Automotive engineering in the USA: Your Guide

Automotive engineering is one of the preferred courses or programs for students interested in machines and automobiles. A degree in automotive engineering from one of the top universities in the United States of America (USA) can open doors to lucrative career opportunities. Students earlier used to start with mechanical engineering courses and then they did specialization in automotive engineering but over the years automotive engineering has emerged as a separate discipline for students. The automotive industry is very promising and welcomes international students to pursue a degree in automo tive engineering in the USA with the right skills and technical knowledge. The USA has some top-ranked universities that offer various specializations in automotive engineering to international students. There are scholarships as well as funding opportunities to keep the tuition fee limited and affordable for international students. If you are interested to study master’s in automotive engineering in the USA, here’s everything that you need to know about the course along with the best universities and career opportunities.

Course brief

Automotive engineering is the discipline of technological study and engineering which focuses mainly on manufacturing, design, and operations of different automobile vehicles. Automotive engineering is derived from mechanical engineering and electrical engineering; encompassing all the relevant components required to study the mechanical features of the automobile. The program aims towards making students proficient to handle and manage the emerging next-generation automobile technologies using the latest contemporary methodology and the techniques along with creativity and imagination to cope with the challenges and innovation.

Top universities in the US for automotive engineering

There are some of the top-ranked universities for international students to pursue MS in automotive engineering in the USA. The below-listed top universities for automotive engineering courses in the USA offer top-ranked courses and specializations in automotive engineering for both full-time as well as part-time courses.

1. Lawrence Technological Institute (LTI): MS in Automotive Engineering

2. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor: MEng in Automotive Engineering

3. University of Tennessee – Chattanooga (UTC): MS Engineering

4. University of Wisconsin -Madison: MS in Automotive Engineering

5. Clemson University: MS in Automotive Engineering

6. University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK): MS Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Design

7. University of Michigan, Dearborn: MSE in Automotive Systems Engineering

8. Ohio State University: Master of Global Engineering Leadership (MGEL) in Automotive System Engineering

9. Minnesota State University (MSU: MS in Automotive Engineering Technology

Specializations In Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineering is a  diversified discipline with a good number of specializations that  students can opt for. The universities offer various specializations based on the interest of the students as well as academic records and scores.

1. Electronics and control systems

2. Rapid prototyping

3. Computer-based systems and electronics

4. Supply chain management

5. Fuel technology and emissions

6. Engine systems

7. Emissions control

8. Aerodynamics

9. Thermodynamics

10. Fluid mechanics

11. Vehicle and pedestrian safety

Level of study

Certificate Courses

1. Certificate Course in Automobile Engineering

2. Certificate Course in Automobile Repair & Driving

Bachelor’s courses

1. B.Tech in Automobile Engineering

2. B.Tech in Automotive Design Engineering

Master’s courses

1. M.Tech in Automobile Engineering

2. M.Tech in Automotive Engineering & e-Manufacturing

3. MS in Automotive Engineering

4. MEng in Automotive Engineering

Average fee for the program

The USA offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in automotive engineering to international students. The average tuition fee for an automotive engineering course is USD 43,000 (INR 33 lakhs). The University of Tennessee is known to be the most expensive one with an average fee of USD 60,000 (~INR 46 lakhs) and the lowest tuition fee is from the University of Michigan with USD 19,530 (INR 15 lakhs) per annum. There are a good number of scholarships available by the government as well as institutes for students with merit and need.

Job prospects after completion of master’s in automotive engineering in the USA

Being one of the top economies of the world, the United States is always the best and preferred destination for lucrative job opportunities. It has a promising future and job market for automotive engineering graduates. Some of the high paid job opportunities as mentioned below by the global employers are available for students in the US with a full-time degree in automotive engineering:

Job Position

Annual Package

Automotive lead engineer

USD 130,000 (~INR 1 crore)

Automotive design engineer

USD 106,730 (~INR 82 lakhs)

Vehicle Engineer

USD 69,550 (~INR 53 lakhs)

Automotive Technician

USD 49,944 (~INR 39 lakhs)
Automotive Engineer with Project Management USD 81,479 (~INR 63 lakhs)

Automotive Engineering with Engineering Design

USD 94,200 (~INR 72 lakhs)

Automotive Product Development Engineer

USD 81,161 (~INR 62)

On an average, the automotive engineers receive around USD 49,000 to 79,500 (~INR 38 lakhs) annually. With experience, the individuals always get a salary of more than USD 130,000 (~INR 61 lakhs) annually.


Automotive engineering is an emerging and promising discipline for students with an interest in automobiles and machinery. The United States of America is a promising destination for study abroad courses in automotive engineering and lucrative career opportunities.

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