Australia yet to restrict the existing work hours criteria for ex-pats

Australia reintroduces the capping on work hours for international students

In a bid to ensure the study and work balance among international students, Australia will soon revise the number of work hours for International students. Earlier this year, the country’s federal government, as part of a temporary exercise, announced unrestricted work rights paving the way for international students to work more than 20 hours a week or 40 hours fortnightly. The intent behind this temporary provision was to address the heightened skill shortages that occurred last year.


As per the recent update, the capping on working hours will be re-introduced, restricting the work rights for student visa holders from July 2023 onwards. The basis of this revision is to ensure a balance between study and work for the ex-pats. This move will also address the concerns of the international education fraternity, who feared that the extended work hours could come in the way of education, leading to serious long-term implications, impacting the quality of education and, by that count, Australia’s reputation for offering top-notch higher education.


Until June 30, 2023, international students can continue to work as per the temporary provision of unrestricted work hours.

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