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Florida Atlantic University is a top institution among all the public research universities in Florida. It has a main campus in Florida and a few satellite campuses. The university's main campus is located in the beautiful location of Boca Raton, and a few other campuses are situated in Dania Beach, Davie, and Fort Lauderdale. 

As it is one of the most respected and prestigious universities, it provides myriad learning opportunities to the university's students and prepares them for a research background. Students with a strong research interests can be admitted to this university and take advantage of the university's excellent research learning opportunities. 

University Rankings

The university ranking of each educational institution always gets noticed during the selection process. Students want to receive the best education with the best learning opportunities, so they analyze the university ranking for that purpose. The ranking of Florida Atlantic University is 263 out of 443 national universities.

 As top national universities are present on the list, this rank is remarkable for students looking for research education programs. The university also ranked 41 among the top performers in social mobility. Each rank is impressive, so this university is a good option for a research student.

Acceptance Rate (General)

​​Every student expects the acceptance rate of their preferred university to be as high as possible so they can easily enter the university. But as universities and faculty members also look for the best students, they set the acceptance rate based on their performance. Florida Atlantic University acceptance rate is 78%, which is quite selective. The acceptance rate signifies that to get admission, students need to work hard and put in effort to make it to the list of accepted students.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of undergraduate programs has yet to be precisely known. But the acceptance rate of the undergraduate program can be assumed to be close to the general acceptance rate, which is 78%. As most universities have the same acceptance rate for both programs, this acceptance rate can be applied to the process.

Postgraduate Acceptance Range

Because Florida Atlantic University does not provide specific information about the acceptance rate for postgraduate students, it can be assumed that acceptance rateof 78% applies to postgraduate students.  

Admission Eligibility Criteria

This university provides major research courses to its students and expects great intellect and discipline from them. Fortunately, the answer to how to get admission in Florida Atlantic University can be easily found by looking at the given eligibility criteria. To get admission to this incredible university, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Students must have a high school certificate.
  • They must have good grades in academic core subjects to enter the university.
  • Students must fulfill the requirement of college readiness in mathematics, reading, and writing.
  • They must have a valid score in the exam required to enter the university.
  • Admission to specialised courses is also based on class rank. 

Documents Required

The step of submitting required documents during the application process is one of the vital steps. Florida Atlantic University admission requirements involve a few important steps, and document submission is one of them. Because the admissions process can be hampered by a lack of proper documentation, it is best to have all documents ready before applying to the university. To apply to Florida Atlantic University, students need the following documents:

  • Applicants must submit their high school transcript.
  • Applicants must submit their high school GPA sheet with a GPA between 3.3 and 3.8
  • Applicants must submit the scorecards of exams like the SAT and ACT for admission.
  • Students with special talents can also submit their portfolios for admission to the university.

Tests Required/Average Scores

As universities look for the best talent while selecting their students, they expect students to attempt certain tests so that the institution can analyze their academic performance. To get admission to Florida Atlantic University, students must qualify for certain exams with good scores. The major exams and scores required for admission are given below:

  • An average SAT score between 1020 and 1200 is required for admission.
  • An average ACT score between 20 and 26 is required for admission.
  • Students applying to the university must have an IELTS score of 6.0.
  • Students entering through the GRE should have a score of more than 310 to get admission to the university. 

Popular Courses

Students at this university can choose from various courses and educational programs. Some of the most popular design-oriented programs are business, architecture, and graphic design. For undergraduates, a bachelor's degree in computer science is popular. For postgraduates, a master of business administration is a popular course that provides multiple career opportunities to university students.

How University Evaluates Applicants?

The university evaluates the applicants based on academic and extracurricular factors. This university not only evaluates the SAT and ACT scores to analyze students' academic performance, but they also analyze the scores in each high school subject.

Aside from that, the university strictly evaluates the eligibility criteria. To enter the university, a student must complete the Florida Atlantic University admission criteria without delay or complication.This university also analyzes students' talent by requesting auditions and portfolios to get to know them better professionally.  

Tips For Applying To University

Every student needs guidance while applying to their preferred college, as the admissions process at each university is complicated. Each step, from selecting the universities to selecting the specialization course, takes a lot of time, which is why some of the listed tips are required to go through the application process.

 The first tip is to prepare for the exam with hard work so that the required score can be achieved. Without a good score, the admissions process can get affected.

Students should also pay close attention to the document submission and the deadlines for each process. Any flaw in the proof can undermine all of the student's previous efforts. Apart from that, students must submit original identity proof and scorecards to the university. All these tips can help with the easy admission process.

Application Deadlines

The latest application deadline for Florida Atlantic University is not known yet but can be found on the official site of the university after the update. Admission takes place in two segments: summer and spring/fall, and students can take admission to either of them. 

The application deadline for the 2022 session was February 14, as per the official website.


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