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Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK

The hospitality industry is rising due to globalization, and job prospects for those in hotel management are also expanding. A significant industry, hospitality management has  numerous sub-sectors. A degree in Hotel Management gives you the core abilities to adapt to diverse cultures and tastes while setting the standard for customer experience.

In the UK, a master’s in hotel management is offered to address the demand for qualified hotel managers. Students can have a thorough understanding of and experience in people management and other aspects of hotel management through the Hotel Management Master’s program in the UK.

Here is everything you need to know about the Master’s in Hotel Management program if you too intend to enroll in one in the UK.

Why study for a Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK?

Globally, the hospitality industry is still expanding. As a result, there is a continuing need for qualified people. Excellent interpersonal, time management, marketing, and public relations abilities are essential in this field. You can enter this industry, which is constantly expanding, by pursuing a master’s degree in hotel management in the UK. Here are some reasons why you must pursue a Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK.

  • Many well-known and highly regarded universities that offer hotel management degrees are in the UK.
  • In the UK, many universities provide an additional time frame for practice sessions or placements. During this time, it enables students to work with the greatest industries and get experience in the real world.
  • Most universities also provide trips abroad while the student is enrolled. Students can make new friends, develop relationships, and gain knowledge about the hospitality industry on these outings.
  • The UK’s university graduates act as a draw for prestigious employers. Top industry players like Cairn Group, IHG, and others hire them.

Course Highlight

A master’s degree in hotel management from the UK satisfies market demands and gives professional freedom. Employers are always looking for recent graduates with knowledge and abilities in this constantly changing industry.

  • The Master of Hotel Management program lasts one to two years.
  • It is available as an MA or MSc in Hospitality Management.
  • A lot of colleges also include overseas travel in their course schedules.
  • Since most students are employed within three months of finishing the course, the employment rate for graduates of this program is outstanding.
  • You are eligible for a two-year post-study employment visa if you are an international student.

Types of Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK

  • The Master’s in Hotel Management program in the UK was specifically created to address the demand for hotel management from skilled and knowledgeable practitioners in the field. 
  • Students can pursue a master’s degree in hotel management in the UK to learn more about and experience the various facets of the industry. 
  • MSc Hotel Management UK aims to develop practitioners with a thorough awareness of the many approaches to multifunctional management in the hotel management sector.

The program develops critical thinking abilities and organizing capabilities. Students will be able to make the most of their management abilities and ability to work in a global setting with this course. Additionally, it will let them demonstrate their knowledge and abilities in the field of hotel management to the fullest. The course also offers the students a placement option, giving them a unique chance to use their newly acquired skills in various management tasks.

Best Universities for Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK

The top universities in the UK offering Master’s in hotel management programs are listed below:


Course Offered

Tuition Fees/year

Oxford Brookes University

MSc in International Hotel and Tourism Management


University of Surrey

MSc International Hotel Management


SESEF - Società Europea per i Servizi e la Formazione

Master’s in Hotel Management - London


The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK

Master in International Hotel Management - London


University of Surrey

MSc Strategic Hotel Management


University of Plymouth

MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management


University of Lincoln

MSc International Hospitality Management


University of Northampton 

MA in International Hotel Management 


  • MSc in International Hotel and Tourism Management - Oxford Brookes University

With the help of this MSc program in international hotel and tourism management, ambitious students can develop into future industry leaders. The module provides MSc students up to 52 weeks of paid, supervised work experience at one of several UK hospitality, tourism, and event organizations.

  • MSc in International Hotel Management - University of Surrey

One of the greatest programs available for in-depth instruction in hotel and motel management is the Master of International Hotel Management. The University of Surrey consistently ranks among the best universities in the world and offers an MS in Hotel and Motel Management. Due to the excellent graduate employability rate at the University of Surrey, international students favor this program.

  • Master’s in Hotel Management - London  - SESEF - Società Europea per i Servizi e la Formazione

Each Master’s student’s course of study concludes with a minimum 500-hour internship (3 months). It is possible to complete an internship abroad or anywhere in Italy. The student will choose his internship independently, orienting himself among the businesses the School offers or through other research avenues. Therefore, when the stage is activated, that is when the learner is most engaged with the Master.

  • Master in International Hotel Management – London - The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK 

One of the oldest Chambers abroad, the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK, currently has approximately 400 members. The ICCIUK was established in 1886 to foster and expand trade ties between Italy and the United Kingdom. The Master in International Hotel Management seeks to offer students a variety of abilities, including management, social, problem-solving, and professional skills relevant to the hospitality business.

  • MSc Strategic Hotel Management - University of Surrey

Discovering the strategic thinking that goes into creating a memorable client experience in the hotel business and more are guided by an MSc in Strategic Hotel Management. According to the QS World University Rankings 2019, the Surrey School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is among the top schools in the world for hospitality and leisure. In addition, its graduates have a strong track record of employment.

  • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management - University of Plymouth

Are you poised to lead the travel and hospitality sector in the future? This curriculum will equip you with a blend of tourism and hospitality theory, operational abilities, and practical analysis methods, all with a strong managerial focus. To ensure you have the skills to become a self-assured, high executive-level management in the international tourism and hospitality industry, take advantage of the chance to study the connected fields of tourism and hospitality within a single curriculum. There are two start dates for this program: January and September.

  • MSc International Hospitality Management - University of Lincoln

Students get the chance to broaden and deepen their understanding of the hospitality function through the MSc in International Hospitality Management. Through this program, students can gain the management and business skills necessary to improve the efficiency of domestic and international hospitality businesses.

In a rapidly changing global world, students can master the theories and practices of managing the hospitality business, being competitive in the market, and handling crises in the face of uncertainty.

  • MA in International Hotel Management - University of Northampton 

Successful hotel managers frequently provide motivation. They exhibit professionalism, practical expertise, aptitude for leading others, strategic thinking, and people management skills.

Through an engaging, interactive learning environment that strongly emphasizes industry interaction, this course is created to assist your goal of becoming the next generation of worldwide hotel managers.

Course Curriculum of Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK

1st Year OR 1st & 2nd Semester Syllabus of Master’s in Hotel Management (MHM)




Management concept and nature


Role of Manager


Introduction to Food & Beverage Service Industry                                                 


Food & Beverage Service Personnel




Food & Beverage Production


Front Office Management                    



2nd Year OR 3rd & 4th Semester Syllabus of Master’s in Hotel Management (MHM)




Food & Beverage Terminology                                                                                           


Accommodation Management


Hotel Sales And Marketing


Entrepreneurship Development                                  


Bakery Management 


Training and Seminar

Eligibility Criteria for Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK

The following criteria must be met to be admitted to a master’s program in hotel management:

  • An undergraduate degree in hospitality management or a closely related field
  • Proof of English language proficiency.

Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK Requirements for Admission

Documents Required

The list of credentials needed to enroll in a master’s program in hotel management is as follows:

  • Academic transcripts
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • An updated CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Work experience details, if applicable
  • Bank Statement
  • Passport copy

UK Student Visa:  How to study for a master’s degree in Hotel Management

After receiving the university’s confirmation, the next step is to apply for a student visa.

You can apply for a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa to study for a master’s degree in the UK. To be eligible for this visa, students traveling to the UK for higher education must be 18 years old.

Tier 4 (General) student visas cost £348 each.

Make sure you have completed the UK Student Visa Checklist, and have a student visa application form, a letter of acceptance from the university, and evidence of money before applying for the visa. Once you have all the necessary paperwork, you may apply for a visa online through the UK’s government website and schedule a time to submit the application, a photo, and your fingerprints.

Once an application is submitted, it takes three weeks to complete a UK study visa.

Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK Admission Process

Most UK institutions have admissions sessions twice a year for the Master’s in hotel management program, just like other programs. These often occur in February and September.

However, some colleges also provide single or many intake sessions.

You can make admission plans based on the entire information found on the university’s website.

Visit the website’s course page and apply through the online application portal to be admitted to any university.

Then make an account, enter your information, upload your documents, and finish the application.

Once the application is finished, pay the fees and submit it for review.

The institutions often respond to your application after a few weeks, after which you can continue.

Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK Fees for Studying

There are several crucial things to think about and prepare for when you receive an offer. These include things like tuition, accommodation costs, and travel costs. Let’s examine these expenses in more detail:

Types of Expense

Cost in INR & GBP

Tuition Fees

Postgraduate: £12000 - £35000 

Tier 4 Visa

£1015 per month as proof of sufficient funds


£350 to £550 per month


£40 monthly


£500 monthly

Scholarship for Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK

Universities in the UK support students financially while they are in school and believe in recognizing achievement in all forms.

As an international student in the UK, you can apply for various scholarships to help you manage your finances.


Eligibility Criteria

International Academic Excellence Award 

Should be a citizen of any country except Australia or New Zealand.

Should have a minimum GPA of 5.5 or above in bachelor’s degree.

Should meet all academic and English language requirements for the chosen course.

Chevening Scholarships 

Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country or territory.

Return to your home country for at least two years post-award completion.

Have a minimum of two years of work experience.

Great Scholarship

Be an Indian citizen.

Satisfy the English language requirement of the UK HEI.

Have an interest in attending networking events of all UK-based GREAT scholars.

Master’s in Hotel Management in the UK Scope for Jobs

The scope of a career in hotel management is beyond doubt. As a hotel management professional, your employment options can range from working on airplanes and hotel chains to working at events and fast-food restaurants.

Jobs in hotel management can be found in any industry or region. For example, the aviation, railroad, tourism, event management, catering, and marketing industries are all open to you.

Compass Group, Accor, Walt Disney, and Marriott are a few of the biggest employers in the hotel management industry.

Following completion of a master’s degree in hotel management, the following are some in-demand positions and their salaries in the UK:

Job Profile

Salary (GBP/year)

Assistant Hospitality Manager


Hospitality Director


Hotel Manager


Hotel Sales Manager


Motel Manager


Hotel Service Supervisor


Following completion of your Master’s in hospitality management in the UK, you can pursue a variety of career paths in industries like hotels, catering, event planning, and business development. Additionally, the university-offered placement year ensures that you land positions in the UK and can study under the best in the business.

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International Hotel Management MSc

University of Surrey, UK

The International Hotel Management MSc offered by University of Surrey is an advanced Masters course designed for students aspiring to become professionals in Hotel Managment. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the field. Students will gain hands-on experience through practical exercises and real-world projects, allowing them to apply the concepts learned in class. The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that students develop a strong foundation in Hotel Management and acquire the skills needed to solve complex problems in the industry. Upon completion of this course, students will be well-prepared to tackle the challenges of Hotel Management and pursue rewarding career opportunities in roles like Hotel Manager, Front Office Manager, Food And Beverage Manager, Sales Manager, Event Manager. ...Read more
    1 Year
  • FEES
    INR 19.14L/yr
    OCT 2024



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