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Canada to accept citizenship applications online as announced by IRCC

Updated on 05 May, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced a slew of reforms to modernize the immigration system of the country in the wake of the pandemic. As a part of IRCC’s vision of modernizing the immigration system, Canada has started accepting citizenship applications online now with the launch of a new tool. With this tool, Canadian permanent residents can now submit their applications for citizenship online. However, the online portal launched by IRCC is now allowing only single applicants over the age of 18 to apply for citizenship as of August 11, 2021. This application is not applicable for those who are employed by the crown and living outside of Canada. However, IRCC is planning to open the online application to families and minors under the age of 18 as well later in 2021. Also, IRCC intends to allow representatives to apply online citizenship applications on behalf of their clients alongside the servants of the crown declaring residence outside Canada. 

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IRCC, in a media release, stated that reapplication would not be allowed for those applicants who have already submitted the citizenship application on paper. This new tool developed for online citizenship was a part of the initiatives taken by IRCC to modernize the immigration system of the country. IRCC had been working on this new tool for some time now and it was released in late 2020 to test the capacity of the platform.

Applicants can save partially completed applications on the new online portal and resume at a convenient time later. Users can also upload supporting documents; proof of payment print a PDF and ask for a confirmation receipt alongside. 

The new online portal allows applicants to save partially completed applications and resume them later. It also allows users to upload supporting documents, proof of payment, print a PDF, and ask for a confirmation of receipt.

IRCC to modernize the immigration system

Marco Mendicino, Immigration Minister of Canada stated that his vision is to make Canada’s immigration system paperless, and this step is a part of their vision of modernizing Canada’s immigration system as necessitated by the pandemic. IRCC has taken the initiative to modernize the immigration system so that they can allow immigration to continue even during the pandemic with all public health measures. As a part of modernizing the country’s immigration system, Canada is also resuming citizenship testing online along with holding virtual citizenship ceremonies.

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IRCC has also started doing virtual landings for newly arrived permanent residents along the other lines of business. The department has changed several paper-based programs into digital ones for immigration applicants.  

These initiatives taken by IRCC will ease out the whole process for Canadian permanent residents seeking citizenship. However, permanent residents looking to submit applications for citizenship online must satisfy the below conditions. 

1. They have dwelled in Canada for at least 1095 days (3 years) during 5 years before the date the application is signed. 

2. Filed Taxes if needed to.

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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