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Which Country is Best for MS Courses Abroad?

Updated on 12 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

With the sheer number of MS degrees on offer from universities across the globe, zeroing in on the ideal place to study can feel a little overwhelming. If you’re looking to kick-start your career by studying for your MS, opting for the best institution is essential. 


If you harbour a keen interest in the course and would love to pursue it from a world-renowned institution, wonder no more! This blog takes a quick look to decide which is the best country to study MS for Indian students, compares various MS offering universities, and even highlights the best ones! 

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Subject Background 

MS courses are pretty attractive for Indian students trying to make a name for themselves in the world of technology.  

A Master’s degree in Science (MS) is a disciplinary title for graduate degrees in several scientific subjects, encompassing several fields. 

Moreover, an MS program enables you to study the following specializations, among others: 

While the Master of Science label may lead you to believe that MS degrees are only available in the hard sciences, this is not the case. MS degrees are available in any field where instruction, research, and problem-solving are based on the scientific method.  

Job Prospects After Completion 

You can explore a range of employment opportunities after obtaining an MS degree. The following are included in its ambit: 

  • Software developer 
  • AI scientist 
  • Virtual Reality designer 
  • Biotechnologist 
  • Psychotherapist 

Top Universities Offering MS Courses Abroad 

If you’re wondering which country is best for MS for Indian students, here are some of the finest MS universities around the globe, according to the coveted QS world rankings. 

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 

  • Location: Amherst, US, Amherst, United States 
  • Status: Research University 

MIT offers an MS degree in 11 different fields. The fields and their specializations differ in nature, as listed below. 

In addition, the MS course requirements differ based on the degree you want to pursue. With a QS world university ranking of  #1, MIT is the finest institution in the world to earn an MS degree. 

In the academic year 2021-2022, the university had over 7.300 postgraduate students. These learners come from several countries, which adds to the diverse culture. 

Cost of Studying at MIT

Correspondingly, you might incur considerable costs during your study at MIT. With this in mind, the MS fees for MIT are given below. 

  • Standard Tuition: USD 57,590 
  • MIT Student Extended Health Insurance: USD 3,089  
  • Student Life fee: USD 396  
  • Estimated Housing: USD 22,800 
  • Books and Supplies: USD 1,344 
  • Food: USD 9,036  
  • Transportation: USD 3,276  

MIT fosters long-term relationships with the industry through its industrial liaison program. In addition, the university offers a start-up exchange program. It facilitates collaborations between MIT-connected start-ups and industry when used together.  

Popular Alumni of MIT

MIT has positioned itself as a renowned institute thanks to its long and illustrious history. As a result, it has generated several well-known alumni, as noted below. 

  • Buzz Aldrin: Former American astronaut 
  • Jonah Peretti: Founder of Huffington Post and BuzzFeed 
  • Kofi Annan: Seventh Secretary-General of the United States 
  • Ilene S. Gordon: CEO, Chairman, and President of Ingredion  
  • Richard Feynman: American Theoretical Physicist

2. University of Oxford, UK 

  • Location: Wellington Square, Oxford, GB, United Kingdom 
  • Status: Research University  

The University of Oxford offers Master’s courses across 12 different disciplines. These include an in-depth curriculum at the interface of multiple fields. 

  • Applied Sciences and Professions 
  • Arts, Design, and Architecture  
  • Business and Management  
  • Computer Science & IT  
  • Education and Training  
  • Engineering and Technology  
  • Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences  
  • Humanities 
  • Law 
  • Medicine & Health  
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics  
  • Social Sciences  

These courses aid the students in gaining core and advanced knowledge in their respective domains. In addition, they also enhance the research skills of the students. 

Cost of Studying at the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the most sought-after colleges for MS courses, ranked #2 in the world QS world university rankings 2022. The tentative average fee structure at Oxford University is as follows. 

  • University Course Fee: GBP 9,250 
  • Maintenance: GBP 1,215- GBP 1,755  
  • Food: GBP 290- GBP 410 per month  
  • Personal Items: GBP 135- GBP 260 per month 
  • Accommodation: GBP 680- GBP 810 per month  
  • Social activities: GBP 45- GBP 120 per month  

Popular Alumni of the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is always keen to forge mutually beneficial partnerships to facilitate development. Some of the university’s well-established alumni include the following. 

  • Tony Abbott: Former Prime Minister of Australia 
  • HM King Abdullah II of Jordan 
  • Sir Grantley Adams: Former Premier of Barbados and Prime Minister of the West Indies 
  • Margaret Thatcher: Former British Prime Minister 

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3. University of Toronto, Canada 

  • Location: 27 King’s College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
  • Status: Public Research University 

The University of Toronto, founded in 1827, has grown to become Canada’s foremost research, discovery, and information exchange institution. It is one of the top research-intensive institutions globally, with a strong desire to innovate and experiment. 

The institution offers an MS degree across varied domains in 4 different fields, i.e., Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Business and Management, and Natural Sciences.  

Through its broad network of research and teaching faculty, alumni, and partnerships, Toronto students have the chance to learn from and collaborate with world-renowned thought leaders. 

Toronto University is ranked #26 in the QS world university rankings. Additionally, it is the number #4 ranked university in the QS WUR ranking by subject.  

Cost of Studying at the University of Toronto

The average cost structure of pursuing an MS course at Toronto is as follows:  

  • Standard Tuition: CAD 9,000- CAD 19,000 as per specialization  
  • Incidental Fees: CAD 1,830 
  • Residence Housing: CAD 6,600- CAD 11,000 
  • Books and school supplies: CAD 1,500 
  • University Health Insurance: CAD 720 

Popular Alumni of the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has several prestigious alumni relationships that can help students progress more quickly: 

  • Frederick Banting: Medical Scientist and Physician 
  • Margaret Atwood: Writer, Poet, and Essayist  
  • Roberta Bondar: First Female Astronaut of Canada 
  • David Cronenberg: Film Director and Screenwriter 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which country has the best work opportunities after MS?

For Indian students, Canada is the best country to work in after completing an MS degree. After Australia, Canada ranks second in terms of awarding Permanent Residency (PR).

Moreover, it is known as a “backdoor admission into the US” since a student can work in the United States after obtaining a PR position. 

Which is the best country to do MS, the United States or the United Kingdom?

With typically shorter courses and somewhat lower costs, the UK provides a faster and theoretically more inexpensive choice, at least when compared to the US. It may be the best country for MS for learners who are already set to specialize and restrict their subject specialization at the Master’s level. 

Is it advisable to pursue MS in India or elsewhere?

Students are drawn to study for a Master’s abroad for various reasons, including improved infrastructure and research excellence.

However, if you want to pursue further education in India, pick the best option accessible. There are various advantages to playing on home turf. 

Is it easy to find work in the United States following MS?

It is both simple and challenging. Prior professional experience in India facilitates job placement. However, if you are a newcomer, you will find it difficult to gain experience. To secure a job after graduation, you must strive diligently in your Master’s program to gain expertise.

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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