Proper Documentation 

It is a crucial component of your application; your prospects may be destroyed if you do it wrong by delivering incomplete or inaccurate information. Various documents, such as your academic credentials, personal statements, references, and identity documents, are a few Colorado State University admissions requirements. A single copy missing or submitted wrongly can cause your application to be rejected outright and cause you to lose weeks of time. The best chance for your application to be accepted is to take the time to ensure that you have everything you require, that it is formatted correctly, and that it has been translated if necessary.

Application Deadlines

International undergraduate and graduate applicants must submit their applications by the same deadlines. Students can apply by the deadlines listed below for each semester.

Spring January 


Please be aware that different graduate admissions programs may have different application deadlines.


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