Boise State University: Ranking, Fees, Acceptance & More

Boise State University is a public-funded, metropolitan research university in Boise, Idaho, United States of America (USA). The university is a leader in providing the best undergraduate education in this region.

It was founded in 1932 through the efforts of the Episcopal Church and upgraded to an independent junior college in 1934. 

Today, Boise State University, USA, offers undergraduate majors, minors, postgraduate, doctorate, and advanced certification programs.

The official mailing address of this university is Boise State University, 1910 University Dr., Boise, ID 83725, United States.

The Boise State University ranking ranges between #201-250 according to US UNI (QS Top Universities), while it ranks between #299-391 as per the 2022 edition of the Best Colleges in National Universities by US News & World Report. 


Boise State University, USA, has a stand-alone campus in the city of Boise. The campus in Idaho has some of the best and most equipped research labs, living and dining spaces, and a new-age high-tech home specially built for visual arts. 

The university focuses highly on its research output and management of the intellectual property portfolio. Additionally, Boise State University, USA, primarily targets research in economic development in the city and nearby regions to create value and derive analysis. 

The mode of instruction at Boise State University is English. All the courses offered at the university are taught in the English language.


In terms of academic cycles, Boise State University mainly has a Fall intake for most undergraduate and postgraduate programs. For the Fall 2022 intake, the Non-resident Application and Scholarship Priority Deadline was December 15, 2021, whereas the Resident Application and Scholarship Priority Deadline was February 15, 2022.  

The Boise State University admission process differs for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Here, the non-resident admission standards for high school students are primarily based on the cumulative, unweighted high school GPA. 

For instance, the 3.00– 4.00 GPA students are provided with automatic admission to the school once all the other required items are received by the university and reviewed. As the GPA drops, students may be asked for additional items in the admission process.

Other Boise State University admission requirements include:

  • Application for admission
  • Official high school transcript
  • Non-refundable application fee or approved app fee waiver
  • SAT scores

Furthermore, Boise State University’s acceptance rate stands at 77%. With high GPAs, you will most likely be admitted to the program of your choice without any additional requirements. 

As far as the SAT scores are concerned, half of the applicants that eventually receive an offer to study at the school have an SAT score between 1030 and 1210/ an ACT score between 21 and 26– for more than 100 academic programs.

Moreover, the popular courses at Boise State University include B.E/B. Tech; MBA/PGDM and MS in the streams of Business & Management Studies, Science, and Engineering. Other renowned streams are Health Professions, Marketing, Communication, Journalism, and Multi-disciplinary Studies. 

We have also listed the top programs at Boise State University down here for your reference:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Art Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Accounting
  • Master of Arts in Political Science

To complete one of the mentioned baccalaureate degrees at Boise State University, a student must complete 120 credits at a minimum. Most of the majors will fulfill this criterion automatically, while for the others, you might have to take some additional electives. 

But it is best to go through your course web page to gain deeper insights into the credit hours of your desired course.

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At Boise State University, students from more than 65 countries work collaboratively with the faculty to gain leadership skills and build themselves as global citizens. 

Every year the university conducts an international student orientation in the mid of August to aid in the hand-holding process for out-of-state students and announce the yearly plans. 

Additionally, the Boise State International Admissions Center for Global Engagement supports students from other countries to study and grow in one of the fastest-growing cities in the USA.

Apart from international engagement, the university also focuses on the extracurricular growth of students through participation in over 200 student clubs. You can join a club, start a society or explore more significant and better opportunities and events.

Some of the famous clubs at Boise State University USA are:

  • Aerospace Club
  • American Red Cross Club at Boise State University
  • Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Club
  • BAJA Racing Club
  • Dungeons & Broncos Club


Boise State University promises a world of opportunities to students, beginning from their ground-breaking research to the vast exposure gained through the faculty, staff, and peers. 

You can opt for graduate assistantships and other forms of student employment to gain industry exposure at the school. 

The Career Services at Boise State makes sure you can explore career options, have a plan in mind, find experience, be comfortable in networking and engage in effective job searches. Students will be allowed and promoted to connect with alumni working at their dream companies to gain a perspective on their career journey.

Some notable alumni of Boise State University are Ryan Clady (footballer) and Butch Otter (a former governor of Idaho).

The team will also provide personalized assistance for job search and career plans through phone, video, or email. All in all, when it comes to student careers, Boise State University will always support them. 


The tuition fees for a program can often be a make-or-break factor for a student. This is why prior knowledge of fee rates at Boise State University is vital for incoming students. 

Here are some figures for the non-resident differential tuition fees per semester at the school:

  • Non-resident Full-time Tuition Differential (fee)– USD 8,700 
  • Non-resident Part-time Tuition Differential (fee)– USD 400 

However, it is to be noted that the cost of attendance will be much more than just the tuition fees since it will also include living, food, and travel expenses.

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