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The students considering applying to Trinity Christian College must gather as much information as possible about the school's acceptance rate to make an educated choice. Here, the students can check Trinity Christian College's acceptance rate, with a breakdown of what types of students are accepted.

Trinity Christian College Rankings - 2022

Trinity Christian College is recognized as one of the most selective educational establishments in the United States.

  • #14 in Regional Colleges Midwest in U.S News rankings
  • #31 in Best Value Schools in U.S News rankings
  • #3 in Top Performers on Social Mobility in U.S News rankings
  • #401-500th in the U.S. College Rankings 2022

Acceptance Rate (General) 2022-2023  

Trinity Christian College's acceptance rate is reported to be 76%. MSU has been identified as a highly selective university by the "U.S. News" rankings. 

Acceptance Rate (Undergraduate) 2022-2023

Trinity Christian College's acceptance rate for undergraduate applicants is 76%. It is a competitive educational establishment with a healthy acceptance rate.

Acceptance Rate (Postgraduate) 2022-2023

The PG acceptance rate at Trinity Christian College is 76%.

How to Get Admission to the Trinity Christian College?

The school accepts most students who have completed the required high school courses and have a 3.0 GPA or better. In addition, the Trinity Christian College admission requirements suggest that applicants must pass the ACT or an SAT and demonstrate good character and leadership qualities through letters of recommendation.

Documents Required

  • Students must submit their ACT or SAT score (if available)
  • At least twenty-four semester hours of coursework covering the following areas: Bible, Theology, English Grammar and Literature, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences
  • Additionally, students must submit a personal statement expressing their interest in attending Trinity Christian College and why they believe it is the best college.

Tests Required/Average Scores

Trinity Christian College admission criteria require applicants to take the ACT and SATs. Trinity Christian College has an average ACT score of 29 and an average SAT score of 1250.

Popular Courses of Trinity Christian College

Trinity Christian College offers popular courses such as 

  • Business and management
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities

How Does Trinity Christian College Evaluate Applicants?

Trinity Christian College evaluates applicants through various means, including personal interviews, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. The college also considers the applicant's Christianity, character, and goals. Applicants must have high school graduation or equivalent, be recognized by the college as loyal Christians, and excel academically.

Tips for Applying to the Trinity Christian College

Few tips to apply to Trinity Christian College:

  1. Students must have a strong application, including grades, test scores, and any extracurricular activities
  2. The essays should be clear and concise
  3. Submission of all the applications early is advised

Application Deadlines of Trinity Christian College

2023 DatesCommencement Intake-Term 1Commencement Intake-Term 2Commencement Intake-Term 3
Orientation Dates22Aug-26 Aug4 Jan-6 Jan6 May-8 May
Teaching Period29 Aug-23 Nov9 Jan-20 Apr8 May-25 Aug
Exams12 Dec-16 Dec1 May-5 May27 Aug- 30 Aug

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