Masters in Data Science in UK : Universities, Cost & Prospects

Harnessing data and using it to make strategic decisions has become the need of various businesses. This has made a degree in data science emerge as one of the most sought-after programs worldwide. So, if students are considering pursuing a master’s in data science in the UK, read on to know the details. 

The degree is available as a postgraduate program of one year at numerous educational institutions in the UK, some of which are recognized globally for offering the best education. A part-time educational course spans two years at several universities. Full-time programs usually cost around £25,000 – £40,000 per year. 

Data scientist jobs in the UK have surged in the recent past, which has made the country emerge as the best destination for studying master’s in data science. While the salary for junior data scientists starts from £25,000, an experienced and skilled professional can expect a salary of £60,000 annually with knowledge and sufficient experience.

While we have understood what data science is and the prospects of making a career in the domain, let us now know about the universities in the UK that offer a master’s degree in data science along with the cost of studying in those institutions.

Top Universities in the UK for Master’s in Data Science

QS World University Rankings 2023 Name of the university Course offered Average annual tuition fees
=6 Imperial College London MSc Statistics (Data Science) £30,000
8 UCL MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning £32,100
15 The University of Edinburgh MSc in Data Science £35,900
28 The University of Manchester MSc Data Science (Computer Science Data Informatics) £27,500
37 King’s College London MSc Data Science £29,310
56 The London School of Economics and Political Science MSc Data Science £32,208
=61 University of Bristol MSc Data Science £29,000
64 University of Warwick MSc in Data Analytics £29,950
78 University of Southampton MSc in Data Science £28,000
81 University of Glasgow MSc Data Science £23,500

Cost of Studying Data Science in the UK

The cost of studying data science in the UK varies across universities and also depends on the cost of living beside the expenses incurred on tuition fees. The average tuition fees for the course can range from £25,750 to £35,900 a year. Living costs in the UK usually hover between £7,500-15,000 per year, depending on the location and the type of accommodation opted for. 

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Admission to MS in Data Science in the UK

While the eligibility criteria vary across universities, here are a few requirements that are common.

  1. Bachelor’s degree

Students should have scored a minimum of 60% in their bachelor’s degree in either Computer Science or a related field. However, for getting admission to a top university in the UK, they should have higher scores in Probability, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Statistics.

  1. Language requirements

To pursue MS in Data Science in the UK, international students need to furnish their English language proficiency test scores. The minimum acceptable band score at universities in the UK for the IELTS exam is around 6.5-7.5 and for TOEFL it ranges from 85 to 90. 

  1. Work experience

To pursue a master’s degree in data science, it is not mandatory to have work experience. However, if a student has lower scores than what is required, then a work experience or any other achievements enhance the likeability of their application to be considered.

Additionally, the official academic transcripts, an updated CV/resume, Letters of Recommendation (LOR), and Personal Statements are some documents that candidates have to submit to get admission for MSc Data Science in the UK. 

Admission Procedure for MS in Data Science

Before applying for master’s in Data Science in the UK, students need to be aware of the application deadlines. The admission intake in the UK takes place in two months – January and September. Here is the application procedure that students need to follow to apply for a master’s in data science. 

  1. Shortlist the universities that offer MS in Data Science courses and keep a check as to when they roll out their application forms
  2. Check all the eligibility criteria and requirements before applying
  3. Once the application forms are out, fill them up and submit them along with the required documents before the deadline
  4. Pay the application fees and keep a proof of the same
  5. Wait for the university’s response
  6. After receiving the offer letter, apply for a UK student visa

Job Prospects after MS in Data Science in the UK

A career in Data Science is in huge demand in the UK, thereby leading to multiple career opportunities available for graduates. The salary for a data scientist in the UK is somewhere around £52,052. Besides, there are a variety of job roles to consider for a data science graduate which are as follows.

Career Opportunities in the UK after Master’s in Data Science

Job title Average annual salary per year
Data Architect £75,158
Data Analyst £36,535
Data Administrator £41,875
Statistician  £40,597

Available Scholarships

Name of the scholarship Offered by Scholarship amount
John Fisher High Performance (HPC) Scholarships University of Edinburgh 50% waiver on tuition fees
GREAT Scholarship British Council A minimum of £10,000 waiver on tuition fees
College of Science and Engineering Postgraduate Scholarship University of Glasgow Ten scholarships worth £10,000 each towards tuition fees
King’s International Scholarship King’s College at London £25,000 
Chancellor’s International Scholarship University of Sussex 25 scholarships awarded at 50% fee waiver
Masters Scholarships Lancaster University £5,000
Sheffield Postgraduate Scholarships University of Sheffield Scholarships of up to £2,500 to international students
Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships University of Bristol Awards valued at £5,000, £10,000 and £20,000 are available towards the cost of tuition fees
Birmingham Masters Scholarship Scheme University of Birmingham £2,000 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is the UK good for a master’s in data science?

  1. The United Kingdom (UK) is an ideal destination for studying a master’s course in data science. Many leading universities offer the course, and almost all of them have global recognition. Data scientists also find lucrative employment in the UK with handsome starting salaries. There are innumerable recruiters and excellent research opportunities there.

Q. Is data science in demand in the UK?

  1. There is a big demand for data science graduates in the UK. Data scientists earn handsome salaries in the country, indicating their need for technology and many other entities. Data science is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country, offering a great scope of growth and research. Demand has gone up by almost three times for qualified data scientists over the last few years.

Q. Is data science a good career in the UK?

Data science is an excellent career option in the UK. The field of study offers excellent prospects in various positions related to functional analysis, data systems development, and more. With proper knowledge and experience, skilled data analysts can earn between £40,000 – £60,000 per annum, while starting salaries may hover between £25,000 – £30,000 on average.

Q. How much do data scientists make in the UK?

  1. Data scientists earn handsome salaries in the UK ranging from £40,000 to £60,000 per annum with some experience and knowledge. With career growth, they can earn up to £100,000 per annum. Starting salaries usually range between £25,000-30,000 on average.

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