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Which Country Is Best For MS In Computer Science?

Updated on 19 July, 2024

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

best countries for masters in computer science

Did you know that computer and information research scientists earned a median salary of $145,080 in 2023, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS)? How is it relevant? Pursuing an MS in computer science will help you build a similarly lucrative and fulfilling global career in the future.

The report by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics  forecasts a handsome job growth of 23% by 2032 for computer science graduates This points to growing demand for skilled and qualified professionals in the field. However, if you are firming up your study abroad plans, which country is best for MS in computer science? More specifically, which country is best for MS in computer science for Indian students? Quite a few, as it turns out.

MS in Computer Science Abroad Highlights

Studying in the best countries for a master’s in computer science exposes students to quality education, skills, and global career development.

Course Name MS in Computer Science
Tuition Fees Range

In UK: £36,000–£41,750 (INR 38,03,587 - INR 44,11,104)


In USA: $28,000–$63,624 (INR 23,39,480 - INR 53,15,966)


In Australia: A$53,000–A$56,500 (INR 29,46,050 - INR 31,40,601)


In Germany: EUR 4,000– EUR6,000 (INR 3,57,255 - INR 5,35,884)  per semester

Exam Required GRE or GMAT 
English Language Tests Required IELTS, TOEFL
Application Documents Required Recommendation letters, required GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS score, academic transcripts, SOP, work experience certificates (if applicable), photocopies of passport.
Top Countries to Study MS in CS UK, USA, Australia, and Germany
Top Recruiters for MS in Computer Science Google, Microsoft, Ocado, etc
Average Salary after MS 

USA: $157,222 per year​( INR1,31,26,559)

United Kingdom: £53,012 per year​ (INR56,51,254)

Germany: €58,001 per year​ (INR52,40,941)

Why Study MS in Computer Science 

What’s all the hullabaloo about an MS in computer science? Why should you consider it in the first place? Here are some reasons worth noting: 

  • Attractive Salaries- Computer science professionals have an opportunity to earn lucrative salaries as compared to many other fields. Computer and information technology fields in the US saw median annual salaries of $104,420 in May 2023, in comparison to the median wages for all workers, which was $48,060 at the time.

    Master’s degree holders are also likely to earn sizably more than those holding bachelor's degrees, with the difference estimated at $200 and more each week, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Steady Job Growth- The job growth for computer and information systems managers and computer and information research scientists is one of the fastest in the US. This growth is driven by increasing reliance on information technology, cybersecurity needs, and the ongoing demand for new and better technology​.
  • Advanced Knowledge- An MS in computer science will give you an opportunity to build your skill-sets and knowledge across diverse fields, including game design, visualization, data science, and machine learning. Master's courses equip you with the knowledge and tools required to succeed in a rapidly evolving field. 
  • Boosting competitiveness and future prospects- Master's degree in computer science may enhance your overall competitiveness in the job market. As per Glassdoor,just 20% of software developers have master's degrees, while 72% of them have bachelor's degrees. You may also be eligible to apply for more advanced job positions with master's degrees like computer and information scientist jobs for instance. 

Specializations in Master’s in Computer Science

There is a wide gamut of specializations that you will encounter while exploring a masters degree in computer science. Some of them include the following: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Game Design
  • Computer-Human Interface
  • Computer Graphics
  • Networks
  • Data Science
  • Information Security 
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Languages
  • Theory
  • Systems
  • Web Development
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Database Administration

Best Countries to Study Computer Science

Coming back to our core question, i.e. which country is best to study MS in computer science, here are four options that you should know more about. 

  • USA- Computer science jobs are anticipated to grow by 15% by 2032 in the country, with 415,000 active tech job postings in early 2024 as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Computer science specialists in the USA usually witness salary hikes and the median annual wage for software developers is notably high, around $132,270 as of 2023, while the unemployment rate for computer science graduates is low. This makes the USA a great choice for studying an MS in computer science, considering its reputed and globally-ranked educational institutions.

  • UK- The UK stands out for its rich history of computer science evolution and progress, along with reputed educational institutions. Approximately 3 million people work in the UK tech sector, while advertised job roles for software developers increased by 36% in 2024 as per reports.
  • Germany- Germany is one nation that is synonymous with digitization and cutting-edge technological progress. Germany is home to several leading universities for the subject, along with offering programs that include intensive learning, coursework, and projects.
    Germany has several technology companies, corporations, and start-ups that ensure excellent opportunities for graduates. Computer engineers can earn an average salary of around €49,311 per year, with the potential to earn up to €80,000 or more depending on experience and specific roles​. 
  • Australia- Australia is known for its leading educational institutions, which have tie-ups with several technology conglomerates and IT companies. Australian universities also offer attractive placement options,with over 80% of graduates securing employment within four months of graduation. 
    Universities here offer varied specializations like data management, machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, and more. Additionally, Australia's tech industry has grown by 80% in the last 5 years, highlighting the increasing demand for skilled professionals in these fields. 

Top Universities in UK for Masters in Computer Science 

Here are the top universities in the UK for masters in computer science programs: 

University  Name QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024- Computer Science and Information Systems  Location  Fees 
University of Oxford 4 Oxford

£32,760 per year


University of Cambridge 8 Cambridge £39,708 per year
Imperial College London 16 London £39,400 per year 
UCL 22 London £35,000 per year 
The University of Edinburgh 20 Edinburgh £38,500 per year 

Top Universities in USA for Masters in Computer Science 

Here is a list of the top universities in USA for masters in computer science 

University  Name QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024- Computer Science and Information Systems  Location  Fees 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1 Cambridge

$28,795 per year


Stanford University 2 Stanford $1,400 per unit 
Carnegie Mellon University 2 Pittsburgh

$52,320 per year 


University of California, Berkeley (UCB) 5 Berkeley $18,103 per semester
Harvard University 7 Cambridge $57,246 per year 

Top Universities in Australia for Masters in Computer Science 

Here is a list of top universities in Australia for masters in computer science: 

University  Name QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024- Computer Science and Information Systems  Location  Fees 
The University of Melbourne 44 Parkville AU$40,640 per year 
Australian National University (ANU) 55 Canberra AU$49,330 per year 
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) 59 Sydney AU$36,480 per year 
The University of Sydney  43 Sydney AU$49,000 per year 
Monash University 68 Melbourne AU$4587.50 per unit 


Top Universities in Germany for Masters in Computer Science

Here is a list of top universities in Germany for masters in computer science: 

University  Name QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024- Computer Science and Information Systems  Location  Fees 
Technical University of Munich  31 Munich No tuition fees, only 152.30 Euros in semester fees 
Technische Universitat Berlin (TU Berlin) 74 Berlin No tuition fees, only semester fees of 231.89 Euros
RWTH Aachen University 97 Aachen No tuition fees, only social contribution fees of 317.51 Euros per semester
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen 90 Munich No tuition fees, only Munich Student Union costs are payable 
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 105 Karlsruhe Tuition fees of approximately 1,500 Euros per semester 

Admissions for Masters in Computer Science Abroad 

Some of the best countries to study master’s in computer science are UK, USA, Australia, and Germany. Here is the simplified admission process for individuals who want to study abroad.

1. Admission Procedure for Masters in Computer Science in UK

The steps to secure a place for a Master’s in Computer Science at the best universities in the UK start with choosing the correct intake time. There are two main admission intakes in the UK. Generally, admission happens at the end of January/February and the end of September/October. Some universities may also provide a May intake for students.

Steps to Apply for a Master’s in Computer Science in UK: 
Check Entry Requirements: Ensure that you meet the necessary qualifications, such as academic records (e.g., India: 65% in a BSc Eng/BEng/BTech) and English language proficiency (IELTS 7.0, TOEFL iBT 100, or Pearson PTE 76).

Check Application Deadlines: Remember the due dates for the experience so you can submit your application on time.

Submit Application Form: After the preparations, the next step is to complete the application form and all necessary documents to the best of your abilities.

Provide Supporting Documents: The necessary documents as required by the university, including official Bachelor's degree transcripts (with translations if needed), current weighted average mark, degree certificate, list of final year modules (if still studying), and a CV (if graduated more than three years ago). Proof of English language ability is also required if English is not your first language.

Pay Application Fees: To complete the application process, one must pay the stipulated application fees and wait for an acknowledgement. The application fee generally ranges from anywhere between £50 to £90 (INR 5281 - INR 9506).

Receive Confirmation: If necessary, pay the tuition fee deposit below the text after reading the confirmation email.

Obtain CAS Letter: CAS, or Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, is an electronic document generated by universities for the Home Office to confirm a student's acceptance to a UK course. It's essential for the UK student visa application. 

2. Admission Procedure for MS in Computer Science in USA

The general admission procedure for MS in the USA is as follows.

Step 1: Applicants must submit academic records  (a four-year bachelor's degree from a recognized university), 3 recommendation letters, a statement of purpose, a resume/CV, standardized test scores (TOEFL iBT score of 100), a supplemental form, and transcripts.

Step 2: After submitting your application, wait for the university to consider it, which can take several weeks to a few months. If accepted, the college will send an acceptance note with detailed procedures for enrolling and registering for the program.

3. Admission Procedure for MS in Computer Science in Australia

The application process for an MS in Computer Science in Australia typically involves the following steps:

Meet the Entry Requirements: Carefully review the entry criteria, specifically your academic records, English proficiency tests (IELTS or TOEFL), and any other recommended requirements. Before proceeding with the application process, ensure you match the minimum standards required by the institution.

Prepare Supporting Documents: Keep photocopies of academic transcripts and degree certificates, certification of English proficiency, CV/Resume, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and passport handy. After gathering the documents, submit the application form and pay the required fee.

Await Admission Decision and Accept Offer: After applying, await the university's admission decision, which may take from a few weeks to several months. Upon receiving an admission offer, carefully review terms including tuition fees, scholarships, and conditions before accepting the offer and obtaining Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE).

4. Admission Procedure for MS in Computer Science in Germany

Over 2.9 million students chose Germany for higher studies in the winter semester of 2023 for the unparalleled opportunities it offers. The country is especially rewarding for science students. If you want to enroll in one of their prestigious MS in Computer Science programs, here is the general procedure to follow.

Take the IELTS or TOEFL Exam: You may take the IELTS or TOEFL to demonstrate your English qualifications; if possible, do this three months before applying.

Required Documents and Submission: Gather all required documents, including mark sheets, transcripts, CV/resume, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LOR), and any additional program-specific documents. After this, submit your complete application through the university's online portal or specified submission method.

Meet German Language Requirements: For admission to an MS in Computer Science in Germany, international students may need to pass the German language test (DSH) at a minimum level of DSH-2, unless specified otherwise by the degree program. Acceptable certifications include the German Language Diploma (Level 2), DSH (Level 2), Goethe-Zertifikat C2, TestDaF (with a minimum score of TDN 4 in all components), ÖSD C2, and others.

What are Scholarships for MS in Computer Science Abroad

Studying for a master's degree in Computer Science abroad is quite beneficial as it provides an opportunity to study at a high level, gain international experience, and get a successful job. The good news is that many scholarship opportunities are available to support students pursuing computer science degrees and reaching their educational and career aspirations.

Scholarship for MS in Computer Science in the UK

The UK offers several opportunities to get a scholarship. Some notable scholarships for MS in Computer Science in the UK are as follows:

Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Benefits 
Commonwealth Master's Scholarships Citizens of eligible Commonwealth countries with an undergraduate degree and relevant work experience. Full tuition fees, living allowance, airfare, and thesis grant.

Chevening Scholarships


Academic excellence, leadership potential, and a minimum of two years' work experience


Full tuition fees, living allowance, return airfare, and other grants for essential expenditure

Scholarship for MS in Computer Science in the USA

Get to know about the scholarships in one of the best countries to study master’s in computer science, which is the USA:

Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Benefits
Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Must have a US bachelor’s degree equivalent with at least three years of work experience. 

The applicants must be enrolled in a US university.

Tuition fees, living expenses, accident and sickness coverage, and round-trip air travel tickets.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars (Stanford)


Must be admitted to Stanford with leadership potential and an innovative mindset.

100% tuition fee reduction


Scholarship for MS in Computer Science in Australia

Let's know about the scholarships one of the best countries for MS in Computer Science, that is, Australia, provides.

Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Benefits
Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Available to both domestic and international students pursuing higher degrees by research. Covers tuition fees, living allowance, and research support expenses.
International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship (ANU) International students with excellent academic records. The successful recipients will receive a $5,000 discount on tuition fees in their first 12 months of study and a 10% reduction in their fees for each year of study thereafter.  

Scholarship for MS in Computer Science in Germany

Here, we will discuss the eligibility of two popular scholarships for MS in Computer Science in Germany:

Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Benefits

DAAD Scholarship 


Graduates, doctoral students, and postdocs from developing or newly industrialized countries. Monthly stipend of €861 for graduates and €1,200 for doctoral candidates, health insurance, travel allowance, family benefits, and more​.
Erasmus Scholarship Programs

The applicants must have completed graduation and enrolled in an eligible postgraduate or doctoral program in Germany.



Up to €49,000 for 2 years, covering tuition, living expenses, and travel costs.

Career Prospects After Master's in Computer Science 

Here are some of the top job positions after completing a master's program in computer science. As per Glassdoor, average annual salaries in the US for computer science graduates are: 

  • Computer science professional- $83,109
  • Manager of operations- $89,442
  • Master data analyst- $82,326
  • MIS manager- $96,158
  • Network architect- $126,900 
  • Cybersecurity manager- $112,000
  • Computer systems analyst- $102,240
  • UNIX system administrator- $91,365
  • Computer and information systems manager- $126,000
  • Database administrator- $95,783 
  • Security engineer- $106,088
  • Computer and information research scientist- $106,426
  • Data scientist- $121,340 
  • Mobile application developer- $$116,852
  • Senior software developer- $131,294
  • Senior DevOps engineer- $123,464
  • Senior software architect- $153,452
  • Senior software engineer- $131,294 
  • Machine learning engineer- $150,045 


Pursuing an MS in computer science, as evident, will be a great option for taking your career to the next level. Compare the countries mentioned above, along with their top universities, and finalize your decision accordingly.


Which is better- Canada or USA for MS in computer science?

Canada offers comparatively affordable options for students and has several acclaimed programs as well. Yet, the USA is where you will find some of the world’s highest-ranked universities for pursuing a master's in computer science, although it will be expensive. 

Which is better for MS- USA or UK?

The USA usually has two-year master's degree programs, while the UK has one-year MS programs. Hence, the latter could be a more affordable option for students while offering the same competitiveness in the global job market. However, both countries are excellent options for MS programs in a variety of subjects.

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