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Pharmacy Courses in Ireland – All You Need to Know

Updated on 21 February, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Studying pharmacy courses in Ireland at the master’s level can be immensely rewarding for skilled aspirants. Some of the most significant benefits include the following: 

  • A chance to obtain PR (permanent residence) within two years after graduating. 
  • Opportunities to get two-year post-study work permits. 
  • Various kinds of pharmacy courses in Ireland for international students, including pharmacy technician courses in Ireland and M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, which is a popular pick among aspirants. 
  • Attractive job opportunities in Ireland, the European Union’s biggest pharmaceutical exporter, and a major pharma development hub. The country is home to more than a hundred plants/production establishments of leading companies, including big names like Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, and Pfizer, which are also leading recruiters. 
  • Another benefit for aspirants is that pharmaceutical sciences are included in the list of critical skills occupations.


Study in Ireland

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M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ireland

The pharmaceutical sector is a huge contributor to the economy of Ireland, with 90% of global pharmacology industries and leading players having a sizable market presence. After completion of M.Sc programs, pharmacologists take up various roles, including toxicology pharmacologists or toxicologists, neuropharmacologists, and psychopharmacologists. 

Some of the components of the curriculum include the following: 

  • Analysis of inorganic or organic compounds for understanding physical/chemical attributes, relationships, structure, and reactions with spectroscopy, chromatography, or spectrophotometry technologies. 
  • Development, enhancement, or customization of products, formulas, equipment, analytical processes, and systems. 
  • Compilation and analysis of test data for working out equipment or procedural operating efficiencies along with the diagnosis of any malfunctions. 
  • Collaborating with engineers and scientists for test result interpretation, analysis of projects, and development of testing. 
  • Changes in substance composition and technical specifications for products, testing, standards, and more. 
  • Preparation of compounds, testing solutions, reagents, equipment maintenance, and quality-control tests and troubleshooting. 
  • Evaluation of production and safety procedures for complying with standards and making enhancements, along with buying materials and supplies. 

An MS in Pharmaceutical Science in Ireland will help international aspirants advance their research or professional careers in the field. The course offers in-depth knowledge of pharmaceuticals while equipping students for conducting intensive research and building their laboratory skills significantly in the bargain. These drug-based courses help students get exposure and access to cutting-edge and contemporary equipment for research and implementation on a real-time basis.

Leading Universities and Courses 

Here are some of the top universities for pharmaceutical science aspirants along with the popular programs: 

University College DublinM. Sc in Biotherapeutics and Business
National University of Ireland GalwayM. Sc in Neuropharmacology
University College DublinM. Sc in Regulatory Affairs and Toxicology
University College DublinM.Eng. Sc in Biopharmaceutical Engineering
University College DublinM. Sc in Biotherapeutics
Trinity College DublinM. Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Institute of Technology, CarlowM. Sc in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
Griffith CollegeM. Sc In Pharmaceutical Business and Technology
Technological University Dublin (Dublin)M. Sc in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance & Biotechnology
Griffith CollegeM. Sc in International Pharmaceutical Business Management
Cork Institute of TechnologyM. Eng in Chemical & Biopharmaceutical Engineering

Eligibility Requirements for MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ireland

While eligibility requirements vary across institutions, here are some general criteria that you should keep in mind: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in either science or engineering or any related field with minimum marks of 70% or higher. The minimum CGPA or percentage is 60%/6.0 to 6.5/65%. 
  • Work experience is sometimes helpful for gaining admission into reputed Irish universities. 
  • Students need at least 60% in their engineering degrees or related bachelor’s degrees for MEng programs. 
  • The history of arrears can be a maximum of five for an M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ireland. This is a maximum of twelve for institutes of technology. 
  • GRE scores are not always mandatory for getting admission into these universities. However, students have to provide their Letters of Recommendation and SOP (Statement of Purpose) along with their resume/CV. 

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English Language Requirements for M. Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Here are the minimum score thresholds that you should keep in mind: 

PTE61, with a minimum per-section score of 595959
IELTS6.0 with a minimum per-section score of 5.5 6.0 with a minimum per-section score of 5.5 6.0 

IELTS requirements are the following at leading universities for M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ireland: 

  • Trinity College Dublin- IELTS 6.5 with minimum 5.5 in each section. 
  • University College Dublin- IELTS 6.5 with a minimum of 6 in each section. 
  • The National University of Ireland Galway- IELTS 6.5 with a minimum of 5.5 in each section. 
  • The Technological University of Dublin- IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each section. 
  • Cork Institute of Technology- IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each section. 
  • Institute of Technology, Carlow- IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 6.0 in each section. 
  • Griffith College- IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each section. 

The minimum TOEFL requirements are the following: 

  • Institute of Technology, Carlow- 90
  • National University of Ireland, Galway- 88
  • Technological University Dublin- 92
  • Trinity College Dublin- 88 
  • Griffith College- 79
  • Cork Institute of Technology- 80

The minimum PTE requirements are the following: 

  • National University of Ireland Galway- 61
  • University College Dublin- 63 
  • Technological University Dublin- 62
  • Trinity College Dublin- 63 
  • Cork Institute of Technology- 59
  • Institute of Technology, Carlow- 59

Tuition fees for M. Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ireland

The average tuition fees are usually €11,250-24,800 for Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This works out from roughly INR 9.48 lakh to INR 20.91 lakh on average. Here are the average tuition fees at leading institutions: 

  • University College Dublin- €26,400 per year (INR 22.26 lakh) 
  • Trinity College Dublin- €20,079 per year (INR 16.93 lakh) 
  • National University of Ireland Galway- €24,140 per year (INR 20.36 lakh) 
  • Institute of Technology, Carlow- €5,500-7,500 per year (INR 4.63-6.32 lakh) 
  • Griffith College- €15,000 (INR 12.65 lakh) 

Scholarships for Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ireland

There are many scholarship options for students in Ireland. Some of the top names include the following: 

  • Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship (100% tuition fee waivers)
  • Global Excellence Graduate Scholarship (Waiver of 50-100% on tuition fee)
  • Sir Peter Freyer Special Merit Scholarship (100% tuition fee waiver)
  • €400-4,000 (INR 33,000 to INR 3.37 lakh) in scholarships from the University College Dublin for students with stellar academic and co-curricular track records. 
  • €3,000-3,500 (INR 2.53-2.95 lakh) in scholarships from the Griffith College Dublin to pharmaceutical science students. 
  • €3,000 (INR 2.53 lakh) in scholarships from the Cork Institute of Technology for pharmaceutical science students. 

Scope of Pharmaceutical Science and Career Prospects

Pharmaceutical science has a vast scope in Ireland, with students getting great opportunities at leading pharma companies and manufacturers. The Bachelor of Pharmacology degree does not equip graduates to become successful pharmacists in Ireland to take the licensing examination. Being one of the European Union’s biggest exporters of pharmaceuticals and home to the most prominent global pharmaceutical companies, Ireland offers attractive job opportunities for skilled graduates. 

Leading recruiters include Abbott, Sigma-Aldrich, Boston Scientific, Charles River Laboratories, Medtronic, Pfizer, Solvotrin Therapeutics, and many more. The average salaries for graduates start from €28,000-55,000 (INR 23.61 lakh to 43.68 lakh) per year and go up exponentially with skills and experience. More than 100 companies have their pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in the country, and some other significant employers include GSK, Roche, Biomarin, Janssen Biologics, Novartis, Merck, and many others. Most pharmacists find employment with these pharmaceutical brands and retail chains or even independent pharmacies along with GP surgeries and health centres. 

Many hospital pharmacists find work within the fold of the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) itself, although private hospitals also hire skilled graduates in large numbers. Food and beverage companies also employ graduates in research and development, quality assurance, marketing, and sales/management. They also find work as pharmacovigilance officers or set up their practices as pharmacists. Some graduates also choose to focus on developing medicines for animals which is another booming sector in Ireland. Of course, R&D prospects are bright for graduates in the field, with high pay scales and excellent career growth. 

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