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Sport Management Courses Abroad : Universities, Rank & Fees

Updated on 11 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

What is sports management? Sports Management is the management of sports-related businesses and enterprises worldwide. The study of this stream at sports management colleges includes knowledge of handling the administrative aspects of sports clubs, teams, athletes, sports venues, sports events, and sportspeople. 


The impact of sports management begins from the basic levels, such as schools and colleges, leading to local, national, and global levels.

Top Universities for Sport Management

Now that you know what sports management aims to teach let us look at some of the top sports management colleges in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. 

United States

  • The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor – BS in Sports Management
  • University of Florida – MS Sports Management
  • Pennsylvania State University – MS in MarketingSports Marketing


  • Loughborough University – MSc in Sports Management
  • University of Birmingham – BA in Sports Management
  • University of Bath – MSc in Sports Management




Specializations for Sport Management

Sports Management degrees come with several specializations to learn more about certain facets of the field. Some of the top specializations are:


Levels of Education

You can study sports management at multiple levels – undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. The sports management bachelor’s degree is available through a BA or BSc for a duration that ranges from three to four years. 

While the content for BA and BSc is primarily general, the BSc course consists of more accounting and finance classes. If you want to gain deeper insights into the subject, you can go forward to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree. 

A master’s degree will last for about one to two years, while the doctoral program consists of a five-to-six-year study.

Average Fee Required for the Program

Let us look at the top three sports management colleges and their fees to understand the average fee for master’s degrees in the field. The sports management universities in the world that we will be considering are:

  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor – BS in Sports Management: USD 31,484
  • Loughborough University – MSc in Sports Management: GBP 26,500
  • The University of Queensland – Bachelor’s in Business Administration – Sports Studies: AUD 12,970 per year
  • University of British Columbia – Master’s in Management – Sports: CAD 65,000
  • KU Leuven – Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy: EUR 3,900

Job Prospects of Sport Management

If the sports industry interests you, pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in sports management could be a significant step to achieving your goals and living your passion. Gaining this education will allow you to explore various job roles – from coordinating events, working in the financial sector, coaching, or even being a part of marketing events. 

You can go for a generic path to keep your options open, whereas going for a specialized path will allow you to gain a stronghold in a field like high-performance coaching and athlete development

Expected Remuneration Salary

As mentioned previously, a degree in sports management opens up a world of opportunities in India and around the globe. According to PayScale, here are the annual salaries in the States for the most recognized jobs in Sports Management:

  • Operations Manager – USD 55,707
  • Marketing Manager – USD 59,642
  • Event Coordinator – USD 37,869
  • Athletic Director – USD 57,058 
  • Recreation Coordinator – USD 44,736
  • Athletic Coach – USD 47,249

Scholarships for Sport Management

Sports management majors can be expensive, and being awarded scholarships is a great way to manage your finances. Some of the typical scholarships in this field are:

Marriott Golf Minority Scholarship:

Applicant must have done a Professional Golf Management program and should be at a minimum sophomore level with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50. An award of USD 5,000 is offered to students for this scholarship.

Ewigleben, Robert and Esther Scholarship:

Applicants aiming to be considered for this grant should be full-time Professional Golf Management students. They should be at the 3rd year level with a GPA of at least 2.0. The student receives USD 1,500 stipend per semester and up to USD 500 for research-based expenses

Joan E. Barr Memorial Scholarship:

Applicants must showcase financial needs along with demonstrating academic excellence. Students must also show proof of creating a positive commitment to several extracurricular activities. The scholarship provides USD 450,000 in aid for one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sports management?

Business-related careers in sports and recreation are referred to as sports management. People usually pursue this field with a strong interest in the sports industry and a knack for the business world.

Students learn the effective execution and knowledge of tackling business issues in sports events and teams. You can also specialize in various subfields of the stream.

Can you pursue an online sports management degree?

Yes! These days, many institutes offer students an option to pursue online sports management degrees. This is due to the post-pandemic era, and the struggles students are facing because of it.

Although, it is highly recommended to go for a physically taught course in sports management since this is the only way to gain practical training in the arena.

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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