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Anna Maria College is a private, not-for-profit educational institution located in the heart of Massachusetts. Although Anna Maria College started as a girls-only college in the early part of the twentieth century, it was converted into a full-fledged co-educational institute in the 1970s. 

The college is run on traditional Roman Catholic values and offers excellent programs in business administration, science subjects like nursing, and liberal arts. According to the Niche website, Anna Maria College ranks 271 out of 1546 colleges in terms of campus diversity. This college accepts students from all over the globe and is open to student transfer. They accept transfer students from other colleges and universities if they want to join in the middle of a term. 

Anna Maria College ranks 700 out of 1490 colleges and universities in terms of educational and cultural values. If someone is interested in getting admitted to this college, they can visit the college website and check out the Anna Maria College admission criteria. In fact, they offer elaborate virtual campus tours for students who want to get admitted to the college.

Acceptance Rate

The Anna Maria College was founded by the Sisters Of Saint Anne with the intention of serving the community, and today nearly 1500 apply to this college. The college educates its students about their responsibility to the community at large, and at the same time, it also promotes a career oriented program that prepares the students to meet real life challenges.

The Anna Maria institute has a general acceptance rate of 86%. An average acceptance rate of 86% means that if 1500 students apply for a particular program in this college, almost 1290 of them will be selected. However, this is the average acceptance rate, and there are slight variations between the undergraduate and postgraduate acceptance rates.

The college has world-class programs in nursing and business administration. Apart from this, the college has a good infrastructure for promoting co-curricular activities. For instance, the college has facilities for playing soccer, hockey, and basketball. And the college team has competed in many inter-college competitions in the US.

University Rankings

According to US news and business reports, Anna Maria College has a ranking of 133-175 among the regional Universities North. Apart from this, its nursing course has a ranking of 610. Some of its popular courses are nursing, business administration, criminal justice, firefighting, psychology, etc.

Acceptance Rate (General)

The Anna Maria College acceptance rate is 86%. And the admission process is quite competitive. Many programs require a student to qualify for standardized tests like IELTS, SAT, Michigan Test, etc. 

Apart from this, some programs have special requirements. For instance, if a person wants to major in a design-based course, then he should also submit a design portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of previous work done by the student and is important to gauge the creativity of the student. Thus, if a student wants to secure a position at Anna Maria College, he has to get good grades, have an excellent GPA, and also have a creative portfolio in some cases.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

Anna Maria College offers more than 35 graduate courses. It has an undergraduate acceptance rate of around 73%. A 73% acceptance rate means that out of 100 students who apply for the program, almost 73% get selected. Nonetheless, the graduate admission process is quite competitive, given the academic reputation and good teacher-to-student ratio of 13:1 offered by this college.

Postgraduate Acceptance Rate

The college offers almost 20 graduate or continuing education courses. Its average acceptance rate is around 80%, so the program is highly competitive. Many international students apply for these courses as the college offers scholarship facilities and offers a substantial reduction in its annual fees of $28000-57000.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

If someone is wondering how to get admission to Anna Maria College, here are the Anna Maria College admission criteria

  1. Prospective students are required to create an ID and a unique password in the portal for admission on the college website. The initial application fee is $20. The details on the status of admission are updated on this portal on a regular basis. Usually, the first response after the application takes about three to five weeks.
  2. The college considers the student's GPA as a key criterion for determining a student's eligibility to get admitted. The minimum GPA should be 2.
  3. For courses like nursing, the candidate must have a background in math and science. 
  4. For a design major, the candidate must submit a portfolio of his previous creative work.
  5. Some courses require SAT and IELTS scores; however, they are not mandatory for all courses. Also, in some cases, the TOEFL course can be used as an alternative to the IELTS score.
  6. Prospective students also need to submit a personal statement that states the student's interest, career goals, and also why he wants to join the college.

Documents Required

In order to register at Anna Maria College, students will need to submit some essential documents. Read further to find out Anna Maria College admission criteria.

1. Grade cards and GPA scorecards.

2. SAT, IELTS, and ACT scorecards if required by a specific course.

3. The personal statement by the prospective student.

4. Letters Of recommendation

5. The document showing admission fee payment status.

All of these materials must be submitted in order to complete the application process. Prospective students must ensure to allow enough time for all the documents to arrive before the deadline.

Tests Required/Average Scores

Although no specific tests are mandatory, the requirement for a valid SAT or IELTS score depends on the course. Most students have SAT scores of 870 to 1110. However, a quarter of the students have scores above this range.

Popular Courses

The most popular courses are nursing, business administration, and management. Other popular courses are fire fighting, law enforcement, and psychology. The University has a strong focus on providing a well-rounded, career oriented education, so students can expect to gain valuable skills in whichever course they choose to pursue.

How University Evaluates Applicants

Here are a few things that the admission committee looks at

  1. The GPA score is very important
  2. The letters of recommendation should project a positive image of the student
  3. The portfolio should be well made when it comes to design majors.

Tips For Applying To A University

Here are some common tips to secure a position in the college

1. The personal statement is vital as it reflects a student's outlook and ambitions.

2. It is better to ask for letters of recommendation from those who know the student well and have a positive opinion about them.

3. The higher the score in standardized tests, the better.

Application Deadlines

If someone is interested in getting admitted to this college, they can either apply for the fall session or spring session. The last date for the fall session is the 1st of March, and the last date for the spring session is the 1st of December. However, for international students, the fall deadline is on the 1st of February, and the spring deadline is on the 1st of October.


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